Everything you need to know about getting started with fantasy sports.

What is Fleaflicker?

Fleaflicker is the world's easiest and fastest fantasy sports platform that has been home to thousands of leagues since 2005. Beginners appreciate Fleaflicker's ease of use. Seasoned veterans take advantage of Fleaflicker's extensive customization.

Is everything free on Fleaflicker?

Yes, all gameplay and commissioner features on Fleaflicker are 100% free. Create a fantasy football league, join a league, or import a league for free with no hidden costs that will run your commissioner based league all-season long and for years down the line for keeper and dynasty leagues with comprehensive league history automatically saved for you.

What are fantasy sports?

Playing fantasy sports allows you to manage your own team of real players. You build a roster by drafting players from actual teams. Leagues vary in size, but are usually comprised of 8-20 owners. After an initial fantasy draft is held, league members continuously change their roster as the General Manager/Coach to build the most talented and winning team.

What games does Fleaflicker offer?

Fleaflicker offers the four major fantasy sports—NFL fantasy football, MLB fantasy baseball, NBA fantasy basketball and NHL fantasy hockey.

Does Fleaflicker have an iPhone mobile app?

Yes! You can use the official Fleaflicker iOS app or just visit fleaflicker.com on your mobile browser.

Can I stay signed in all the time?

Yes, but ensure that cookies are enabled on your device. In some circumstances on some devices, private browsing must be off. If the site is sending you in a loop when you are logging in, just ensure these two settings are OK and your security settings are not too tight.

My navbar is blank. Where are all the links I usually have, like My Leagues or Standings, and Players?

You are likely using a browser window that is too small. To see all your options you can increase your window to the largest it goes, or you can click the gray rectangular icon with three horizontal bars, located at the top right of your screen. This will make the full menu of options visible.

What types of fantasy leagues does Fleaflicker offer?

Fleaflicker offers head-to-head matchup fantasy leagues, fantasy roto leagues, and fantasy total points leagues.

Can I switch my league type?

You can switch the type of league only if it's a new league and a week did not finalize yet in your standings or schedule. Do this by going to League » Settings » Edit League Type.

Where can I join an existing league?

After you create your account, click the Join A League button that has a brown + sign in front. From here, you can select Find A League For Me that will place you in an already created league.

Where can I create my own private league?

Many members create fantasy football and fantasy sports leagues on Fleaflicker. Creating a league is easy. First, create an account, then click Create A New League button that has a green + sign in front and enter the basic information to get started. Later, you can customize the league even further.

Why can't other owners join my private league?

All owners must first sign up for a free Fleaflicker account before they can join a league. New owners can sign up for a Fleaflicker account.

How are points are acquired?

Players gain points based on their actual game-day performance. Your points will tally based on how players fare in their actual team's game and your league's specific scoring rules.

How do I invite others to play in my league?

If your league has empty spots or unowned teams, a green Invite button will be shown on the league standings page. From there, you can type in the email addresses of owners you wish to invite.

Why can't I send invitations to some email addresses?

If you see a message saying that your league invitation wasn't sent because that person has "opted out of receiving Fleaflicker emails", you can still send them them an email with the address of your league. Just copy and paste the contents of the invitation message and send it from your email.

Does Fleaflicker support or offer...?

The features listed below are commonly requested by our community and are a fraction of our offerings.

What's the policy on inactive members?

Send our support team an email with a link to your league, and if the commissioner has been inactive for an extended period of time and the league is at a standstill, they'll be removed from their post and an active member may take over.

Who is my Commissioner or Co-Commish?

Under the Owner column on the standings page, your commissioner and co-commish will show in bold. Hover over their name and it will show you their post.

What should I do if I suspect cheating or collusion?

If you suspect an owner of unfair play, you can report them by going to the Report Abusive Owner page under: Team » Settings » Report Abusive Owner. Fleaflicker does not condone cheating or collusion of any kind, nor are users allowed to create more than one account for themselves.

Will stats still accumulate after the fantasy season ends?

Yes, you can still set your roster and accumulate points even if you have been eliminated from the playoffs or if your fantasy season ends before the regular sport's season does. You can view these points at League » Leaders.

What is a flea-eligible league?

Leagues that are not altered and use the default rules and settings will automatically be entered into a worldwide competition. Teams in these leagues will be ranked against one another on a leaderboard based on fantasy points per game.

What happens for next season?

Fleaflicker transfers all your previous league's results and information over for you automatically. This includes every league setting and all players on the rosters. All you have to do is activate the new season by clicking the Activate link and all will be ready for next season.

How can I test my league's custom scoring and see if it is accurate?

Select the Players section and select any player and it will show what their points would have been in previous years according to your custom rules.

How do I change the timezone used to display game times?

Fleaflicker automatically detects your device's timezone and uses that to display all game start times. If the timezone we display doesn't look right, check your devices timezone.

What does the champion receive?

Mostly bragging rights. Plus a trophy will be added to the profiles pages of all league champs and in the league standings for the winning season.

Why does it keep showing my email address is incorrect?

Ensure you're signed up for a Fleaflicker account first, even if you have already been invited by the commissioner. You will need to register your email with our system at the signup page.