FFCSR_Doug 9 years ago

Hey Everyone,  

Here is your weekly update for the week.  


Upgrades to the IR position: The commissioner of a league can now set the IR position so that healthy players are allowed to be placed in an IR spot. This creates a pseudo practice squad and increases the number of players allowed on a roster 


Improvements to Draft Auto-Select: Some of you may have experienced issues such as Tony Romo being selected ahead of Adrian Peterson (Min) with a top pick. This should not happen in the future. 


Reduced issues related to confirmation and verification 


The season is less than a week away. Best of luck to everyone.

feuer91 6 years ago

This sucks for the second straight week you can not get into the leagues

scotto1959 8 years ago

since your tanned now, how about telling us what is coming up?

FFCSR_Doug 8 years ago

The fantasy football talk forum will probably be split into three different parts. One for news, one for just talk and another for people looking to join or post leagues.

scotto1959 8 years ago

great idea where did you come up with that one?

[Deleted User] 8 years ago

Can't wait to see what improvements you guys have planned for the 2009 season... care to leak any at this time :)?

Prash11 8 years ago

when are we going to be able to get logos for our teams......

scotto1959 8 years ago

Since you guys are back from vacation, how about some updates in the off season???

FFCSR_Doug 8 years ago

We will start providing updates again in a couple of weeks. Sorry for the delay.

scotto1959 8 years ago

two weeks is fourteen days, I think?????

FFCSR_Doug 8 years ago

We are aware of the delay information. Sorry. We should definitely be back providing updates come the first or second week in March.

scotto1959 9 years ago

You guys in Aruba again, geeeezzzz, at least wait til after the season is over!!!!

mariners100 9 years ago

I guess no more updates this year.... must be nice to take a vacation now...

conley34 9 years ago

I have tried to find the IR settings in the commish settings. Is it in some other menu? 



Wolfpacksr 9 years ago

Under Commish Options, then Edit Roster Requirements

InSpades 9 years ago

Thanks for getting the IR implemented.  


The only problem is that when you place a player on the IR you cannot pick up another of the same position if it puts you over your roster maximum. 


For instance, if the QB roster limit is two and you place one of them on the IR you should be able to pick up another QB to take his place. Currently you cannot.

[Deleted User] 9 years ago

This has been reported and Doug was supposed to look into it. If I didn't hear back by yesterday I was supposed tog et back with him, but I forgot. I just sent him a message about this very issue...

FFCSR_Doug 9 years ago

I believe this should have been corrected yesterday evening. If not let me know.

InSpades 9 years ago

It seems to be working. Thanks!

[Deleted User] 9 years ago

How long does it take for the site to update the injured status of a player? I am reading about players that are out 4 to 6 weeks due to an injury or surgery, but they aren't listed as out yet? When and how does this update? Thanks

FFCSR_Doug 9 years ago

We go by a player's official status with the NFL. Once the team files a player as injuried with the league we will reflect that.

dolphins-galaxy 9 years ago

Thanks for the IR Feature - helps alot. 


Currently in our league we want strictly to place only IR Players on it - setting to IR will allow also PUP Players to be placed on. 


Any chance to get this fixed? Just a suggestion: why do not included check-boxes for each status, so anybody can indiviually choose - thx.

fleafounder Admin 9 years ago

The NFL doesn't have an official PUP listing yet. I'll look into it. There's no reason why we shouldn't be able to if we there's an official source.

fleafounder Admin 9 years ago

This has now been implemented.