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Week 12 2014 Mon 6/16-Sun 6/22

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
DET@CLEBot 2Nick Swisher Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer0--1
DET@CLEBot 4Nick Swisher Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer0--2
DET@CLEBot 6Nick Swisher Double, pitcher Max Scherzer0-1
DET@CLEBot 9Nick Swisher Strikeout, pitcher Chad Smith0-0
TOR@CINTop 1José Bautista Single, pitcher Johnny Cueto0-2
NYM@MIABot 1Reed Johnson Out David Wright, Lucas Duda, pitcher Jon Niese0-3.33
NYM@MIABot 1Ed Lucas Strikeout, pitcher Jon Niese0-6.16
Fear Boners
TOR@CINBot 1Joey Votto Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey-1-6.16
NYM@MIABot 1Giancarlo Stanton Out Curtis Granderson, pitcher Jon Niese-1-7.49
NYM@MIABot 2Casey McGehee Out Rubén Tejada, Lucas Duda, pitcher Jon Niese-1-8.82
NYM@MIABot 2Marcell Ozuna Single, pitcher Jon Niese-1-7.82
NYM@MIABot 2Derek Dietrich Strikeout, pitcher Jon Niese-1-10.65
TOR@CINTop 3José Bautista Single, Melky Cabrera to 2nd, Munenori Kawasaki to 3rd, pitcher Johnny Cueto-1-12.65
NYM@MIABot 3Jeff Mathis Out David Wright, Lucas Duda, pitcher Jon Niese-1-13.98
NYM@MIABot 3Anthony DeSclafani Out Jon Niese, Lucas Duda, pitcher Jon Niese-1-15.31
NYM@MIABot 3Reed Johnson Out Eric Young Jr., pitcher Jon Niese-1-16.64
Fear Boners
TOR@CINBot 3Joey Votto Walk, pitcher R.A. Dickey1-16.64
NYM@MIABot 4Ed Lucas Out Rubén Tejada, Lucas Duda, pitcher Jon Niese1-17.97
NYM@MIABot 4Giancarlo Stanton Single, pitcher Jon Niese1-16.97
NYM@MIABot 4Casey McGehee Out David Wright, Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda, pitcher Jon Niese1-18.3
NYM@MIABot 5Marcell Ozuna Strikeout, pitcher Jon Niese1-21.13
NYM@MIABot 5Jeff Baker Out Curtis Granderson, pitcher Jon Niese1-22.46
Fear Boners
TOR@CINBot 5Joey Votto Single, pitcher R.A. Dickey3-22.46
NYM@MIABot 5Derek Dietrich Out Rubén Tejada, Lucas Duda, pitcher Jon Niese3-23.79
NYM@MIABot 6Jeff Mathis Double, pitcher Jon Niese3-22.79
NYM@MIABot 6Jacob Turner Out Jon Niese, Daniel Murphy, Jeff Mathis to 3rd, pitcher Jon Niese3-24.12
NYM@MIABot 6Reed Johnson 1-Run Double, Jeff Mathis scores, pitcher Jon Niese3-23.12
NYM@MIABot 6Ed Lucas Out Daniel Murphy, pitcher Jon Niese3-24.45
NYM@MIABot 6Giancarlo Stanton 1-Run Single, Reed Johnson scores, pitcher Jon Niese3-23.45
NYM@MIABot 6Casey McGehee Walk, Giancarlo Stanton to 2nd, pitcher Jon Niese3-21.45
NYM@MIABot 6Marcell Ozuna 1-Run Single, Casey McGehee to 3rd, Giancarlo Stanton scores, pitcher Jon Niese3-20.45
NYM@MIABot 6Jeff Baker Walk, Marcell Ozuna to 2nd, pitcher Jon Niese3-18.45
NYM@MIABot 6Derek Dietrich Strikeout, pitcher Jon Niese3-21.28
Fear Boners
BAL@NYYTop 7Manny Machado Double, J.J. Hardy to 3rd, pitcher Masahiro Tanaka6-21.28
Fear Boners
BAL@NYYTop 7Caleb Joseph 1-Run Out Jacoby Ellsbury, Manny Machado scores, pitcher Masahiro Tanaka8-21.28
Fear Boners
BAL@NYYTop 8Manny Machado 1-Run Single, J.J. Hardy scores, pitcher Adam Warren12-21.28
CWS@MINBot 1Josh Willingham 1-Run Out Alexei Ramirez, Conor Gillaspie, Danny Santana scores, pitcher John Danks12-23.28
SEA@KCTop 3Brad Miller Strikeout, pitcher Yordano Ventura12-22.28
Fear Boners
SEA@KCBot 3Billy Butler Single, pitcher Roenis Elías14-22.28
CWS@MINBot 4Josh Willingham 1-Run Out Alejandro De Aza, Brian Dozier scores, pitcher John Danks14-24.28
Fear Boners
SEA@KCBot 6Billy Butler Strikeout, pitcher Roenis Elías13-24.28
SEA@KCTop 7Brad Miller Single, Dustin Ackley to 2nd, pitcher Yordano Ventura13-26.28
CWS@MINBot 7Josh Willingham Strikeout, pitcher Jake Petricka13-25.28
SEA@KCTop 9Brad Miller Single, pitcher Aaron Crow13-27.28
PHI@STLBot 7Matt Carpenter Single, pitcher Mario Hollands13-29.28
PHI@STLBot 7Matt Carpenter Time Caught Stealing13-28.28
BOS@OAKTop 1David Ortiz Strikeout, pitcher Tommy Milone13-27.28
BOS@OAKTop 9Xander Bogaerts Single, pitcher Dan Otero13-29.28
BOS@OAKTop 10David Ortiz 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Fernando Abad13-38.28
Fear Boners
MIL@COLBot 1Drew Stubbs Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse12-38.28
Fear Boners
MIL@COLBot 3Drew Stubbs Single, pitcher Kyle Lohse14-38.28
Fear Boners
MIL@COLBot 3Drew Stubbs Stolen Base17-38.28
Fear Boners
MIL@COLBot 3Wilin Rosario 2-Run Double, Corey Dickerson scores, Drew Stubbs scores, pitcher Kyle Lohse19-38.28
Fear Boners
LAD@SDBot 8Everth Cabrera Walk, pitcher Brian Wilson21-38.28
Fear Boners
MIL@COLBot 8Drew Stubbs 1-Run Triple, DJ LeMahieu scores, pitcher Will Smith27-38.28
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous27-43.28