Mets000402100 791
Nationals140010002 8120
Final S. Burnett 12, M. Acosta 10, A. Pagan 9


TeamTimeOutsDescriptionScoreMax Pts
NYMTop 10José Reyes Out Ryan Zimmerman, Chris Marrero, pitcher Tommy Milone0-01
NYMTop 11Justin Turner Out Roger Bernadina, pitcher Tommy Milone0-01
NYMTop 12Lucas Duda Out Jayson Werth, pitcher Tommy Milone0-01
WSHBot 10Ian Desmond 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Dillon Gee0-17
WSHBot 10Roger Bernadina Out Justin Turner, Nick Evans, pitcher Dillon Gee0-11
WSHBot 11Ryan Zimmerman Single, pitcher Dillon Gee0-11
WSHBot 11Michael Morse Strikeout, pitcher Dillon Gee0-12
WSHBot 12Ryan Zimmerman Time Caught Stealing0-1


NYMTop 20David Wright Out Danny Espinosa, pitcher Tommy Milone0-11
NYMTop 21Angel Pagan Strikeout, pitcher Tommy Milone0-12
NYMTop 22Jason Bay Out Michael Morse, pitcher Tommy Milone0-11
WSHBot 20Jayson Werth Strikeout, pitcher Dillon Gee0-12
WSHBot 21Danny Espinosa Hit By Pitch, pitcher Dillon Gee0-1
WSHBot 21Chris Marrero Single, Danny Espinosa to 3rd, pitcher Dillon Gee0-11
WSHBot 21Jesus Flores 1-Run Double, Chris Marrero to 3rd, Danny Espinosa scores, pitcher Dillon Gee0-23
WSHBot 21Tommy Milone 3-Run Home Run, Jesus Flores scores, Chris Marrero scores, pitcher Dillon Gee0-52
WSHBot 21Ian Desmond Single, pitcher Dillon Gee0-51
WSHBot 21Roger Bernadina Out Justin Turner, José Reyes, Nick Evans, pitcher Dillon Gee0-51


NYMTop 30Nick Evans Out Ryan Zimmerman, Chris Marrero, pitcher Tommy Milone0-51
NYMTop 31Ronny Paulino Single, pitcher Tommy Milone0-51
NYMTop 31Dillon Gee Out Chris Marrero, Danny Espinosa, Ronny Paulino to 2nd, pitcher Tommy Milone0-51
NYMTop 32José Reyes Strikeout, pitcher Tommy Milone0-52
WSHBot 30Ryan Zimmerman Out Nick Evans, pitcher Dillon Gee0-51
WSHBot 31Michael Morse Strikeout, pitcher Dillon Gee0-52
WSHBot 32Jayson Werth Strikeout, pitcher Dillon Gee0-52


NYMTop 40Justin Turner Single, pitcher Tommy Milone0-51
NYMTop 40Lucas Duda Out Ian Desmond, pitcher Tommy Milone0-51
NYMTop 41David Wright Double, Justin Turner to 3rd, pitcher Tommy Milone0-52
NYMTop 41Angel Pagan 2-Run Single, David Wright scores, Justin Turner scores, pitcher Tommy Milone2-53
NYMTop 41Angel Pagan Stolen Base2-52
NYMTop 41Jason Bay Out Ryan Zimmerman, Chris Marrero, pitcher Tommy Milone2-51
NYMTop 42Nick Evans 2-Run Home Run, Angel Pagan scores, pitcher Tommy Milone4-58
NYMTop 42Ronny Paulino Out Ryan Zimmerman, Chris Marrero, pitcher Tommy Milone4-51
WSHBot 40Danny Espinosa Walk, pitcher Dillon Gee4-51
WSHBot 40Chris Marrero Out David Wright, Nick Evans, Danny Espinosa to 2nd, pitcher Dillon Gee4-51
WSHBot 41Jesus Flores Out Jason Bay, Danny Espinosa to 3rd, pitcher Dillon Gee4-51
WSHBot 42Tommy Milone Out José Reyes, Nick Evans, pitcher Dillon Gee4-51


NYMTop 50Dillon Gee Out Jayson Werth, pitcher Tommy Milone4-51
NYMTop 51José Reyes Single, pitcher Tommy Milone4-51
NYMTop 51Justin Turner Out Chris Marrero, José Reyes to 2nd, pitcher Tom Gorzelanny4-51
NYMTop 52Lucas Duda Out Chris Marrero, Tom Gorzelanny, pitcher Tom Gorzelanny4-51
WSHBot 50Ian Desmond Out Justin Turner, Nick Evans, pitcher Dillon Gee4-51
WSHBot 51Roger Bernadina 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Dillon Gee4-67
WSHBot 51Ryan Zimmerman Strikeout, pitcher Dillon Gee4-62
WSHBot 52Michael Morse Single, pitcher Dillon Gee4-61
WSHBot 52Jayson Werth Strikeout, pitcher Dillon Gee4-62


NYMTop 60David Wright Out Chris Marrero, pitcher Tom Gorzelanny4-61
NYMTop 61Angel Pagan Single, pitcher Tom Gorzelanny4-61
NYMTop 61Jason Bay 2-Run Home Run, Angel Pagan scores, pitcher Tom Gorzelanny6-68
NYMTop 61Nick Evans Strikeout, pitcher Tom Gorzelanny6-62
NYMTop 62Ronny Paulino Out Ian Desmond, Chris Marrero, pitcher Tom Gorzelanny6-61
WSHBot 60Chris Marrero Out José Reyes, Justin Turner, pitcher Pedro Beato6-6
WSHBot 61Jesus Flores Single, Chris Marrero to 3rd, pitcher Pedro Beato6-61
WSHBot 61Ivan Rodriguez Out David Wright, Justin Turner, Nick Evans, pitcher Daniel Ray Herrera6-61


NYMTop 70Willie Harris Walk, pitcher Tyler Clippard6-61
NYMTop 70José Reyes Out Tyler Clippard, Danny Espinosa, Willie Harris to 2nd, pitcher Tyler Clippard6-61
NYMTop 71Justin Turner Single, Willie Harris to 3rd, pitcher Tyler Clippard6-61
NYMTop 71Lucas Duda 1-Run Out Roger Bernadina, Willie Harris scores, pitcher Tyler Clippard7-62
NYMTop 72David Wright Walk, Justin Turner to 2nd, pitcher Tyler Clippard7-61
NYMTop 72Angel Pagan Out Jayson Werth, pitcher Tyler Clippard7-61
WSHBot 70Ian Desmond Strikeout, pitcher Manny Acosta7-62
WSHBot 71Roger Bernadina Out Jason Bay, pitcher Manny Acosta7-61
WSHBot 72Ryan Zimmerman Strikeout, pitcher Manny Acosta7-62


NYMTop 80Jason Bay Strikeout, pitcher Henry Rodriguez7-62
NYMTop 81Nick Evans Strikeout, pitcher Henry Rodriguez7-62
NYMTop 82Ronny Paulino Strikeout, pitcher Henry Rodriguez7-62
WSHBot 80Michael Morse Strikeout, pitcher Manny Acosta7-62
WSHBot 81Jayson Werth Walk, pitcher Manny Acosta7-61
WSHBot 81Danny Espinosa Strikeout, pitcher Manny Acosta7-62
WSHBot 82Jayson Werth Stolen Base7-62
WSHBot 82Chris Marrero Strikeout, pitcher Manny Acosta7-62


NYMTop 90Jason Pridie Out Ian Desmond, Chris Marrero, pitcher Sean Burnett7-61
NYMTop 91José Reyes Out Roger Bernadina, pitcher Sean Burnett7-61
NYMTop 92Justin Turner Strikeout, pitcher Sean Burnett7-62
WSHBot 90Jesus Flores Single, pitcher Bobby Parnell7-61
WSHBot 90Jonny Gomes Walk, pitcher Bobby Parnell7-61
WSHBot 90Ian Desmond Out Bobby Parnell, Justin Turner, Jonny Gomes to 2nd, Brian Bixler to 3rd, pitcher Bobby Parnell7-61
WSHBot 91Roger Bernadina Walk, pitcher Bobby Parnell7-61
WSHBot 91Ryan Zimmerman 2-Run Single, Roger Bernadina to 2nd, Jonny Gomes scores, Brian Bixler scores, pitcher Bobby Parnell7-83