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Week 17 2014 Mon 7/21-Sun 7/27

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
TOR@NYYTop 4Colby Rasmus Walk, Dan Johnson to 2nd, pitcher Shane Greene0-2
TOR@NYYTop 6Colby Rasmus 1-Run Double, Dan Johnson scores, pitcher Shane Greene0-7
TOR@NYYTop 8Colby Rasmus Walk, pitcher Dellin Betances0-9
TOR@NYYTop 8Munenori Kawasaki 1-Run Out Brett Gardner, Colby Rasmus scores, pitcher Dellin Betances0-11
WSH@CINBot 1Skip Schumaker Strikeout, pitcher Doug Fister-1-11
WSH@CINTop 4Adam LaRoche Strikeout, pitcher Mat Latos-1-10
WSH@CINTop 5Adam LaRoche 2-Run Single, Jayson Werth to 2nd, Anthony Rendón scores, Denard Span scores, pitcher Mat Latos-1-16
WSH@CINBot 6Skip Schumaker Single, pitcher Doug Fister1-16
ARI@PHITop 1David Peralta Single, pitcher Roberto Hernandez3-16
ARI@PHIBot 7Domonic Brown Strikeout, pitcher Vidal Nuño3-15
ARI@PHITop 9David Peralta Single, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon5-15
MIA@HOUBot 1José Altuve 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jacob Turner5-24
CLE@KCTop 2Carlos Santana Walk, pitcher Bruce Chen7-24
MIA@HOUBot 3José Altuve Single, pitcher Jacob Turner7-26
CWS@MINBot 3Danny Santana 1-Run Triple, Eduardo Escobar scores, pitcher Scott Carroll13-26
MIA@HOUBot 3José Altuve Stolen Base13-29
CLE@KCTop 4Carlos Santana Hit By Pitch, Asdrubal Cabrera to 2nd, pitcher Bruce Chen15-29
NYM@MILBot 4Mark Reynolds Strikeout, pitcher Jacob deGrom14-29
CLE@KCTop 5Carlos Santana 2-Run Home Run, Asdrubal Cabrera scores, pitcher Bruce Chen25-29
MIA@HOUBot 5José Altuve Single, pitcher Jacob Turner25-31
NYM@MILTop 7Rubén Tejada Walk, pitcher Jimmy Nelson27-31
CLE@KCTop 7Carlos Santana Single, Michael Brantley to 2nd, pitcher Francisley Bueno29-31
NYM@MILBot 7Jean Segura Single, Khris Davis to 2nd, pitcher Jacob deGrom29-33
CWS@MINBot 7Danny Santana 1-Run Out Adam Eaton, Eric Fryer to 2nd, Chris Parmelee to 3rd, Josh Willingham scores, pitcher Javy Guerra31-33
CLE@KCTop 9Carlos Santana 2-Run Home Run, Michael Brantley scores, pitcher Aaron Crow42-33
NYM@MILBot 9Mark Reynolds Strikeout, pitcher Jenrry Mejia41-33
NYM@MILBot 9Jean Segura Single, Khris Davis to 2nd, pitcher Jenrry Mejia41-35
STL@CHCTop 2Jon Jay Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Hendricks41-34
STL@CHCTop 7Jon Jay Hit By Pitch, Oscar Taveras to 2nd, Jhonny Peralta to 3rd, pitcher Wesley Wright41-36
DET@LAABot 1Mike Trout Strikeout, pitcher Rick Porcello40-36
DET@LAATop 2Nick Castellanos Strikeout, pitcher Héctor Santiago40-35
DET@LAABot 6Mike Trout Single, pitcher Rick Porcello42-35
DET@LAATop 8Eugenio Suárez Out Erick Aybar, Efren Navarro, pitcher Joe Smith43.33-35
DET@LAATop 8Torii Hunter Out David Freese, Efren Navarro, pitcher Joe Smith44.66-35
DET@LAATop 8Rajai Davis Out Joe Smith, Efren Navarro, pitcher Joe Smith45.99-35
SD@ATLBot 3Freddie Freeman Walk, Tommy La Stella to 2nd, Melvin Upton to 3rd, pitcher Eric Stults47.99-35
SD@ATLBot 3Ryan Doumit 2-Run Single, Chris Johnson scores, Freddie Freeman scores, pitcher Eric Stults49.99-35
SD@ATLBot 5Freddie Freeman Strikeout, pitcher Eric Stults48.99-35
SD@ATLBot 7Freddie Freeman Walk, Tommy La Stella to 2nd, Melvin Upton to 3rd, pitcher Alex Torres50.99-35
OAK@TEXBot 1Shin-Soo Choo Single, pitcher Scott Kazmir49.99-35
OAK@TEXBot 1Elvis Andrus Out Brandon Moss, pitcher Scott Kazmir51.32-35
OAK@TEXBot 1Alex Rios Out Scott Kazmir, Brandon Moss, Shin-Soo Choo to 2nd, pitcher Scott Kazmir52.65-35
OAK@TEXBot 1Adrián Béltre Out Jed Lowrie, Brandon Moss, pitcher Scott Kazmir53.98-35
OAK@TEXTop 2John Jaso 1-Run Single, Craig Gentry to 3rd, Eric Sogard scores, pitcher Miles Mikolas53.98-39
OAK@TEXTop 2Yoenis Céspedes 2-Run Double, Stephen Vogt scores, John Jaso scores, pitcher Miles Mikolas53.98-41
OAK@TEXBot 2J.P. Arencibia Out Yoenis Céspedes, pitcher Scott Kazmir55.31-41
OAK@TEXBot 2Chris Gimenez Single, pitcher Scott Kazmir54.31-41
OAK@TEXBot 2Adam Rosales 2-Run Home Run, Chris Gimenez scores, pitcher Scott Kazmir53.31-41
OAK@TEXBot 2Leonys Martín Out Brandon Moss, pitcher Scott Kazmir54.64-41
OAK@TEXBot 2Daniel Robertson Out Craig Gentry, pitcher Scott Kazmir55.97-41
OAK@TEXBot 3Shin-Soo Choo Walk, pitcher Scott Kazmir53.97-41
OAK@TEXBot 3Elvis Andrus Out Craig Gentry, pitcher Scott Kazmir55.3-41
OAK@TEXBot 3Adrián Béltre Double, Alex Rios to 3rd, pitcher Scott Kazmir54.3-41
OAK@TEXBot 3J.P. Arencibia Strikeout, pitcher Scott Kazmir57.13-41
OAK@TEXBot 4Chris Gimenez Out Jed Lowrie, pitcher Scott Kazmir58.46-41
OAK@TEXBot 4Adam Rosales Out Eric Sogard, pitcher Scott Kazmir59.79-41
OAK@TEXBot 4Leonys Martín Out Josh Reddick, pitcher Scott Kazmir61.12-41
OAK@TEXTop 5John Jaso 2-Run Double, Craig Gentry scores, Eric Sogard scores, pitcher Ryan Feierabend61.12-48
OAK@TEXBot 5Daniel Robertson Single, pitcher Scott Kazmir60.12-48
OAK@TEXBot 5Shin-Soo Choo Out Eric Sogard, Jed Lowrie, Brandon Moss, pitcher Scott Kazmir61.45-48
OAK@TEXBot 5Elvis Andrus Single, pitcher Scott Kazmir60.45-48
OAK@TEXBot 5Alex Rios Single, Elvis Andrus to 2nd, pitcher Scott Kazmir59.45-48
OAK@TEXBot 5Adrián Béltre Walk, Alex Rios to 2nd, Elvis Andrus to 3rd, pitcher Scott Kazmir57.45-48
OAK@TEXBot 5J.P. Arencibia Strikeout, pitcher Scott Kazmir60.28-48
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous60.28-48