What is Fleaflicker?

Fleaflicker is the world's easiest and fastest fantasy sports platform, designed for serious commissioners who want full control over their leagues, but simple enough for sports fans of any experience level.

Company History

Fleaflicker rose in popularity during the 2005 NFL season, when many large fantasy sports sites suffered major outages and forced fans to look elsewhere. They turned to Fleaflicker and discovered features and options that were not available on the larger sites.

Since then, Fleaflicker has grown steadily and is now home to hundreds of thousands of loyal fantasy fans from around the world.


On the server side:

  • Java for all applications
  • MySQL for storing data
  • memcached for speeding up data access
  • AWS for hosting
  • Ansible & Jenkins for deployment automation

On the client side:

  • Bootstrap for user interface components
  • jQuery for user interface interactions
  • React and SockJS for speedy live drafts
  • Closure tools for templating and asset compression