Setting up IR and Taxi Squad sections.

How can I add an injured reserve (IR) slot?

Go to League » Settings » Edit Roster Requirements » Custom » Add Injured Reserve.

Why can't I place a player on injured reserve (IR)?

Players are eligible for injured reserve (IR) or the disabled list (DL) only when they meet your league's minimum injury requirements. This is a configurable setting that the commish may change at any time. To see if a player meets the minimum injury requirements for your league's IR, mouse-over the player's injury icon for more details.

Why can't I move a locked player out of the IR section?

This is currently a limitation of our system and something we plan to address in the future. All players lock at the start of their game, regardless of which part of the roster they sit in currently, and therefore they can't be moved. As a workaround, you can ask your commissioner to adjust your lineup for you before the week finalizes (i.e. Monday night for NFL). They have the ability to move the locked player out of the IR section. To do this, they will need to go to League » Settings » Set Starting Lineups (in the Commish Powers section).

Can I place suspended players on the IR?

Yes, if your minimum injury level setting includes SUSPENDED and your commish doesn't have the "Allow Suspended" setting set to No.

Can I prevent suspended players from being placed on IR?

Commissioners can specifically exclude Suspended as an allowable IR eligible designation. You can find this setting by going to League » Settings » Edit Roster Requirements » Custom » Edit (located across from IR in the list).

How do I change the minimum injury level set in the IR?

Go to League » Settings » Edit Roster Requirements » Custom » Edit (located across from IR in the list) and set the desired minimum value.

Can I configure different injury levels for different IR slots?

No. Only one setting can be applied to all IR slots.

Is there a COVID-19 IR status?

We match up to the injury statuses the official teams use to classify players. In the NFL, we have added the minimum injury levels "Reserve Exempt" for players who have opted out of the season, and "COVID-19" for players who are out due to the illness. Likewise in MLB, we have added a "COVID-19" injury level. Commissioners can go to League » Settings » Edit Roster Requirements » Custom » Edit (located across from IR in the list) and set the desired minimum value.

Can I have a dedicated section for COVID-19?

We don't offer a dedicated COVID section that is unique from the IR. If you don't want to set the minimum injury level to COVID-19 because it would include other levels of eligibility you want to exclude from the IR, there is another option you can consider. If your league doesn't already have a Taxi Squad, you can add that via League » Settings » Edit Roster Requirements » Custom » Add Taxi Squad. It can be set to Everyone and commissioners can add however many slots desired, and then communicate to the league that the section can be used for COVID players only. If a league already has a Taxi Squad, the commissioner might consider making an exception this season by expanding the section to allow more players. The commish could then tell owners that they can use the Taxi Squad for a few actual Taxi players (whatever number is desired and with whatever experience restriction may apply) and then they can use the other added slots for COVID players only.

Do players on IR or the taxi squad count against active roster or position limits?

No, players in the IR and Taxi Squad sections don't count against either the active roster limit or the position limit.

Can I create a practice squad or taxi squad?

Yes! Head to League » Settings » Edit Roster Requirements » Custom » Add Taxi Squad and then set the number of players you want to add to the section, between 1 and 30.

What is a Taxi Squad?

Taxi Squads, also referred to as practice squads, allow owners to place players (typically rookies) in a dedicated section separate from the main roster and the IR (Injured Reserve). Fleaflicker offers a dedicated Taxi Squad section which can be added via League » Settings » Edit Roster Requirements » Custom » Add Taxi Squad.

Can I set my Taxi Squad to be rookies only or rookies and first year players?

We offer the ability to restrict the Taxi Squad to first season rookies, rookies plus first year players, or rookies plus first and second year players. The default option makes the Taxi Squad available to any player, regardless of experience.

Why aren't my players staying on my Taxi Squad?

If the commissioner adds the Taxi Squad positions after the start of the season, and some owners have already set up future lineups, then they will need to update each of those future lineups with their Taxi Squad updates. (We wouldn't want the system to override anything that was previously customized in regards to the lineup.) When the owners get through all of the future lineups that were set, this will no longer be an issue.

Why can't I see the IR and Taxi Squad sections I added on the Team page?

After the commissioner adds IR and/or Taxi Squad positions to the roster requirements, owners will see "IR" and "TAXI" appear for eligible players in the position drop-downs. Once they have moved at least one player to either place, they will then see the section(s) show up just below the Bench.

Do players from the IR and Taxi Squad count towards the Optimum PF (points scored for the team)?

Yes, players from both the IR and Taxi Squad do get included when the system tabulates the Optimum PF scoring.