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Week 4 2013 Mon 4/22-Sun 4/28

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
PIT@PHITop 1Starling Marte Single, pitcher Cliff Lee0--1
PIT@PHITop 1Brandon Inge Out Ezequiel Carrera, pitcher Cliff Lee0-0
PIT@PHITop 1Gaby Sanchez Out Ezequiel Carrera, pitcher Cliff Lee0-1
PIT@PHITop 2Michael McKenry Strikeout, pitcher Cliff Lee0-3
PIT@PHITop 2Pedro Alvarez Single, pitcher Cliff Lee0-2
PIT@PHITop 2Jose Tabata Out Ezequiel Carrera, pitcher Cliff Lee0-3
PIT@PHITop 2Clint Barmes Strikeout, pitcher Cliff Lee0-5
PIT@PHITop 3James McDonald Single, pitcher Cliff Lee0-4
PIT@PHITop 3Starling Marte Strikeout, pitcher Cliff Lee0-6
PIT@PHITop 3Brandon Inge Strikeout, pitcher Cliff Lee0-8
PIT@PHITop 3Andrew McCutchen Out Laynce Nix, pitcher Cliff Lee0-9
PIT@PHITop 4Gaby Sanchez Out Ryan Howard, pitcher Cliff Lee0-10
PIT@PHITop 4Pedro Alvarez Strikeout, pitcher Cliff Lee0-12
PIT@PHITop 4Jose Tabata Out Ezequiel Carrera, pitcher Cliff Lee0-13
PIT@PHITop 5Clint Barmes Out Domonic Brown, pitcher Cliff Lee0-14
PIT@PHITop 5James McDonald Single, pitcher Cliff Lee0-13
PIT@PHITop 5Starling Marte Strikeout, pitcher Cliff Lee0-15
PIT@PHITop 5Brandon Inge Single, James McDonald to 2nd, pitcher Cliff Lee0-14
PIT@PHITop 5Andrew McCutchen Out Laynce Nix, pitcher Cliff Lee0-15
PIT@PHITop 6Gaby Sanchez 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Cliff Lee0-14
PIT@PHITop 6Michael McKenry Out Erik Kratz, pitcher Cliff Lee0-15
PIT@PHITop 6Pedro Alvarez Single, pitcher Cliff Lee0-14
PIT@PHITop 6Jose Tabata Out Laynce Nix, pitcher Cliff Lee0-15
PIT@PHITop 6Clint Barmes Out Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, pitcher Cliff Lee0-16
PIT@PHITop 7Travis Snider Strikeout, pitcher Cliff Lee0-18
PIT@PHITop 7Starling Marte Walk, pitcher Cliff Lee0-17
PIT@PHITop 7Brandon Inge Out John Mayberry, pitcher Cliff Lee0-18
PIT@PHITop 7Andrew McCutchen Single, Starling Marte to 2nd, pitcher Cliff Lee0-17
PIT@PHITop 7Gaby Sanchez 1-Run Single, Andrew McCutchen to 3rd, Starling Marte scores, pitcher Cliff Lee0-16
PIT@PHITop 7Michael McKenry 1-Run Single, Gaby Sanchez to 3rd, Andrew McCutchen scores, pitcher Cliff Lee0-15
PIT@PHITop 7Pedro Alvarez Out Jimmy Rollins, pitcher Cliff Lee0-16
Dr. Stus' S..
KC@DETTop 1Billy Butler Walk, pitcher Justin Verlander1-16
Dr. Stus' S..
KC@DETTop 1Eric Hosmer Double, Billy Butler to 3rd, pitcher Justin Verlander3-16
Dr. Stus' S..
KC@DETTop 3Alcides Escobar Single, pitcher Justin Verlander4-16
Dr. Stus' S..
KC@DETTop 3Alcides Escobar Stolen Base5-16
Dr. Stus' S..
KC@DETTop 3Billy Butler 1-Run Single, Alcides Escobar scores, pitcher Justin Verlander8-16
Dr. Stus' S..
KC@DETTop 3Eric Hosmer Strikeout, pitcher Justin Verlander7-16
KC@DETBot 3Torii Hunter Single, Omar Infante to 3rd, pitcher James Shields7-17
Dr. Stus' S..
KC@DETTop 5Billy Butler Single, pitcher Justin Verlander8-17
Dr. Stus' S..
KC@DETTop 5Eric Hosmer Single, Billy Butler to 2nd, pitcher Justin Verlander9-17
KC@DETBot 5Torii Hunter 1-Run Single, Austin Jackson to 2nd, Omar Infante scores, pitcher James Shields9-19
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 1Rubén Tejada Out Juan Uribe, Adrián González, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu10-19
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 1Daniel Murphy Out Carl Crawford, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu11-19
LAD@NYMBot 1David Wright Strikeout, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu13-18
Dr. Stus' S..
KC@DETTop 8Billy Butler Single, pitcher Bruce Rondon14-18
Dr. Stus' S..
KC@DETTop 8Mike Moustakas Double, pitcher Bruce Rondon16-18
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 2Lucas Duda Out Matt Kemp, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu17-18
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 2Marlon Byrd Out Andre Ethier, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu18-18
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 2Ike Davis Out Hyun-Jin Ryu, Adrián González, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu19-18
Dr. Stus' S..
KC@DETTop 9Alcides Escobar Walk, pitcher Phil Coke20-18
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 3Anthony Recker Strikeout, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu22-18
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 3Jeremy Hefner Strikeout, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu24-18
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 3Rubén Tejada Out Matt Kemp, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu25-18
Dr. Stus' S..
KC@DETTop 10Mike Moustakas Walk, pitcher Phil Coke26-18
Dr. Stus' S..
KC@DETTop 10Alcides Escobar Double, pitcher Darin Downs28-18
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 4Daniel Murphy Out Juan Uribe, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu29-18
Dr. Stus' S..
KC@DETBot 10Don Kelly Strikeout, pitcher Greg Holland31-18
LAD@NYMBot 4David Wright Walk, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu30-19
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 4Lucas Duda Single, David Wright to 2nd, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu29-19
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 4Marlon Byrd Out Juan Uribe, Adrián González, Lucas Duda to 2nd, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu30-19
Dr. Stus' S..
KC@DETBot 10Álex Ávila Out Alex Gordon, pitcher Greg Holland31-19
Dr. Stus' S..
KC@DETBot 10Omar Infante Out Chris Getz, pitcher Greg Holland32-19
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 5Ike Davis Strikeout, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu34-19
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 5Anthony Recker Out Matt Kemp, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu35-19
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 5Collin Cowgill Walk, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu34-19
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 5Jeremy Hefner Strikeout, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu36-19
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 6Rubén Tejada Walk, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu35-19
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 6Daniel Murphy Single, Rubén Tejada to 2nd, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu34-19
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 6Lucas Duda Strikeout, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu36-19
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 6Ike Davis Strikeout, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu38-19
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 7Anthony Recker Strikeout, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu40-19
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 7Collin Cowgill Out Carl Crawford, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu41-19
Dr. Stus' S..
LAD@NYMBot 7Juan Lagares Out Adrián González, pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu42-19
LAD@NYMBot 8David Wright Strikeout, pitcher Kenley Jansen42-18
HOU@BOSBot 1Dustin Pedroia 1-Run Single, Daniel Nava scores, pitcher Philip Humber42-20
HOU@BOSBot 1Dustin Pedroia Stolen Base42-21
HOU@BOSBot 1David Ortiz 1-Run Double, Dustin Pedroia scores, pitcher Philip Humber42-22
Dr. Stus' S..
HOU@BOSTop 2Chris Carter Double, pitcher Clay Buchholz44-22
Dr. Stus' S..
HOU@BOSTop 2Matt Dominguez 1-Run Out Dustin Pedroia, Mike Napoli, Chris Carter scores, pitcher Clay Buchholz45-22
HOU@BOSBot 2Jacoby Ellsbury Double, pitcher Philip Humber45-24
Dr. Stus' S..
HOU@BOSTop 4Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Clay Buchholz44-24
HOU@BOSBot 6Jacoby Ellsbury Strikeout, pitcher Travis Blackley44-23
HOU@BOSBot 6Dustin Pedroia Walk, pitcher Travis Blackley44-24
Dr. Stus' S..
HOU@BOSTop 9Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Daniel Bard43-24
TOR@NYYBot 1Brett Gardner Strikeout, pitcher Mark Buehrle43-26
TOR@NYYBot 1Ben Francisco Strikeout, pitcher Mark Buehrle43-28
TOR@NYYBot 1Robinson Canó Out Brett Lawrie, Edwin Encarnación, pitcher Mark Buehrle43-29
TOR@NYYBot 2Vernon Wells 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Mark Buehrle43-28
TOR@NYYBot 2Francisco Cervelli Out Colby Rasmus, pitcher Mark Buehrle43-29
TOR@NYYBot 2Ichiro Suzuki Out Edwin Encarnación, Mark Buehrle, pitcher Mark Buehrle43-30
TOR@NYYBot 2Eduardo Núñez Out Edwin Encarnación, pitcher Mark Buehrle43-31
Dr. Stus' S..
CIN@WSHBot 3Jayson Werth Single, pitcher Bronson Arroyo44-31
Dr. Stus' S..
CIN@WSHBot 3Ian Desmond 1-Run Out Brandon Phillips, Joey Votto, Adam LaRoche to 3rd, Jayson Werth scores, pitcher Bronson Arroyo45-31
TOR@NYYBot 3Lyle Overbay Strikeout, pitcher Mark Buehrle45-33
TOR@NYYBot 3Jayson Nix Single, pitcher Mark Buehrle45-32
TOR@NYYBot 3Brett Gardner Single, Jayson Nix to 2nd, pitcher Mark Buehrle45-31
TOR@NYYBot 3Ben Francisco Out Melky Cabrera, pitcher Mark Buehrle45-32
TOR@NYYBot 3Robinson Canó 3-Run Home Run, Brett Gardner scores, Jayson Nix scores, pitcher Mark Buehrle45-31
TOR@NYYBot 3Vernon Wells Out Melky Cabrera, pitcher Mark Buehrle45-32
TOR@NYYBot 4Francisco Cervelli 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Mark Buehrle45-31