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Drew S. Philadelphia, PA

"If you're serious about customizing your league, there is simply no site that can provide what Fleaflicker can."

Drew S. from Philadelphia, PA is the commissioner of UDel's Dynasty League, a long-running keeper league of college friends. The league started on ESPN, later tested My Fantasy League, and has been hosted on Fleaflicker since 2011.


The owners of UDel's Dynasty League frequently trade draft picks in complicated combinations. And owners must also surrender a draft pick for each keeper. For Drew, manually recording trades quickly become overwhelming. "ESPN and My Fantasy League did not allow me to easily track the trading of future draft picks, manage keepers, initiate multi-team trades, and quickly check our trade history," Drew said.


When Drew moved his league to Fleaflicker in 2011, his league discovered that not only was their unique trading system fully supported, but they could also implement custom defensive scoring rules that weren't possible on other platforms. Using Fleaflicker's extensive commissioner tools, Drew was able to replicate his league's settings, draft order and rules very quickly.


UDel's Dynasty League has since enjoyed many successful years on Fleaflicker. The league has completed hundreds of trades, with Fleaflicker automatically tracking the trades and adjusting the draft order. And because the league's members are scattered around the United States in different time zones, they chose to use Fleaflicker's E-mail draft instead of a live draft.

Member since 2011