How to configure your league exactly the way you want.

Can I change my league from daily to weekly lineups?

Yes, you can. Go to League » Settings » Edit Lineup Locking.

How can I increase the number of bench players?

Go to League » Settings » Edit Roster Requirements » Custom. Then increase the total number of players allowed on the roster (without changing any of the starting requirements).

How can I add an injured reserve (IR) slot?

Go to League » Settings » Edit Roster Requirements » Custom » Add Injured Reserve.

Why can't I place a player on injured reserve (IR)?

Players are eligible for injured reserve (IR) or the disabled list (DL) only when they meet your league's minimum injury requirements. This is a configurable setting that the commish may change at any time. To see if a player meets the minimum injury requirements for your league's IR, mouse-over the player's injury icon for more details.

Why can't I move a locked player out of the IR section?

This is currently a limitation of our system and something we plan to address in the future. All players lock at the start of their game, regardless of which part of the roster they sit in currently, and therefore they can't be moved. As a workaround, you can ask your commissioner to adjust your lineup for you before the end of the week (Monday night). They will have the ability to move the locked player out of the IR section. To do this, they will need to go to League » Settings » Set Starting Lineups (in the Commish Powers section).

Can I prevent suspended players from being placed on IR?

Yes, you can configure your IR to only allow players whose status is OUT or healthier.

Can I create a practice squad or taxi squad?

Not directly, but we have a workaround in place. Head to League » Settings » Edit Roster Requirements » Custom » Edit the IR spot and then set minimum injury status to healthy. Then you can place anyone on IR, which becomes a pseudo practice squad.

Can I change my league from a redraft to a keeper?

Yes. Go to League » Settings » Edit Keeper Rules.

Can I keep more than 15 players?

You can specify any number of keepers from 1 all the way up to your league's maximum roster size (40).

What is the maximum roster size I can set?

The maximum roster size is 40. The minimum is 5.

What is the minimum roster size I can set?

The minimum roster size is 5 and the maximum is 40.

Can I edit the schedule?

Go to League » Settings » Edit Regular Season Schedule » Week by week and save after every week that is changed.

Can I schedule multiple matchups for each team?

No, each team can be scheduled for at most one head-to-head matchup per week.

Can I schedule matchups that span more than week?

No, each matchup lasts exactly one week. In daily sports (MLB, NBA, and NHL), a short week may be combined with the next week only at the start or end of a season.

Does a team with less bye weeks have an advantage over teams with more bye weeks?

Fleaflicker ranks the teams using the winning percentage so that teams with more byes aren't at a disadvantage. The winning percentage, also called the win-loss percentage, is equivalent to (number of wins + 1/2 * number of ties) / total games played.

I don't want to be commissioner anymore. Can I step down?

Go to League » Settings » Step Down As Commish. You can also have someone help you without resigning commissioner duties at League » Settings » Appoint Co-Commish. The co-commish has nearly all the same options as the commissioner (they cannot remove other owners, delete teams, or delete the league).

What is the point of a co-commish?

The co-commish can help manage the league when the commish is unable to. Fleaflicker allows multiple co-commissioners per league as well.

Can I clear the message board?

At the moment there is no way to clear message boards from previous years. You can, however, delete individual messages in private leagues.

What happens if I delete my league?

If you delete your league, you can't undo the action. All teams, messages and other league records will be permanently deleted.

Can I make all players subject to waivers until the season starts?

Yes. Waivers will run once a week until the regular season stars.

How can I enable add/drops before the draft?

Go to League » Settings » Edit Rosters and select These are the complete rosters.

Can I create teams before inviting other owners?

Yes. Go to League » Settings » Create a New Team and enter the team's name. You can now invite that team to directly take over through the Standings page by clicking on the green invite button.

After I create a new team, can I edit its name?

You can only edit team names when you initially create the team in your league. Otherwise, the owner who takes over the created team will only have the ability to change their name and logo.

Does my league have to be full? Can I have an odd number teams?

You can play as long as you have at least 4 teams (the maximum is 24). As soon as any league has 4 teams in it, it can conduct a live draft, email draft, or the commissioner can import rosters.

What's the easiest way to edit the league size and division size?

You can do both at League » Settings » Edit League Size

Can I change division names?

Yes, go to League » Settings » Edit League Name/Logo

If I remove an owner, will their team disappear?

If your league has already drafted, you can remove an owner while retaining the team and roster. Go to League » Settings » Remove Owner/Delete Team. Select the owner you want to remove and provide a reason. You can then return to the league standings and select invite new owner.

Can I use decimals in my scoring? I want .25 points per 10 yards passing, how can I set this up?

Yes, you can enable decimal scoring in your league. For example, to award .25 points for every 10 yards, set your scoring rule with 1 point for every 40 yards. This is the whole-number equivalent of the decimal rule: 1/40=.25/10.

Can I set up scoring tiers for decimal categories like yards-per-attempt and completion percentage?

No. It's not possible to configure a contiguous set of rules that cover all possible values. For example, the following rules won't cover any value in between the defined endpoints:

Can I copy the scoring rules from another league?

Yes, go to League » Settings » Edit Scoring Rules and select a league. It will replicate that league's scoring rules into yours.

How can I test my scoring rules to make I configured them correctly?

Go to the Players section from the top navbar and click on a player. You will then see your league's scoring rules applied to their stats from previous seasons. Click on the points for a detailed explanation of how your league's scoring rules were applied.

If I change scoring rules in the middle of the season, will that change past results?

No, only non-finalized matchups will have their scores changed. Any matchups that have already been finalized will not change. If you change your rules any time in the middle of a week, that week will change per your new rules.

Can I edit final scores?

Yes. Commissioners may select Edit Past Box Score from the league settings page and choose any matchup that has been finalized (i.e., is reflected in the league standings page). The rest of the league will be notified of the change on the league activity page.

Is it possible to distinguish between special teams fumbles and offensive fumbles?

Not at the moment, but we hope to support this in the future. For now fumbles on punt returns or any other special teams play are scored just like fumbles on passing and rushing plays.

Can I give the Defense/Special Teams points for a fake field goal TD or a fake punt TD while the unit is technically on offense?

No, since the team is still considered on offense on a (e.g.,fake punt on a fourth down), it is not considered points for a TM position.

How can I add a flex position to my roster requirements?

Go to League » Settings » Edit Roster Requirements » Custom » New Flex

How do I allow a DH to start at my IF/OF/C flex position?

Here are the steps to add a DH to your flex position:

Can I add or remove players from another owner's roster?

Yes, go to League » Settings » Edit Rosters.

Can I edit another owner's starting lineup?

Yes. The commish can edit a starting lineup any time before the end of the week. Go to League » Settings » Set Starting Lineups (in the Commish Powers section).

Why do you have players that are retired like Jerry Rice in your database?

Fleaflicker was established in 2005 and any player to play in the NFL since then will stay in the database under Players. This is to preserve comprehensive league history, as we keep all retired players in our database for archival purposes. This gives you the opportunity to look back at one of your past teams from many years ago and see all box scores, rosters and standings.

How do I change the draft order?

To randomly generate a new draft order, go to League » Settings » Edit Draft Order and select the Randomly generate a new draft order option.

My league requires owners to forfeit a draft pick for each keeper. How can I set this up?

To change the draft order, go to League » Settings » Edit Draft Order » Manually round-by-round and then select the round to be edited. Draft picks for the round can then be edited. Don't forget to click Save after every round.

Can I pause the live draft? Can I undo a draft pick made by accident?

Yes, you can pause the live draft, undo picks, and also make selections on behalf of other owners by selecting the Commish Draft button. You can also move this along by selecting the forward icon that will auto-draft the next best user in the draft window for the team.

Can the whole league see the draft on a big projector or television?

Yes, you can open the Draft Order page from the Draft tab on the navbar and have it refresh. You can also open up a new draft window and draft in another so all users can see the results. This will also work for those following who are not in the league or can't make the draft.

How do I enter my league's offline draft results?

If all teams have signed up for an account, go to League » Settings » Import Rosters

Can I draft in the middle of a fantasy week and have the scores reflect games that were already played?

If you import rosters or hold an email draft or a live draft after the player's game has played, you may not see the player on the roster for the current week. However, they will show on the next week's roster in weekly leagues and the next day's roster in daily leagues. If you need to credit the team with points, you can do so after the week ends by finding out their total points by searching for the player and adding up the player's points and then going to League » Settings » Edit Past Box Score.

Can I specify a keeper deadline?

Not formally but we suggest you post a message to the league message board (using the Email entire league option) a few times during the offseason. On the day of the deadline, you can then release all non-keepers from League » Settings » Clear Non-Keepers.

Can I draft after the first week of games or after the regular season starts?

Yes, but the players will not count or be put in your lineup if their game has finished already. If you're in a head-to-head league, you can check their points in the Players section and manually edit their points when the week ends at League » Settings » Edit Past Box Score

What is the Commissioner's Note and how does it work?

The Commissioner's Note is a special messaging area that the commish or co-commish can use to post a message on the Standings page. A message could be a draft reminder, league rule change, congratulatory post, etc. Only league members will see this section. Commissioners will find the “Add commissioner’s note” call-to-action on the main league home page above the standings table. Click/tap the link to open up a text edit field to add text, links and/or images and style a message to share with the league. The note can be set to expire on a certain date (at which time it will just disappear), or you can keep the default of no expiration date to keep it up until you remove or change it.

How do I edit the Commissioner's Note?

Click/tap the “Edit commissioner’s note” link located underneath the Commissioner's Note section. Update as needed and then click/tap the save button.

How do I add a link to the Commissioner's Note?

When you click on the icon in the strip to add a link, you will get code inserted. First, add your text that you want to be clickable in the first set of brackets, and then put your full URL that the text should link to in the parenthesis where you see http://.

How do I add an image to the Commissioner's Note?

Follow these steps to add an image from the web to the Commissioner's Note: