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Week 8 2014 Mon 5/19-Sun 5/25

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
The Staling..
OAK@TORTop 6Derek Norris Double, pitcher J.A. Happ0-3
TEX@DETBot 4Nick Castellanos Walk, pitcher Colby Lewis2-3
TEX@DETBot 6Nick Castellanos Walk, pitcher Colby Lewis4-3
MIL@MIATop 1Jonathan Lucroy 1-Run Double, Ryan Braun scores, pitcher Randy Wolf9-3
MIL@MIATop 1Carlos Gómez 1-Run Single, Jonathan Lucroy scores, pitcher Randy Wolf11-3
MIL@MIATop 2Ryan Braun 1-Run Triple, Jean Segura scores, pitcher Randy Wolf13-3
MIL@MIATop 2Jonathan Lucroy 1-Run Double, Ryan Braun scores, pitcher Randy Wolf18-3
TEX@DETBot 8Nick Castellanos Single, pitcher Robbie Ross Jr.20-3
The Staling..
TEX@DETBot 9J.D. Martínez Out Leonys Martín, pitcher Joakim Soria20-4.33
The Staling..
TEX@DETBot 9Austin Jackson Out Alex Rios, pitcher Joakim Soria20-5.66
MIL@MIATop 4Jonathan Lucroy Strikeout, pitcher Randy Wolf19-5.66
MIL@MIATop 9Jonathan Lucroy Triple, pitcher Dan Jennings23-5.66
CLE@BALBot 1Nelson Cruz Strikeout, pitcher Trevor Bauer22-5.66
The Staling..
WSH@PITBot 1Andrew McCutchen Strikeout, pitcher Doug Fister22-4.66
CLE@BALBot 3Nelson Cruz Double, pitcher Trevor Bauer25-4.66
The Staling..
LAD@PHITop 5Yasiel Puig Single, pitcher A.J. Burnett25-6.66
The Staling..
LAD@PHITop 5Yasiel Puig Stolen Base25-9.66
CLE@BALBot 5Nelson Cruz 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Trevor Bauer34-9.66
The Staling..
LAD@PHITop 7Yasiel Puig Double, Carl Crawford to 3rd, pitcher A.J. Burnett34-12.66
The Staling..
LAD@PHITop 7Andre Ethier 1-Run Out Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Yasiel Puig scores, pitcher A.J. Burnett34-14.66
LAD@PHIBot 8Domonic Brown Strikeout, pitcher Josh Beckett33-14.66
The Staling..
WSH@PITBot 8Andrew McCutchen Strikeout, pitcher Aaron Barrett33-13.66
The Staling..
LAD@PHITop 9Yasiel Puig Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Manship33-12.66
The Staling..
NYY@CWSTop 2Yangervis Solarte Single, pitcher Andre Rienzo33-14.66
The Staling..
NYY@CWSTop 2Brett Gardner 2-Run Single, Brian Roberts to 2nd, Ichiro Suzuki scores, Yangervis Solarte scores, pitcher Andre Rienzo33-16.66
The Staling..
NYY@CWSTop 3Yangervis Solarte Strikeout, pitcher Andre Rienzo33-15.66
The Staling..
NYY@CWSBot 4Gordon Beckham Strikeout, pitcher Masahiro Tanaka33-14.66
The Staling..
NYY@CWSTop 7Yangervis Solarte Strikeout, pitcher Javy Guerra33-13.66
The Staling..
NYY@CWSBot 8Gordon Beckham Single, pitcher Adam Warren33-15.66
KC@LAATop 9Alex Gordon Strikeout, pitcher Ernesto Frieri35.83-15.66
KC@LAATop 9Salvador Pérez Double, pitcher Ernesto Frieri34.83-15.66
KC@LAATop 9Lorenzo Cain Out Kole Calhoun, Nori Aoki to 3rd, pitcher Ernesto Frieri36.16-15.66
KC@LAATop 9Alcides Escobar Out Howie Kendrick, pitcher Ernesto Frieri37.49-15.66
The Staling..
MIN@SFBot 1Pablo Sandoval 1-Run Single, Buster Posey to 3rd, Hunter Pence scores, pitcher Ricky Nolasco37.49-17.66
The Staling..
MIN@SFBot 3Hunter Pence 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Ricky Nolasco37.49-26.66
The Staling..
MIN@SFBot 5Hunter Pence Single, Gregor Blanco to 2nd, Madison Bumgarner to 3rd, pitcher Ricky Nolasco37.49-28.66
The Staling..
MIN@SFBot 5Michael Morse 3-Run Double, Hunter Pence scores, Gregor Blanco scores, Madison Bumgarner scores, pitcher Ricky Nolasco37.49-30.66
The Staling..
MIN@SFBot 7Hunter Pence Single, pitcher Anthony Swarzak37.49-32.66
MIN@SFBot 8Tyler Colvin 1-Run Out Joe Mauer, Pablo Sandoval scores, pitcher Matt Guerrier39.49-32.66
HOU@SEABot 1James Jones Out Marc Krauss, pitcher Dallas Keuchel40.82-32.66
HOU@SEABot 1Stefen Romero Out Marc Krauss, Dallas Keuchel, pitcher Dallas Keuchel42.15-32.66
HOU@SEABot 1Robinson Canó Out Dallas Keuchel, Marc Krauss, pitcher Dallas Keuchel43.48-32.66
HOU@SEABot 2Justin Smoak Strikeout, pitcher Dallas Keuchel46.31-32.66
HOU@SEABot 2Kyle Seager Strikeout, pitcher Dallas Keuchel49.14-32.66
HOU@SEABot 2Mike Zunino Single, pitcher Dallas Keuchel48.14-32.66
HOU@SEABot 2Michael Saunders Single, Mike Zunino to 2nd, pitcher Dallas Keuchel47.14-32.66
HOU@SEABot 2Cole Gillespie 1-Run Single, Michael Saunders to 3rd, Mike Zunino scores, pitcher Dallas Keuchel46.14-32.66
HOU@SEABot 2Brad Miller Out José Altuve, Marc Krauss, pitcher Dallas Keuchel47.47-32.66
HOU@SEABot 3James Jones Out Dallas Keuchel, Marc Krauss, pitcher Dallas Keuchel48.8-32.66
HOU@SEABot 3Stefen Romero Out Dexter Fowler, pitcher Dallas Keuchel50.13-32.66
HOU@SEABot 3Robinson Canó Out Marwin González, pitcher Dallas Keuchel51.46-32.66
HOU@SEABot 4Justin Smoak Out Alex Presley, pitcher Dallas Keuchel52.79-32.66
HOU@SEABot 4Kyle Seager Out José Altuve, Marc Krauss, pitcher Dallas Keuchel54.12-32.66
HOU@SEABot 4Mike Zunino Out Marwin González, Marc Krauss, pitcher Dallas Keuchel55.45-32.66
HOU@SEABot 5Michael Saunders Out Alex Presley, pitcher Dallas Keuchel56.78-32.66
HOU@SEABot 5Cole Gillespie Strikeout, pitcher Dallas Keuchel59.61-32.66
HOU@SEABot 5Brad Miller Out Dallas Keuchel, pitcher Dallas Keuchel60.94-32.66
HOU@SEATop 6José Altuve Single, pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma62.94-32.66
HOU@SEATop 6George Springer 2-Run Home Run, José Altuve scores, pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma64.94-32.66
HOU@SEABot 6James Jones Strikeout, pitcher Dallas Keuchel67.77-32.66
HOU@SEABot 6Stefen Romero Out Marc Krauss, Dallas Keuchel, pitcher Dallas Keuchel69.1-32.66
HOU@SEABot 6Robinson Canó Strikeout, pitcher Dallas Keuchel71.93-32.66
HOU@SEABot 7Justin Smoak Out Marc Krauss, pitcher Dallas Keuchel73.26-32.66
HOU@SEABot 7Kyle Seager Single, pitcher Dallas Keuchel72.26-32.66
HOU@SEABot 7Mike Zunino Out José Altuve, Marc Krauss, pitcher Dallas Keuchel73.59-32.66
HOU@SEATop 8José Altuve Single, pitcher Danny Farquhar75.59-32.66
HOU@SEABot 8Michael Saunders Strikeout, pitcher Dallas Keuchel78.42-32.66
HOU@SEABot 8Cole Gillespie Out Marc Krauss, Dallas Keuchel, pitcher Dallas Keuchel79.75-32.66
HOU@SEABot 8Brad Miller Out Matt Dominguez, Marc Krauss, pitcher Dallas Keuchel81.08-32.66
HOU@SEABot 9James Jones Out Dallas Keuchel, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Dallas Keuchel82.41-32.66
HOU@SEABot 9Stefen Romero Out Matt Dominguez, Jesus Guzman, pitcher Dallas Keuchel83.74-32.66
HOU@SEABot 9Robinson Canó Out Dexter Fowler, pitcher Dallas Keuchel85.07-32.66
The Staling..
STL@CINTop 4Allen Craig Single, pitcher Mike Leake85.07-34.66
The Staling..
STL@CINTop 6Allen Craig Walk, Matt Adams to 2nd, pitcher Mike Leake85.07-36.66
The Staling..
STL@CINTop 7Allen Craig 1-Run Single, Matt Adams to 2nd, Matt Holliday scores, pitcher Sam LeCure85.07-40.66
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous104.07-42.66