Does Fleaflicker support best ball leagues?

While we don't offer Best Ball as a league type option at this time, there are workarounds that commissioners use in order to run a best ball style league on our site in the meantime. Here's what they do:

  • Set up a league as either a head-to-head league, roto league or total points league.
  • Owners draft their players and set their roster for the first week (players may go direct to the bench after the draft so it's important to get them in the starting positions); up to the commish if teams have a bench with back-up players or not in case of injuries.
  • Each week after the Monday night game (and before Tuesday at 5AM ET), NFL commissioners can make any adjustments needed to each lineup to ensure the players with the highest number of points is in each starting position.
  • Alternatively, commissioners can use the Optimum total from the scoring match-up pages after the week finalizes to edit the final box scores for the week utilizing this number instead of the actual lineup total.