Sam R.
League History

Sam R. Chicago, IL

"Fleaflicker tops them all!"

Sam R. from Chicago, IL doesn't settle for average. As commissioner of the Very Serious League, he runs a 5-keeper fantasy football league that used CBS Sports, ESPN and Yahoo! in the past. He moved to Fleaflicker in 2012 because he needed all transaction data at his fingertips—fast.


The members of Very Serious League are, in fact, very serious about how they play fantasy football. They needed access to stats and transaction data in a clear, easy to digest format. Sam resorted to tracking this data manually in a spreadsheet, which quickly became unmanageable.


Fleaflicker keeps track of all transactions and provides a comprehensive draft history for each season. "I've used Yahoo!, CBS and ESPN before. Between all the various customizations, the above average systems of organizing player and transaction data, and the unparalleled support, I can't imagine going back to another site," Sam said.


After Sam switched to Fleaflicker, he found his commissioner duties became much easier, and he ditched the cumbersome spreadsheets. "Fleaflicker worked with me to set up custom rules and settings for my league so that I could run our league exactly as imagined."

Member since 2012