Rockies100310000 5110
Padres200020000 471
Final A. White 13, D. Fowler 11, R. Betancourt 9


TeamTimeOutsDescriptionScoreMax Pts
COLTop 10Dexter Fowler Double, pitcher Cory Luebke0-02
COLTop 10Jonathan Herrera Out Nick Hundley, pitcher Cory Luebke0-01
COLTop 11Carlos González 1-Run Single, Dexter Fowler scores, pitcher Cory Luebke1-02
COLTop 11Troy Tulowitzki Strikeout, pitcher Cory Luebke1-02
COLTop 12Todd Helton Single, Carlos González to 2nd, pitcher Cory Luebke1-01
COLTop 12Kevin Kouzmanoff Out Jeremy Hermida, pitcher Cory Luebke1-01
SDBot 10Will Venable 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Alex White1-17
SDBot 10Jason Bartlett Out Troy Tulowitzki, Todd Helton, pitcher Alex White1-11
SDBot 11Jesus Guzman Single, pitcher Alex White1-11
SDBot 11Kyle Blanks Walk, Jesus Guzman to 2nd, pitcher Alex White1-11
SDBot 11Orlando Hudson Out Troy Tulowitzki, pitcher Alex White1-11
SDBot 12Nick Hundley 1-Run Single, Kyle Blanks to 3rd, Jesus Guzman scores, pitcher Alex White1-22
SDBot 12Jeremy Hermida Strikeout, pitcher Alex White1-22


COLTop 20Ryan Spilborghs Strikeout, pitcher Cory Luebke1-22
COLTop 21Chris Iannetta Strikeout, pitcher Cory Luebke1-22
COLTop 22Alex White Strikeout, pitcher Cory Luebke1-22
SDBot 20Alberto Gonzalez Out Dexter Fowler, pitcher Alex White1-21
SDBot 21Cory Luebke Out Carlos González, pitcher Alex White1-21
SDBot 22Will Venable Strikeout, pitcher Alex White1-22


COLTop 30Dexter Fowler Out Kyle Blanks, pitcher Cory Luebke1-21
COLTop 31Jonathan Herrera Strikeout, pitcher Cory Luebke1-22
COLTop 32Carlos González Out Alberto Gonzalez, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Cory Luebke1-21
SDBot 30Jason Bartlett Walk, pitcher Alex White1-21
SDBot 30Jesus Guzman Out Carlos González, pitcher Alex White1-21
SDBot 31Kyle Blanks Strikeout, pitcher Alex White1-22
SDBot 32Orlando Hudson Out Dexter Fowler, pitcher Alex White1-21


COLTop 40Troy Tulowitzki Double, pitcher Cory Luebke1-22
COLTop 40Todd Helton 1-Run Single, Troy Tulowitzki scores, pitcher Cory Luebke2-22
COLTop 40Kevin Kouzmanoff Single, Todd Helton to 2nd, pitcher Cory Luebke2-21
COLTop 40Ryan Spilborghs 1-Run Double, Kevin Kouzmanoff to 3rd, Todd Helton scores, pitcher Cory Luebke3-23
COLTop 40Chris Iannetta 1-Run Out Will Venable, Ryan Spilborghs to 3rd, Kevin Kouzmanoff scores, pitcher Cory Luebke4-22
COLTop 41Alex White Out Orlando Hudson, Nick Hundley, pitcher Cory Luebke4-21
SDBot 40Nick Hundley Out Jonathan Herrera, Todd Helton, pitcher Alex White4-21
SDBot 41Jeremy Hermida Out Carlos González, pitcher Alex White4-21
SDBot 42Alberto Gonzalez Out Kevin Kouzmanoff, Todd Helton, pitcher Alex White4-21


COLTop 50Dexter Fowler Single, pitcher Cory Luebke4-21
COLTop 50Jonathan Herrera Out Will Venable, pitcher Cory Luebke4-21
COLTop 51Dexter Fowler Stolen Base4-22
COLTop 51Carlos González Walk, pitcher Cory Luebke4-21
COLTop 51Troy Tulowitzki 1-Run Single, Carlos González to 2nd, Dexter Fowler scores, pitcher Brad Brach5-22
COLTop 51Todd Helton Out Jeremy Hermida, pitcher Brad Brach5-21
COLTop 52Kevin Kouzmanoff Strikeout, pitcher Brad Brach5-22
SDBot 50Aaron Cunningham Walk, pitcher Alex White5-21
SDBot 50Will Venable Double, Aaron Cunningham to 3rd, pitcher Alex White5-22
SDBot 50Jason Bartlett Strikeout, pitcher Alex White5-22
SDBot 51Jesus Guzman 2-Run Double, Will Venable scores, Aaron Cunningham scores, pitcher Alex White5-44
SDBot 51Kyle Blanks Strikeout, pitcher Alex White5-42
SDBot 52Orlando Hudson Strikeout, pitcher Alex White5-42


COLTop 60Ryan Spilborghs Out Jason Bartlett, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Anthony Bass5-41
COLTop 61Chris Iannetta Out Orlando Hudson, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Anthony Bass5-41
COLTop 62Ty Wigginton Out Jason Bartlett, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Anthony Bass5-41
SDBot 60Nick Hundley Single, pitcher Josh Roenicke5-41
SDBot 60Jeremy Hermida Out Ryan Spilborghs, pitcher Josh Roenicke5-41
SDBot 61Alberto Gonzalez Out Josh Roenicke, Troy Tulowitzki, Jonathan Herrera, pitcher Josh Roenicke5-4
SDBot 62Luis Martinez Strikeout, pitcher Josh Roenicke5-42


COLTop 70Dexter Fowler Double, pitcher Luke Gregerson5-42
COLTop 70Jonathan Herrera Out Nick Hundley, Orlando Hudson, pitcher Luke Gregerson5-41
COLTop 71Jonathan Herrera Strikeout, pitcher Luke Gregerson5-42
COLTop 72Carlos González Out Jason Bartlett, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Luke Gregerson5-41
SDBot 70Will Venable Hit By Pitch, pitcher Huston Street5-4
SDBot 70Jason Bartlett Out Kevin Kouzmanoff, Todd Helton, pitcher Huston Street5-41
SDBot 72Jesus Guzman Out Todd Helton, pitcher Huston Street5-41


COLTop 80Troy Tulowitzki Strikeout, pitcher Chad Qualls5-42
COLTop 81Todd Helton Strikeout, pitcher Chad Qualls5-42
COLTop 82Ryan Spilborghs Out Orlando Hudson, pitcher Chad Qualls5-41
SDBot 80Kyle Blanks Single, pitcher Rex Brothers5-41
SDBot 80Orlando Hudson Strikeout, pitcher Rex Brothers5-42
SDBot 81Nick Hundley Strikeout, pitcher Rex Brothers5-42
SDBot 82Jeremy Hermida Walk, Kyle Blanks to 2nd, pitcher Rex Brothers5-41
SDBot 82Alberto Gonzalez Strikeout, pitcher Rex Brothers5-42


COLTop 90Chris Iannetta Strikeout, pitcher Heath Bell5-42
COLTop 91Seth Smith Single, pitcher Heath Bell5-41
COLTop 91Dexter Fowler Out Kyle Blanks, pitcher Heath Bell5-41
COLTop 92Seth Smith Stolen Base5-42
COLTop 92Jonathan Herrera Out Will Venable, pitcher Heath Bell5-41
SDBot 90Andy Parrino Out Rafael Betancourt, Todd Helton, pitcher Rafael Betancourt5-41
SDBot 91Will Venable Strikeout, pitcher Rafael Betancourt5-42
SDBot 92Jason Bartlett Out Carlos González, pitcher Rafael Betancourt5-41