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Week 4 2013 Mon 4/22-Sun 4/28

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
PHI@NYMBot 1David Wright Strikeout, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone0--1
PHI@NYMBot 2John Buck Strikeout, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone0--2
Dr. Stus' S..
CIN@WSHBot 3Jayson Werth Single, Bryce Harper to 2nd, pitcher Mike Leake1--2
ATL@DETBot 3Torii Hunter Single, Austin Jackson to 3rd, pitcher Kris Medlen1--1
Dr. Stus' S..
CIN@WSHBot 3Kurt Suzuki 1-Run Single, Ian Desmond to 3rd, Jayson Werth scores, pitcher Mike Leake2--1
PHI@NYMBot 4John Buck Walk, Lucas Duda to 2nd, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone2-0
PHI@NYMBot 4Ike Davis 1-Run Out Domonic Brown, David Wright scores, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone2-1
PHI@NYMBot 4David Wright Single, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone2-2
Dr. Stus' S..
CIN@WSHBot 4Jayson Werth Single, pitcher Alfredo Simon3-2
ATL@DETBot 4Torii Hunter Hit By Pitch, Austin Jackson to 2nd, pitcher Kris Medlen3-3
PHI@NYMBot 5David Wright 1-Run Double, Ruben Tejada scores, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone3-6
Dr. Stus' S..
CIN@WSHBot 6Jayson Werth Walk, Bryce Harper to 2nd, pitcher Alfredo Simon4-6
Dr. Stus' S..
CIN@WSHBot 6Jayson Werth Time Caught Stealing3-6
ATL@DETBot 6Torii Hunter Strikeout, pitcher Jordan Walden3-5
PHI@NYMBot 9John Buck 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jeremy Horst3-11
Dr. Stus' S..
BAL@OAKTop 2Matt Wieters Strikeout, pitcher A.J. Griffin2-11
TEX@MINBot 3Joe Mauer Strikeout, pitcher Derek Holland2-10
TEX@MINBot 6Joe Mauer Strikeout, pitcher Derek Holland2-9
Dr. Stus' S..
TB@CWSTop 1Ben Zobrist 2-Run Home Run, Matt Joyce scores, pitcher Gavin Floyd9-9
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@KCBot 1Alcides Escobar Double, pitcher Scott Kazmir11-9
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@KCBot 1Billy Butler Single, Alcides Escobar to 3rd, pitcher Scott Kazmir12-9
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@KCBot 1Eric Hosmer Strikeout, pitcher Scott Kazmir11-9
HOU@BOSBot 1Dustin Pedroia Single, pitcher Brad Peacock11-10
TB@CWSBot 2Paul Konerko Strikeout, pitcher Matt Moore11-9
HOU@BOSBot 2Jacoby Ellsbury 2-Run Single, Stephen Drew to 2nd, Will Middlebrooks scores, Jarrod Saltalamacchia scores, pitcher Brad Peacock11-12
HOU@BOSBot 2Dustin Pedroia Walk, pitcher Brad Peacock11-13
HOU@BOSBot 2David Ortiz 2-Run Double, Dustin Pedroia to 3rd, Jacoby Ellsbury scores, Stephen Drew scores, pitcher Brad Peacock11-14
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@KCBot 5Billy Butler Walk, pitcher Scott Kazmir12-14
Dr. Stus' S..
TB@CWSTop 6Ben Zobrist Double, pitcher Hector Santiago14-14
HOU@BOSBot 6Dustin Pedroia Walk, pitcher Wesley Wright14-15
HOU@BOSBot 6Dustin Pedroia Stolen Base14-16
TB@CWSBot 7Paul Konerko Strikeout, pitcher Jake McGee14-15
HOU@BOSBot 7Jacoby Ellsbury Strikeout, pitcher Hector Ambriz14-14
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@KCBot 7Alcides Escobar Walk, pitcher Bryan Shaw15-14
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@KCBot 7Alcides Escobar Stolen Base16-14
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@KCBot 7Billy Butler Walk, pitcher Bryan Shaw17-14
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@KCBot 7Eric Hosmer 1-Run Walk, Billy Butler to 2nd, Alcides Escobar to 3rd, Alex Gordon scores, pitcher Rich Hill19-14
HOU@BOSBot 7Dustin Pedroia 1-Run Single, Daniel Nava to 2nd, Stephen Drew scores, pitcher Hector Ambriz19-16
TB@CWSBot 8Paul Konerko Single, Adam Dunn to 2nd, Tyler Greene to 3rd, pitcher Kyle Farnsworth19-17
TB@CWSBot 8Jordan Danks 1-Run Walk, Conor Gillaspie to 2nd, Alexei Ramirez to 3rd, Paul Konerko scores, pitcher Joel Peralta19-18
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@KCTop 9Carlos Santana Out Alcides Escobar, pitcher Greg Holland20-18
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@KCTop 9Mark Reynolds Single, pitcher Greg Holland19-18
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@KCTop 9Drew Stubbs Strikeout, pitcher Greg Holland21-18
Dr. Stus' S..
TB@CWSTop 9Ben Zobrist Walk, Matt Joyce to 2nd, pitcher Matt Lindstrom22-18
Dr. Stus' S..
TB@CWSTop 9James Loney 1-Run Single, Evan Longoria to 2nd, Ben Zobrist scores, pitcher Matt Lindstrom23-18
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@KCTop 9Michael Brantley 2-Run Triple, Lonnie Chisenhall scores, Mark Reynolds scores, pitcher Greg Holland22-18
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@KCTop 9Jason Kipnis Strikeout, pitcher Greg Holland24-18
Dr. Stus' S..
COL@ARITop 1Dexter Fowler Walk, pitcher Wade Miley25-18
Dr. Stus' S..
COL@ARITop 3Dexter Fowler Walk, pitcher Wade Miley26-18
Dr. Stus' S..
COL@ARITop 5Dexter Fowler Walk, pitcher Wade Miley27-18
Dr. Stus' S..
COL@ARITop 7Dexter Fowler Double, pitcher Heath Bell29-18
Dr. Stus' S..
COL@ARITop 7Troy Tulowitzki 1-Run Single, Dexter Fowler scores, pitcher Heath Bell30-18
COL@ARIBot 7Gerardo Parra Single, pitcher Adam Ottavino30-19
SF@SDTop 2Brandon Crawford 3-Run Home Run, Brandon Belt scores, Hunter Pence scores, pitcher Eric Stults30-27
SF@SDTop 4Brandon Crawford Strikeout, pitcher Eric Stults30-26
SF@SDTop 6Brandon Crawford Time Caught Stealing30-25
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@LADTop 1Nori Aoki Walk, pitcher Matt Magill31-25
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@LADTop 1Nori Aoki Stolen Base32-25
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@LADTop 3Rickie Weeks 1-Run Out Juan Uribe, Skip Schumaker, Ryan Braun to 3rd, Carlos Gomez scores, pitcher Matt Magill33-25
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@LADTop 3Nori Aoki Walk, pitcher Matt Magill34-25
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@LADTop 3Yuniesky Betancourt 1-Run Single, Ryan Braun to 2nd, Carlos Gomez to 3rd, Nori Aoki scores, pitcher Matt Magill35-25
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@LADTop 7Nori Aoki Single, pitcher Paco Rodriguez36-25
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@LADTop 7Carlos Gomez 2-Run Home Run, Nori Aoki scores, pitcher Matt Guerrier37-25
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@LADTop 8Rickie Weeks Single, pitcher Matt Guerrier38-25
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@LADTop 8Martin Maldonado 2-Run Home Run, Rickie Weeks scores, pitcher Matt Guerrier39-25
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous42-25