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Week 14 2014 Mon 6/30-Sun 7/6

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
KC@CLEBot 2Lonnie Chisenhall Strikeout, pitcher Danny Duffy0--1
KC@CLEBot 3Michael Brantley Single, pitcher Danny Duffy2--1
KC@CLEBot 5Michael Brantley 1-Run Single, Asdrubal Cabrera to 2nd, Jason Kipnis scores, pitcher Danny Duffy6--1
KC@CLEBot 6Lonnie Chisenhall Strikeout, pitcher Danny Duffy6--2
MIL@CINBot 1Jay Bruce 1-Run Out Scooter Gennett, Jean Segura, Todd Frazier scores, pitcher Yovani Gallardo6-0
MIL@CINBot 8Jay Bruce 2-Run Home Run, Brandon Phillips scores, pitcher Will Smith6-11
PHI@PITTop 1Marlon Byrd 1-Run Single, Jimmy Rollins scores, pitcher Jeff Locke6-15
BAL@BOSBot 2Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Gausman6-14
PHI@PITTop 4Marlon Byrd Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Locke6-13
BAL@BOSBot 4Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Gausman6-12
PHI@PITTop 7Marlon Byrd 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jeff Locke6-21
BAL@BOSBot 7Mike Napoli 1-Run Single, David Ortiz to 2nd, Daniel Nava scores, pitcher Tommy Hunter6-25
BAL@BOSBot 9Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Brad Brach6-24
BAL@BOSBot 12Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Zach Britton6-23
NYY@MINTop 1Brett Gardner Walk, pitcher Ricky Nolasco4-23
NYY@MINTop 1Derek Jeter Single, Brett Gardner to 2nd, pitcher Ricky Nolasco3-23
NYY@MINTop 1Jacoby Ellsbury Out Sam Fuld, Brett Gardner to 3rd, pitcher Ricky Nolasco4.33-23
NYY@MINTop 1Brian McCann 1-Run Double, Derek Jeter scores, pitcher Ricky Nolasco3.33-23
NYY@MINTop 1Mark Teixeira 1-Run Single, Derek Jeter to 2nd, Brett Gardner scores, pitcher Ricky Nolasco2.33-23
NYY@MINTop 1Carlos Beltrán Out Brian Dozier, Chris Parmelee, pitcher Ricky Nolasco3.66-23
NYY@MINTop 2Brian Roberts Single, pitcher Ricky Nolasco2.66-23
NYY@MINTop 2Ichiro Suzuki Single, Brian Roberts to 2nd, pitcher Ricky Nolasco1.66-23
NYY@MINTop 2Kelly Johnson Single, Ichiro Suzuki to 2nd, Brian Roberts to 3rd, pitcher Ricky Nolasco0.66-23
NYY@MINTop 2Brett Gardner Out Eduardo Núñez, pitcher Ricky Nolasco1.99-23
NYY@MINTop 2Derek Jeter 1-Run Out Sam Fuld, Ichiro Suzuki to 3rd, Brian Roberts scores, pitcher Ricky Nolasco3.32-23
NYY@MINTop 2Jacoby Ellsbury 3-Run Home Run, Kelly Johnson scores, Ichiro Suzuki scores, pitcher Ricky Nolasco2.32-23
NYY@MINTop 2Mark Teixeira Out Sam Fuld, pitcher Ricky Nolasco3.65-23
SEA@CWSBot 3Alexei Ramirez Strikeout, pitcher Taijuan Walker2.65-23
NYY@MINBot 4Kurt Suzuki Double, pitcher Hiroki Kuroda2.65-26
NYY@MINBot 4Trevor Plouffe 1-Run Double, Kurt Suzuki scores, pitcher Hiroki Kuroda2.65-28
SEA@CWSBot 8Alexei Ramirez Walk, pitcher Brandon Maurer4.65-28
HOU@LAABot 8Albert Pujols Single, pitcher Chad Qualls3.65-28
HOU@LAABot 8Josh Hamilton Walk, pitcher Chad Qualls1.65-28
HOU@LAABot 8Erick Aybar Single, Josh Hamilton to 3rd, pitcher Chad Qualls0.65-28
LAD@COLTop 2Matt Kemp Single, pitcher Yohan Flande0.65-30
LAD@COLTop 5Matt Kemp 1-Run Single, Adrián González to 2nd, Yasiel Puig scores, pitcher Yohan Flande0.65-34
LAD@COLTop 5Miguel Rojas 1-Run Hit By Pitch, Juan Uribe to 2nd, Scott Van Slyke to 3rd, Matt Kemp scores, pitcher Brooks Brown0.65-36
LAD@COLTop 7Matt Kemp Single, pitcher Matt Belisle0.65-38
LAD@COLTop 8Matt Kemp 1-Run Single, Yasiel Puig scores, pitcher Tommy Kahnle0.65-42
TB@DETTop 1Ben Zobrist 1-Run Single, Desmond Jennings scores, pitcher Rick Porcello4.65-42
TB@DETTop 1Matt Joyce 2-Run Home Run, Ben Zobrist scores, pitcher Rick Porcello17.65-42
TB@DETTop 3Matt Joyce Strikeout, pitcher Rick Porcello16.65-42
TB@DETBot 3Austin Jackson Strikeout, pitcher David Price15.65-42
TB@DETTop 5Ben Zobrist Single, pitcher Rick Porcello17.65-42
TB@DETTop 5Matt Joyce Walk, Ben Zobrist to 2nd, pitcher Rick Porcello19.65-42
TB@DETTop 5Evan Longoria 1-Run Single, Matt Joyce to 2nd, Ben Zobrist scores, pitcher Rick Porcello21.65-42
TB@DETBot 5Austin Jackson Strikeout, pitcher David Price20.65-42
TB@DETTop 6Ben Zobrist Single, pitcher Ian Krol22.65-42
TB@DETTop 6Matt Joyce Single, Ben Zobrist to 2nd, pitcher Ian Krol24.65-42
TB@DETBot 7Austin Jackson Double, pitcher David Price27.65-42
TB@DETTop 8Ben Zobrist Single, Desmond Jennings to 2nd, pitcher Al Alburquerque29.65-42
TB@DETTop 8Matt Joyce Strikeout, pitcher Al Alburquerque28.65-42
TB@DETBot 9Austin Jackson Strikeout, pitcher Jake McGee27.65-42
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous9.65-42