Red Sox000000001 140
Yankees420300020 11160
Final L. Severino 29, A. Hicks 23, A. Judge 14


TeamTimeDescriptionScoreMax Pts
BOSTop 10Mookie Betts Out Aaron Hicks, pitcher Luis Severino0-01
BOSTop 11Andrew Benintendi Out Kyle Higashioka, pitcher Luis Severino0-01
BOSTop 12J.D. Martinez Walk, pitcher Luis Severino0-01
BOSTop 12Mitch Moreland Strikeout, pitcher Luis Severino0-02
NYYBot 10Aaron Hicks Out Mitch Moreland, Rafael Devers, pitcher David Price0-01
NYYBot 11Aaron Judge 1-Run Home Run, pitcher David Price0-17
NYYBot 11Giancarlo Stanton Single, pitcher David Price0-11
NYYBot 11Didi Gregorius Double, Giancarlo Stanton to 3rd, pitcher David Price0-12
NYYBot 11Gleyber Torres 3-Run Home Run, Didi Gregorius scores, Giancarlo Stanton scores, pitcher David Price0-49
NYYBot 11Miguel Andújar Out Mitch Moreland, Brock Holt, pitcher David Price0-41
NYYBot 12Greg Bird Out David Price, Mitch Moreland, pitcher David Price0-41


BOSTop 20Xander Bogaerts Out Greg Bird, Didi Gregorius, pitcher Luis Severino0-41
BOSTop 21Rafael Devers Out Greg Bird, pitcher Luis Severino0-41
BOSTop 22Brock Holt Out Greg Bird, Gleyber Torres, pitcher Luis Severino0-41
NYYBot 20Kyle Higashioka Strikeout, pitcher David Price0-42
NYYBot 21Brett Gardner Single, pitcher David Price0-41
NYYBot 21Aaron Hicks 2-Run Home Run, Brett Gardner scores, pitcher David Price0-68
NYYBot 21Aaron Judge Out Mookie Betts, pitcher David Price0-61
NYYBot 22Giancarlo Stanton Out Andrew Benintendi, pitcher David Price0-61


BOSTop 30Christian Vázquez Out Brett Gardner, pitcher Luis Severino0-61
BOSTop 31Jackie Bradley Jr. Strikeout, pitcher Luis Severino0-62
BOSTop 32Mookie Betts Walk, pitcher Luis Severino0-61
BOSTop 32Andrew Benintendi Single, Mookie Betts to 3rd, pitcher Luis Severino0-61
BOSTop 32J.D. Martinez Strikeout, pitcher Luis Severino0-62
NYYBot 30Didi Gregorius Out Mitch Moreland, David Price, pitcher David Price0-61
NYYBot 31Gleyber Torres Strikeout, pitcher David Price0-62
NYYBot 32Miguel Andújar Single, pitcher David Price0-61
NYYBot 32Greg Bird Strikeout, pitcher David Price0-62


BOSTop 40Mitch Moreland Out Greg Bird, pitcher Luis Severino0-61
BOSTop 41Xander Bogaerts Out Greg Bird, Gleyber Torres, pitcher Luis Severino0-61
BOSTop 42Rafael Devers Out Didi Gregorius, pitcher Luis Severino0-61
NYYBot 40Kyle Higashioka 1-Run Home Run, pitcher David Price0-77
NYYBot 40Brett Gardner Out David Price, Mitch Moreland, pitcher David Price0-71
NYYBot 41Aaron Hicks 1-Run Home Run, pitcher David Price0-87
NYYBot 41Aaron Judge Single, pitcher Justin Haley0-81
NYYBot 41Giancarlo Stanton Double, Aaron Judge to 3rd, pitcher Justin Haley0-82
NYYBot 41Didi Gregorius 1-Run Sacrifice Fly, Aaron Judge scores, pitcher Justin Haley0-92
NYYBot 42Gleyber Torres Out Andrew Benintendi, pitcher Justin Haley0-91


BOSTop 50Brock Holt Out Greg Bird, Miguel Andújar, pitcher Luis Severino0-91
BOSTop 51Christian Vázquez Out Aaron Hicks, pitcher Luis Severino0-91
BOSTop 52Jackie Bradley Jr. Walk, pitcher Luis Severino0-91
BOSTop 52Mookie Betts Strikeout, pitcher Luis Severino0-92
NYYBot 50Miguel Andújar Single, pitcher Justin Haley0-91
NYYBot 50Greg Bird Out Mitch Moreland, Xander Bogaerts, Miguel Andújar to 2nd, pitcher Justin Haley0-91
NYYBot 51Kyle Higashioka Out Mookie Betts, Miguel Andújar to 3rd, pitcher Justin Haley0-91
NYYBot 52Brett Gardner Out Mookie Betts, pitcher Justin Haley0-91


BOSTop 60Andrew Benintendi Out Greg Bird, Gleyber Torres, pitcher Luis Severino0-91
BOSTop 61J.D. Martinez Out Greg Bird, Miguel Andújar, pitcher Luis Severino0-91
BOSTop 62Mitch Moreland Single, pitcher Luis Severino0-91
BOSTop 62Xander Bogaerts Strikeout, pitcher Luis Severino0-92
NYYBot 60Aaron Hicks Walk, pitcher Justin Haley0-91
NYYBot 60Aaron Judge Single, Aaron Hicks to 2nd, pitcher Justin Haley0-91
NYYBot 60Giancarlo Stanton Out Mitch Moreland, pitcher Justin Haley0-91
NYYBot 61Neil Walker Out, Aaron Hicks to 3rd, pitcher Justin Haley0-9
NYYBot 62Gleyber Torres Walk, Neil Walker to 2nd, pitcher Justin Haley0-91
NYYBot 62Miguel Andújar Out, pitcher Justin Haley0-91


BOSTop 70Rafael Devers Out Greg Bird, Gleyber Torres, pitcher Luis Severino0-91
BOSTop 71Brock Holt Out Greg Bird, Neil Walker, pitcher Luis Severino0-91
BOSTop 72Christian Vázquez Out Aaron Hicks, pitcher David Robertson0-91
NYYBot 70Greg Bird Out Rafael Devers, pitcher Brandon Workman0-91
NYYBot 71Kyle Higashioka Out Andrew Benintendi, pitcher Brandon Workman0-91
NYYBot 72Brett Gardner Out Mitch Moreland, Brandon Workman, pitcher Brandon Workman0-91


BOSTop 80Jackie Bradley Jr. Strikeout, pitcher David Robertson0-92
BOSTop 81Steve Pearce Out Kyle Higashioka, pitcher David Robertson0-91
BOSTop 82Andrew Benintendi Out Dellin Betances, Greg Bird, pitcher Dellin Betances0-91
NYYBot 80Aaron Hicks 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Hector Velázquez0-107
NYYBot 80Aaron Judge Walk, pitcher Hector Velázquez0-101
NYYBot 80Brandon Drury Single, Aaron Judge to 2nd, pitcher Hector Velázquez0-101
NYYBot 80Neil Walker 1-Run Single, Brandon Drury to 2nd, Aaron Judge scores, pitcher Hector Velázquez0-112
NYYBot 80Gleyber Torres Out Jackie Bradley Jr., pitcher Hector Velázquez0-111
NYYBot 81Miguel Andújar Out Mitch Moreland, Blake Swihart, pitcher Hector Velázquez0-111


BOSTop 90J.D. Martinez Out Kyle Higashioka, pitcher Dellin Betances0-111
BOSTop 91Sandy León Double, pitcher Aroldis Chapman0-112
BOSTop 91Blake Swihart Single, Sandy León to 3rd, pitcher Aroldis Chapman0-111
BOSTop 91Rafael Devers 1-Run Out, Sandy León scores, pitcher Aroldis Chapman1-112
BOSTop 92Brock Holt Out, pitcher Aroldis Chapman1-111