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Ty M. Highland, IL

"The reason I prefer Fleaflicker leagues over Yahoo, NFL.com, and ESPN, is because it isn't saturated with useless graphics and ads."

Ty M. from Highland, IL is a dynasty league aficionado that knows all the ins and outs of the industry. He is a writer for Dynasty League Football and has been published on USA Today's website. Ty was looking for a free site that could replicate the true GM experience of the NFL. He tried many options, including Yahoo!, NFL and ESPN, but none of them gave him the dynasty and mobile experience he was looking for.


The owners of the two leagues Ty operates, Devil's Den Dynasty League and Amateur Hour, need to conduct complicated rookie drafts each season. Blockbuster trades, including future draft picks and young prospects, are commonplace. This required comprehensive access during the offseason, including updated rookie lists and position eligibility. Ty would often manually manage offseason transactions because other sites weren't updated on time and some even shut down completely after the season.


Moving his leagues to Fleaflicker made Ty's life easier— he stopped manually handling procedures during the "offseason," because at Fleaflicker there is no offseason. All players are easy to find with updated positions. Ty loves that the leagues are free and that he always receives a prompt reply to his questions.


Ty's leagues have been on Fleaflicker for many seasons, completing several rookie drafts and executing thousands of transactions. All players, even if they are undrafted free-agents, are available on Fleaflicker immediately.

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