Email notifications and account basics.

Can I change my display name?

You can change your display name by going to the Account Settings page (found under the settings icon in the top right of your screen).

Can I change my email address?

Yes, you can change your email address from the account settings page.

How can I be sure I am emailed when something important happens in my league?

You will receive an email alert when there are important upcoming events in your league. Please configure your email alerts to select which events trigger an email alert.

Can I be emailed after every transaction in my league occurs?

No. Fleaflicker offers many email notifications, but it is not currently possible to be emailed every time a team adds or cuts a player (we are working on it).

Why isn't my direct message being sent?

If you are trying to send a URL to someone, that will violate our spam blocker and prevent your direct message from being sent. You can try removing the URL and sending the message again.

Why aren't people in my league getting notifications?

Here are three things owners should do if they aren't receiving notifications from Fleaflicker:

Why am I getting redirected on my mobile device? Is it malware?

From time to time, errant mobile ads pop up that redirect away from Fleaflicker and to a third party site. It is never Fleaflicker's intention for this to happen, so we diligently attempt to block every ad campaign that we are aware of with this behavior. If you encounter one of these ads, please submit this quick ad quality form and then contact us with the details and we will quickly work to get it blocked.

Can I get rid of advertisements that show up on most pages?

Yes. To offer you the fastest and most comprehensive experience possible, Fleaflicker now offers a paid ad-free version for your account that will include the sport you choose and lasts the entire season with no hidden fees or auto-renewal charges.

How can I purchase the premium ad-free version?

Click Remove ad under the advertisement you see and you will be directed to the upgrade page.

I upgraded to Ad-Free but my league still sees ads

You probably upgraded just your account. To purchase an upgrade the whole league, commissioners can go to League » Settings » Upgrade League With Ad-Free.

Can I buy the ad-free version for my whole league or is it per account?

Yes, commissioners can upgrade their whole league. Go to League » Settings » Upgrade League With Edge or Upgrade League With Ad-Free to get started.

When and how are payments charged?

Payments are charged on a one-time basis. They will be charged the day you sign up for an upgrade and that covers the use of that service for the remainder of that sport's season (the upgrade page will show the exact date).

Can I get a refund for an upgrade?

Yes. If you're not satisfied, for any reason, you can get a full refund within 20 days–no questions asked. Just let us know.

Is my credit card information safe with Fleaflicker?

Absolutely. When you purchase an upgrade it goes directly to our secure payment processor who charges credit cards on our behalf. No copies of your credit card information are ever saved on our servers. All communication between you and us and between us and the payment processor happens under bank-grade encryption, so that your credit card details cannot be intercepted by anyone, at any time.

What is Fleaflicker Competitive Edge?

Edge is a subscription service that gives you fantasy football advice and allows you to make all the right moves to help win your fantasy football league.