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Week 4 2013 Mon 4/22-Sun 4/28

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
OAK@BOSBot 3Jacoby Ellsbury Double, pitcher A.J. Griffin0-2
OAK@BOSBot 5Mike Napoli 4-Run Grand Slam, David Ortiz scores, Dustin Pedroia scores, Shane Victorino scores, pitcher A.J. Griffin0-4
OAK@BOSBot 5Shane Victorino Single, pitcher A.J. Griffin0-5
OAK@BOSBot 5Shane Victorino Walk, pitcher Chris Resop0-6
OAK@BOSBot 5Jacoby Ellsbury Walk, pitcher Chris Resop0-7
OAK@BOSBot 5Jacoby Ellsbury Stolen Base0-8
OAK@BOSBot 7Jacoby Ellsbury Walk, Stephen Drew to 2nd, pitcher Sean Doolittle0-9
Dr. Stus' S..
STL@WSHBot 1Jayson Werth Strikeout, pitcher Shelby Miller-1-9
Dr. Stus' S..
TOR@BALBot 1Matt Wieters Strikeout, pitcher J.A. Happ-2-9
Dr. Stus' S..
STL@WSHBot 4Jayson Werth Single, pitcher Shelby Miller-1-9
Dr. Stus' S..
STL@WSHBot 4Ian Desmond 1-Run Double, Jayson Werth scores, pitcher Shelby Miller0-9
Dr. Stus' S..
STL@WSHBot 8Jayson Werth Strikeout, pitcher Trevor Rosenthal-1-9
Dr. Stus' S..
TOR@BALBot 8Matt Wieters Strikeout, pitcher Steve Delabar-2-9
PIT@PHITop 9Andrew McCutchen Out Erik Kratz, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon-2-10
PIT@PHITop 9Garrett Jones Double, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon-2-9
PIT@PHITop 9Neil Walker Out Domonic Brown, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon-2-10
PIT@PHITop 9Pedro Alvarez Strikeout, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon-2-12
Dr. Stus' S..
NYY@TBBot 1Ben Zobrist Strikeout, pitcher CC Sabathia-3-12
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@CWSBot 1Jeff Keppinger Double, pitcher Justin Masterson-1-12
Dr. Stus' S..
SEA@HOUBot 1Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Félix Hernández-2-12
CLE@CWSBot 1Paul Konerko Strikeout, pitcher Justin Masterson-2-11
Dr. Stus' S..
SEA@HOUBot 4Chris Carter Single, pitcher Félix Hernández-1-11
Dr. Stus' S..
CLE@CWSBot 5Jeff Keppinger Single, pitcher Justin Masterson0-11
Dr. Stus' S..
SEA@HOUBot 6Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Félix Hernández-1-11
Dr. Stus' S..
SEA@HOUBot 9Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Tom Wilhelmsen-2-11
CLE@CWSBot 9Paul Konerko Strikeout, pitcher Chris Perez-2-10
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@SDTop 1Ryan Braun 2-Run Home Run, Rickie Weeks Jr. scores, pitcher Jason Marquis-1-10
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@SDBot 1Everth Cabrera Walk, pitcher Kyle Lohse0-10
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@SDBot 1Everth Cabrera Stolen Base1-10
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@SDTop 2Rickie Weeks Jr. Strikeout, pitcher Jason Marquis0-10
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@SDBot 3Everth Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse-1-10
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@SDTop 5Rickie Weeks Jr. Walk, pitcher Jason Marquis0-10
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@SDBot 5Everth Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse-1-10
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@SDBot 8Everth Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Alfredo Figaro-2-10
Dr. Stus' S..
MIL@SDTop 9Rickie Weeks Jr. Strikeout, pitcher Joe Thatcher-3-10
ARI@SFBot 7Brandon Crawford Strikeout, pitcher Wade Miley-3-9
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous-3-15