How can I import my league if there's no one-click import tool for my current site?

Though Fleaflicker may not yet offer an import tool for your current site, we still have all of the tools you need to quickly and easily create and set up your league. League configuration typically takes just 5-10 minutes and editing rosters takes an additional 5-10 minutes. Here are the steps to duplicate your league on our site:

  1. Create a new league
  2. Edit the scoring rules to match your league
  3. Edit the roster requirements to match your league
  4. Edit the waiver and transaction rules to match your league
  5. Edit the keeper rules if it's a keeper/dynasty league
  6. Create new teams with placeholder names (owners can change them when they join)
  7. Import rosters (if the players are all keepers, designate this in the Keeper Options section)
  8. If you are holding a draft on Fleaflicker this season, edit the draft order to reflect any traded selections or keepers.

Note: There's no way to manually import past results and standings at this time unfortunately. However, some commissioners retain the league's history by taking screenshots of the past standings and then uploading them to a tool like Google Drive or Dropbox. The resulting file(s) can be shared with league members and then linked to on the Fleaflicker league forum for future access.