Dave H.
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Dave H. Jackson, NJ

"As soon as we made the switch to Fleaflicker, our jobs were greatly simplified."

Dave H. from Jackson, NJ is an avid fantasy football fan and technology expert. Dave is a moderator of Reddit's popular fantasyfootball community (/r/fantasyfootball) and he's always searching for cutting-edge fantasy tools and content. He has been a loyal Fleaflicker user since 2006, when he moved his league The EFFL to Fleaflicker after testing several different platforms.


As a moderator of Reddit's fantasy football community, Dave is responsible for coordinating NarFFL, a massive aggregation of hundreds of fantasy leagues. Dave's personal league, The EFFL, was so impressed by Fleaflicker's interface and features that he decided to move Reddit's NarFFL leagues to Fleaflicker too.

This was no small feat. NarFFL needed a site capable of accommodating hundreds of leagues and thousands of owners. Dave and the other moderators needed to act as commissioners of each league without actually owning and managing their own teams. They also needed to appoint co-commissioners in case they were unavailable. No fantasy site was able to meet these requirements—except Fleaflicker. "Fleaflicker plus a few of the 'big guys' came to us with some solutions, but Fleaflicker's willingness to help and accommodate our needs blew all of the others out of the water," Dave said.


Fleaflicker's support staff worked with Dave and the Reddit moderators to create hundreds of leagues with the required custom rules and settings. Dave was up and running in less than one week.


Dave's personal league, The EFFL has enjoyed almost a decade of successful seasons at Fleaflicker. Meanwhile, Reddit's NarFFL leagues have been running smoothly since 2012—even as hundreds of old owners drop out and new owners join. Before the start of each season, Fleaflicker's support staff checks in with Dave to make sure he's prepared. The Reddit football leagues were so popular that all the other fantasy communities have also migrated their official leagues to Fleaflicker as well (/r/fantasybaseball, /r/fantasybasketball, and /r/fantasyhockey). "The Fleaflicker guys have worked with us since day one and accommodated every request we made. Fleaflicker has been my main personal league for the last eight years. In fact, I love Fleaflicker so much that I persuaded all of my personal leagues to be hosted on Fleaflicker."

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