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Michael M. Slidell, LA

"Fleaflicker is highly customizable and aesthetically pleasing. You cannot get that combination anywhere else."

Michael M. from Slidell, LA is the commissioner of two long-running fantasy football leagues—one keeper and one redraft. His first league with close friends bounced around before finding Fleaflicker in 2008—from Yahoo!, to Fox Sports and to ESPN. Michael and his league-mates kept looking for a clean and customizable site to track everything.


The owners in Michael's leagues are serious football fans from Saints country. They needed customizable options for almost every stat category. The other three sites they tried didn't support everything, and many settings were disabled during the offseason.


Michael moved his leagues to Fleaflicker and realized he was no longer restricted by his fantasy platform. He was free to change what he wanted when he wanted to. On other sites, many features are disabled in the offseason or locked-in after the season starts. Fleaflicker had no such restrictions. "If you are looking to have full control over the way your league operates, Fleaflicker is the place to be," Michael said.


Both of Michael's leagues have enjoyed Fleaflicker since 2008. "We moved our leagues to Fleaflicker several years ago and haven't looked back since."

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