Giants120020300 8111
Reds101001000 390
Final Playoffs T. Lincecum 23, A. Pagan 14, P. Sandoval 12


TeamTimeOutsDescriptionScoreMax Pts
SFTop 10Angel Pagan 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Mike Leake1-07
SFTop 10Marco Scutaro Out Jay Bruce, pitcher Mike Leake1-01
SFTop 11Pablo Sandoval Double, pitcher Mike Leake1-02
SFTop 11Buster Posey Out Jay Bruce, Pablo Sandoval to 3rd, pitcher Mike Leake1-01
SFTop 12Hunter Pence Strikeout, pitcher Mike Leake1-02
CINBot 10Brandon Phillips Out Gregor Blanco, pitcher Barry Zito1-01
CINBot 11Zack Cozart Out Hunter Pence, pitcher Barry Zito1-01
CINBot 12Joey Votto Single, pitcher Barry Zito1-01
CINBot 12Ryan Ludwick Walk, Joey Votto to 2nd, pitcher Barry Zito1-01
CINBot 12Jay Bruce Walk, Ryan Ludwick to 2nd, Joey Votto to 3rd, pitcher Barry Zito1-01
CINBot 12Todd Frazier 1-Run Walk, Jay Bruce to 2nd, Ryan Ludwick to 3rd, Joey Votto scores, pitcher Barry Zito1-12
CINBot 12Dioner Navarro Strikeout, pitcher Barry Zito1-12


SFTop 20Héctor Sánchez Single, pitcher Mike Leake1-11
SFTop 20Gregor Blanco 2-Run Home Run, Héctor Sánchez scores, pitcher Mike Leake3-18
SFTop 20Brandon Crawford Out Zack Cozart, Joey Votto, pitcher Mike Leake3-11
SFTop 21Barry Zito Out Zack Cozart, Joey Votto, pitcher Mike Leake3-11
SFTop 22Angel Pagan Walk, pitcher Mike Leake3-11
SFTop 22Angel Pagan Time Caught Stealing3-1
CINBot 20Drew Stubbs Strikeout, pitcher Barry Zito3-12
CINBot 21Mike Leake Strikeout, pitcher Barry Zito3-12
CINBot 22Brandon Phillips Single, pitcher Barry Zito3-11
CINBot 22Zack Cozart Single, Brandon Phillips to 2nd, pitcher Barry Zito3-11
CINBot 22Joey Votto Out Gregor Blanco, pitcher Barry Zito3-11


SFTop 30Marco Scutaro Out Jay Bruce, pitcher Mike Leake3-11
SFTop 31Pablo Sandoval Out Joey Votto, Mike Leake, pitcher Mike Leake3-11
SFTop 32Buster Posey Out Todd Frazier, Joey Votto, pitcher Mike Leake3-11
CINBot 30Ryan Ludwick 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Barry Zito3-27
CINBot 30Jay Bruce Out Gregor Blanco, pitcher Barry Zito3-21
CINBot 31Todd Frazier Strikeout, pitcher Barry Zito3-22
CINBot 32Drew Stubbs Out Brandon Crawford, pitcher George Kontos3-21


SFTop 40Hunter Pence Out Zack Cozart, Joey Votto, pitcher Mike Leake3-21
SFTop 41Héctor Sánchez Walk, pitcher Mike Leake3-21
SFTop 41Gregor Blanco Out Ryan Ludwick, pitcher Mike Leake3-21
SFTop 42Brandon Crawford Out Dioner Navarro, pitcher Mike Leake3-21
CINBot 40Mike Leake Single, pitcher George Kontos3-2-1
CINBot 40Brandon Phillips Strikeout, pitcher George Kontos3-22
CINBot 41Zack Cozart Single, Mike Leake to 2nd, pitcher George Kontos3-21
CINBot 41Joey Votto Strikeout, pitcher Jose Mijares3-22
CINBot 42Ryan Ludwick Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum3-22


SFTop 50Joaquin Arias Double, pitcher Mike Leake3-22
SFTop 50Angel Pagan 1-Run Double, Joaquin Arias scores, pitcher Mike Leake4-23
SFTop 50Marco Scutaro Out Mike Leake, Joey Votto, Angel Pagan to 3rd, pitcher Mike Leake4-21
SFTop 51Pablo Sandoval 1-Run Out Drew Stubbs, Angel Pagan scores, pitcher Sam LeCure5-22
SFTop 52Buster Posey Out Drew Stubbs, pitcher Sam LeCure5-21
CINBot 50Jay Bruce Out Buster Posey, Tim Lincecum, pitcher Tim Lincecum5-21
CINBot 51Todd Frazier Out Gregor Blanco, pitcher Tim Lincecum5-21
CINBot 52Dioner Navarro Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum5-22


SFTop 60Hunter Pence Single, pitcher Sam LeCure5-21
SFTop 60Héctor Sánchez Strikeout, pitcher Sam LeCure5-22
SFTop 61Gregor Blanco Strikeout, pitcher Sam LeCure5-22
SFTop 62Tim Lincecum Strikeout, pitcher Sam LeCure5-22
CINBot 60Drew Stubbs Double, pitcher Tim Lincecum5-22
CINBot 60Miguel Cairo Out Pablo Sandoval, Buster Posey, Drew Stubbs to 3rd, pitcher Tim Lincecum5-21
CINBot 61Brandon Phillips 1-Run Out Hunter Pence, Drew Stubbs scores, pitcher Tim Lincecum5-32
CINBot 62Zack Cozart Out Angel Pagan, pitcher Tim Lincecum5-31


SFTop 70Joaquin Arias Double, pitcher Jose Arredondo5-32
SFTop 70Angel Pagan Out Drew Stubbs, Joaquin Arias to 3rd, pitcher Jose Arredondo5-31
SFTop 71Marco Scutaro 1-Run Double, Joaquin Arias scores, pitcher Jose Arredondo6-33
SFTop 71Pablo Sandoval 2-Run Home Run, Marco Scutaro scores, pitcher Jose Arredondo8-38
SFTop 71Buster Posey Walk, pitcher Jose Arredondo8-31
SFTop 71Hunter Pence Out Brandon Phillips, Zack Cozart, Joey Votto, pitcher J.J. Hoover8-31
CINBot 70Joey Votto Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum8-32
CINBot 71Ryan Ludwick Out Marco Scutaro, pitcher Tim Lincecum8-31
CINBot 72Jay Bruce Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum8-32


SFTop 80Héctor Sánchez Walk, pitcher J.J. Hoover8-31
SFTop 80Gregor Blanco Strikeout, pitcher J.J. Hoover8-32
SFTop 81Tim Lincecum Out Todd Frazier, Zack Cozart, Joey Votto, pitcher J.J. Hoover8-31
CINBot 80Todd Frazier Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum8-32
CINBot 81Dioner Navarro Single, pitcher Tim Lincecum8-31
CINBot 81Drew Stubbs Out Joaquin Arias, pitcher Tim Lincecum8-31
CINBot 82Chris Heisey Error, Dioner Navarro to 2nd, pitcher Tim Lincecum8-3
CINBot 82Chris Heisey Strikeout, pitcher Tim Lincecum8-32


SFTop 90Joaquin Arias Strikeout, pitcher Alfredo Simon8-32
SFTop 91Angel Pagan Walk, pitcher Alfredo Simon8-31
SFTop 91Marco Scutaro Out Brandon Phillips, pitcher Alfredo Simon8-31
SFTop 92Pablo Sandoval Single, Angel Pagan to 3rd, pitcher Alfredo Simon8-31
SFTop 92Buster Posey Out Zack Cozart, Joey Votto, pitcher Alfredo Simon8-31
CINBot 90Brandon Phillips Strikeout, pitcher Santiago Casilla8-32
CINBot 91Zack Cozart Out Santiago Casilla, Brandon Belt, pitcher Santiago Casilla8-31
CINBot 92Joey Votto Single, pitcher Santiago Casilla8-31
CINBot 92Ryan Ludwick Out Brandon Belt, pitcher Santiago Casilla8-31