FFCSR_Doug 1 decade ago

Hey Everyone,  

Here is your weekly update for the week.  


Upgrades to the IR position: The commissioner of a league can now set the IR position so that healthy players are allowed to be placed in an IR spot. This creates a pseudo practice squad and increases the number of players allowed on a roster 


Improvements to Draft Auto-Select: Some of you may have experienced issues such as Tony Romo being selected ahead of Adrian Peterson (Min) with a top pick. This should not happen in the future. 


Reduced issues related to confirmation and verification 


The season is less than a week away. Best of luck to everyone.

McPukes 1 decade ago

how can I find the draft results.

[Deleted User] 1 decade ago

How do you add someone to the IR? I can't add add anyone at all. But then I don't have any injured players to play around with. One guy says he tried to add a DL to IR but since we only allow 2 max and he is carrying 2 he can't pick up another one because the IR player is counting towards the Max number allowed at that position. Is there a special IR button? I can't figure it out. Am I missing something lol?

bkardane11 1 decade ago

To add someone to the IR you click teh dropdown button for their name and select IR. They have to be listed as Out or IR by the NFL for the generic IR. Your commish might have made it different where they can be healthy or questionable or anywhere in between. As for the one about hte position max. You might have to make room to have another DL, thats the only thing I can think of

JPK 1 decade ago

The commish has the options to choose who will be able to be placed on the IR. In the commish options, the IR settings have different selections: E.G. pup, ir, out, questionable, probable, etc... 


He can also adjust the number of IR positions allowed. You should talk to the commish about getting it in order for your league.

[Deleted User] 1 decade ago

I figured out the selections thing as I commish a number of leagues. But the other issue is something FleaFlicker needs to fix. If you put someone on IR, they shouldn't count against your maximum allowed at that position. If your max number of RB's is 4, and you have 4 on your roster and put one on IR you can't pick up another RB... you have to pick up something else your not maxed out at.

scotto1959 1 decade ago

I think the administration should go and play on espn this year to pick-up some pointers from people that know how to run a fantasy site?

bkardane11 1 decade ago

or we could just tell them some things to make better?

oosterhouse 1 decade ago

Yeah, this really needs to be fixed, if someone is on IR, they shouldn't count against your position limits.