How to import your league rosters, settings and history.

Can I move my league to Fleaflicker from another site?

We currently offer 1-click automated import from ESPN and Yahoo (and we're working on adding others).

How can I import my league if there's no one-click import tool for my current site?

Though Fleaflicker may not yet offer an import tool for your current site, we still have all of the tools you need to quickly and easily create and set up your league. League configuration typically takes just 5-10 minutes and editing rosters takes an additional 5-10 minutes. Here are the steps to duplicate your league on our site:

Can I automatically import my baseball league to Fleaflicker?

No, at this time 1-click import is for football only. But you can manually import any league at any time.

Is it safe to enter my login and password to import a league?

Absolutely. We never store your password on our servers. It is used to sign in on your behalf over a secure connection to the site where your league is hosted.

Is Fleaflicker going to do anything to my league?

No, Fleaflicker won't touch anything with ESPN or Yahoo site configurations – the process is strictly read-only. Fleaflicker is merely making a copy of your league. It will never modify or delete league data in any way.

Will my ESPN or Yahoo league and Fleaflicker league stay in synch?

No, the import is a one-time copy, so future league updates on that site won't be reflected on Fleaflicker.

If I drop from an imported league on Fleaflicker, will it drop me from the import site as well?

No, after the import process where you league details are copied over, the sites won't be linked or synchronized in any way.

Why are my imported rosters for this season empty?

If the rosters for the current season are empty on the originating site, they will be empty on our site as well. That should be the first place to look if you are seeing that issue, and then contact us if that isn't the case.

Can I import my ESPN league if I use Facebook to log in to ESPN?

No, there's no way for us to obtain your private ESPN league data if you log in to ESPN using Facebook. If you still want to import your league you can do one of the following:

What if I previously set up my ESPN or Yahoo league on Fleaflicker, can I get the league history added?

We don't currently have a way to merge the two together, but here are two things you could consider doing:

Why didn't my complete ESPN history copy over?

We can only import the data that we have available. ESPN doesn't make all historical data available but we are able to import your final standings.

Will I be able to get the previous ESPN season history later?

There isn't a way to do a secondary import to an existing league unfortunately. Commissioners could initiate a new import of the league in order to make the full history accessible on Fleaflicker. Then they could either transition owners over to the newly imported league and delete the previous league, or they could opt to keep both and label the additional league as "Historical" so that it's always there for reference. Another option is to retain the league's history by taking screenshots of the past standings and then uploading them to a tool like Google Drive or Dropbox. The resulting file(s) can be shared with league members and then linked to on the Fleaflicker league forum for future access.

What sites does the automated league import tool support?

Right now we support ESPN and Yahoo and we're working on supporting the following platforms as soon as possible: