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Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune anticipates Marcel Reece getting "a lot of work" in Week 13 against the Browns, regardless of whether or not Darren McFadden (ankle) and Mike Goodson (ankle) are active. Reece is the Raiders' best option as a feature back in OC Greg Knapp's system, while McFadden and Goodson are both listed as questionable. Fantasy owners shouldn't be the least bit surprised if Reece continues to receive the majority of the Raiders backfield touches, even if McFadden and Goodson return. It's become clear as the week as gone along that Reece will remain the fantasy bet of the group. At least in Week 13.


TheOutlaws Fri 11/30/12 7:08 PM

Which RB would you start in week 13:

Marcel Reece vs Cleveland

Bryce Brown @ Dallas

Knowshon Moreno vs Denver

CommishBobC Fri 11/30/12 7:27 PM


Snake_bitten Fri 11/30/12 8:00 PM

Doesn't Moreno PLAY for Denver? lol I'm sure you meant TB. It's tough because you know if Reece had the primary role locked he would destroy Cleveland. Brown is hot and you know nothing is gonna get in his way, so I agree with Brown.

TheOutlaws Fri 11/30/12 8:18 PM

Oops...meant Moreno vs Tampa Bay....its been a rough week. lol.

One last question....would you start either Marcel Reece or Bryce Brown over CJ2K????

Snake_bitten Sat 12/1/12 12:00 AM

I would not trust CJ against Houston. He did ok last time they played but that was because the titans lost so bad Houston gave Johnson the yards he got during garbage time. I'd go with Brown this week.