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Why Fleaflicker?

We asked commissioners and managers why they switched to Fleaflicker. Here's what they had to say:

As a commissioner of a very competitive fantasy football league, I'm responsible for picking the best platform for our league. Fleaflicker is head and shoulders above the rest.

Finley F., member since '19

Transitioning every one of my leagues to Fleaflicker for the simple interface, robust customization, short downtime between seasons, and it's free to boot? Definitely worth making the transition, particularly if you run a dynasty league.

Mark H., member since '17

I've played fantasy football for 10 years on CBS, NFL, ESPN, FOX and Fleaflicker. I have transferred all my leagues to Fleaflicker over the last two years and I don't regret it for a second. It takes it to a whole new level and keeps you intrigued all year long.

Vinny C., member since '17

If you're into fantasy sports and not using Fleaflicker, you're doing it wrong. It's the best fantasy app available!

Collin S., member since '18

Multiple sports and multiple teams all for the low, low price of free. Entering my 12th year on Fleaflicker and will be here for life.

Dave, member since '07

I've been playing fantasy sports since Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith and Thurman Thomas were the top dogs. For most of those years I used Yahoo, but for the last year and a half or so I've been using Fleaflicker, and I am never going back to Yahoo. I am so glad I found something better. If you play fantasy sports, you should try it too.

David C., member since '17

We moved our league from Yahoo to Fleaflicker 4 years ago and it was the best thing we ever did. I tell everyone I know about how awesome the site is.

Bryan T., member since '16

I have nearly all my leagues for all four major sports on one site and it's amazing. If you haven't tried fantasy sports on Fleaflicker, definitely head over and take your fantasy sports to the next level!

Travis W., member since '16

The hardest decision has always been choosing a platform. I have used a few different sites but none better than Fleaflicker. Get hooked today!

KJ, member since '16

I have used different sites but nothing compares to Fleaflicker. I highly recommend them for any sport.

Mike A., member since '17

After trying out Fleaflicker for a year now, I can say it's one of the best fantasy sites out there. It's an under-the-radar site that everyone should try.

Miles, member since '17

No site is quite like Fleaflicker. They are constantly adding and improving features so that they rival the other major sites. I'm excited for the future of fantasy sports with Fleaflicker!

TW, member since '16

Customer Support

The support team is here to help.

I really love Fleaflicker. The reason I like them most is their great communication. Give them a try!

Ben, member since '17

I'm highly impressed as a business owner to have this direct and immediate customer service. I really appreciate the concern.

Scott S., member since '09

Been using Fleaflicker for 11 years and it's great! Super easy to navigate, customer service is very helpful and quick to resolve issues. By far the best fantasy football site out there!

Hector S., member since '08

Thank you for working so quickly and on a holiday, you guys are great!

Ben H., member since '08

The support has been amazing answering questions with prompt responses. So far A+.

David, member since '18

If you haven't tried Fleaflicker for your fantasy football league, you're definitely missing out. They have an awesome platform and their customer service is second to none.

Jay C., member since '18

We email the support team on things that come up in our league during the year, and the support staff responds and takes our feedback seriously, using it to improve the website. Many items have been added the last couple of years to make it even better. I can't imagine playing on a different site!

Jeff S., member since '05

Your customer support team has always given quick responses and been super helpful.

Kate H., member since '15

A big thank you! Great customer service as always guys. Much appreciated.

Martin L., member since '16

Thank you! Love the customer support from this site.

Matt, member since '15

We have been using Fleaflicker for our fantasy football League for many years now. The support when needed has been excellent.

Mike, member since '07

I really appreciate your responses and how quickly you responded to my emails.

Nevin R., member since '05

Tools & Features

Everything you need to run your league.

If you're looking for a new platform for your fantasy sports needs, I really love Fleaflicker. Lots of options — draft pick trading, dynasty formats, and customizable schedules.

Ben, member since '17

The best site to do all the fantasy sports — baseball, football, basketball, hockey. The layout is so easy to use. They have taxi spots for baseball prospects for all the dynasty lovers out there. Haven't joined? Go, don't waste any more time.

Corey P., member since '16

Fleaflicker is a great site for dynasty football offering multiple team trading abilities and full league history. It's fast and always updating. Would recommend to anyone.

Dan O., member since '17

The site improves year after year.

Eric S., member since '12

The new features they've added allow all kinds of customization surrounding the draft — it's just amazing. Fleaflicker's tools make setup a breeze.

Graham S., member since '17

First year using Fleaflicker. I've done two dynasty drafts and already love it more than any other format. Highly recommend it to other commissioners.

James R., member since '18

Fleaflicker is great for all my email draft dynasty leagues. It has made it easy to know who is up and gives them the time they need to make their choice without the hassle.

Joseph B., member since '17

Fleaflicker produces a phenomenal product! From the scoring options to draft picks, multiple team swaps and more. Almost all the leagues I play in are through Flea. I highly recommend it along with the Edge option package.

Mike G., member since '14

I have used Fleaflicker going on 7 years and never once thought about going to any other site. They have a lot of different options to choose from to make your league great.

Ronnie B, member since '13

Totally outperforms any other platform, especially with the innovative dynasty tools that they have implemented such as Taxi Squads.

Ryan, member since '15

I am using Fleaflicker for dynasty fantasy football and love their draft board. It's clean and very easy to use the site.

Ryan C., member since '15

The best free service I use is Fleaflicker. I play dynasty football and a family league on the site and I am always amazed at all of the features they provide absolutely free!

Sean C., member since '06

Easy To Use

We make league & team management a breeze.

I used Yahoo for fantasy until last season. Then I switched over to Fleaflicker and I can't imagine going back. The site is so much more intuitive and detailed.

Anthony G., member since '17

Easy to use, super user-friendly website. Fantasy sports and nothing else. Less ads and other useless things all over web page. I've been using Fleaflicker 10+ years and love it! I've tried the other sites, but Fleaflicker is the website for me.

Christopher C., member since '08

If you're looking for a customizable and user-friendly fantasy football site, there is only one choice — Fleaflicker, by far the best choice available.

Colin R., member since '17

I have played Fleaflicker fantasy sports for over 5 years and in my opinion, they are the best. Easy to use and lots of ways to track statistics.

David W., member since '11

Ever since I changed my fantasy leagues to Fleaflicker I've not had a single reason to use any other platform. Covers all my needs with a really smooth layout and user-friendly menus.

Eric M., member since '17

Fleaflicker is best for novices and pros alike. I'm starting my own league this year and using Fleaflicker's tools makes setup a breeze.

Graham S., member since '17

Fleaflicker is easy to use and easy to learn. I highly recommend it.

Jill B., member since '18

Fleaflicker is by far the most intuitive platform I've used…nobody else even comes close.

Karl T., member since '18

I've been using Fleaflicker for 3 years now and never had an issue. It's easy to use and guides you through each step.

Matt G., member since '17

Shout out to Fleaflicker for being the easiest site for fantasy football. About to win more championships this year!

Olmar M., member since '15

Fleaflicker Fantasy Sports is easy and has a good interface. Their basketball interface had me wanting to return to try baseball and I couldn't be any happier. I'd give this site an A.

Steven M., member since '15

The best dynasty fantasy football website out there. I've tried other sites, but none compare to the user interface and layout of Fleaflicker.

Syd, member since '15

Modern Mobile Apps

Use Fleaflicker on your mobile device.

The new redesign to the app is awesome. Looking forward to seeing what new features come next!

Bradley, member since '18

Notifications in the app are a game changer! Way to go Flea.

Bud R., member since '12

The flow of setting the lineups is immaculate! SO MUCH better than before. I didn't encounter a single issue with it.

Chris M., member since '10

Just got my Fleaflicker iPhone app updated. Looks good! Nice enhancement to the best fantasy football platform for people who know what they're doing when they play fantasy football.

David Q., member since '14

Like the new look and the ability to switch leagues while within a league. Love the select position/bench button. Keep up the great work and improvements!

Frank T., member since '15

The mobile app looks fantastic; everything you want is in the palm of your hand.

Graham S., member since '17

My fantasy leagues have been on Fleaflicker for a few years now. I updated to the new app! It is clean with great navigation. I highly recommend this site and most definitely the app.

Joel E., member since '15

I've been playing fantasy football for going on 10 years now; tried out Fleaflicker a few years back and never looked back... the new app is the easiest to navigate.

Karl T., member since '18

The app is very user friendly. So far I think the update is great, and I love the dark theme.

Sam T., member since '08

Love the new player photos in the app. Looks and works great.

Tawnee, member since '17

Fleaflicker is the best site for fantasy sports. They recently released their new app to completely change the game!

Travis W., member since '16

If you haven't tried Fleaflicker you're missing out. They have a new app that looks crisp and easier to navigate. It's my favorite platform by far.

Troy T., member since '17

Dynasty Leagues

Tools & features to run your dynasty league year-round.

If you are looking for a site to host your dynasty league, look no further than Fleaflicker. The site is free, user friendly, and constantly adding features to improve the user experience. Customer service is top notch, and the Flea community is full of great owners.

David M., member since '07

If you're not using Fleaflicker for your dynasty football league then you're doing it wrong. Tons of customization options and great new improvements each year. My league has used it for the past 5 years and they're the best in the business!

Grant H., member since '14

Starting year 2 of my dynasty league on Fleaflicker and it's easily the best dynasty platform I have found. The customization is insane and I'm looking forward to future updates.

Jay W., member since '18

I've been playing fantasy football for a few years now and Fleaflicker has absolutely everything you need to run a successful dynasty league.

Jill B., member since '18

Fleaflicker is the best fantasy site I've found for keeper/dynasty leagues. It's a smooth platform that is easy to navigate.

JoJo M., member since '14

I have played on half a dozen different sites. I have to say that Fleaflicker is by far the best site for anyone doing a dynasty league.

Marshall K., member since '16

A few years ago I was urged to try a new fantasy sports platform. Fleaflicker is easily the best website for dynasty leagues and multi-sport dynasties. If you haven't already tried out Fleaflicker, you should check into it.

Michael C., member since '16

I hear this conversation once a week — what platform do you use for dynasty? My answer is always Fleaflicker, because not only are they free, they allow you to many things others do not, including trading draft picks, taxi squad, IR, etc.

Nate M., member since '16

I've been playing fantasy football for almost 20 years now and I think Fleaflicker is the best site available. Dynasty, IDP, it just has everything and it's free. Layout is simple and interface is clean. Ads are minimal. Fantastic fantasy service!

Nic W., member since '07

Fleaflicker is my favorite site to have my dynasty league on! Great setup and open year round, you really can't go wrong.

Pat C., member since '16

After participating in dynasty leagues on 4 different sites. I have to say Fleaflicker is my favorite. The taxi squad and IDP are great and the new app is easy to use.

Ryan W., member since '16

Starting season 6 of my dynasty home league on Fleaflicker. It is by far the best site for dynasty football. Mobile and web app are very fast and league settings are highly customizable. Get to the site now.

Scott G., member since '12