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Week 19 2013 Mon 8/5-Sun 8/11

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
DET@NYYTop 1Austin Jackson Out Ichiro Suzuki, pitcher Andy Pettitte1.33-0
DET@NYYTop 1Prince Fielder 1-Run Single, Miguel Cabrera to 2nd, Torii Hunter scores, pitcher Andy Pettitte0.33-4
DET@NYYTop 1Victor Martínez Single, Prince Fielder to 2nd, Miguel Cabrera to 3rd, pitcher Andy Pettitte-0.67-4
DET@NYYTop 1Matt Tuiasosopo Out Alex Rodriguez, Lyle Overbay, pitcher Andy Pettitte0.66-4
DET@NYYTop 1Torii Hunter Single, pitcher Andy Pettitte-0.34-4
DET@NYYTop 1Miguel Cabrera Walk, Torii Hunter to 2nd, pitcher Andy Pettitte-2.34-4
DET@NYYTop 2Hernán Pérez Out Andy Pettitte, Lyle Overbay, pitcher Andy Pettitte-1.01-4
DET@NYYTop 2Brayan Pena Double, pitcher Andy Pettitte-2.01-4
DET@NYYTop 2José Iglesias Out Alex Rodriguez, Lyle Overbay, pitcher Andy Pettitte-0.68-4
DET@NYYTop 2Austin Jackson Walk, pitcher Andy Pettitte-2.68-4
DET@NYYTop 2Torii Hunter Out Robinson Canó, Lyle Overbay, pitcher Andy Pettitte-1.35-4
DET@NYYBot 2Alfonso Soriano Strikeout, pitcher Justin Verlander-2.35-4
DET@NYYTop 3Miguel Cabrera Out Eduardo Núñez, Lyle Overbay, pitcher Andy Pettitte-1.02-4
DET@NYYTop 3Prince Fielder Out Alfonso Soriano, pitcher Andy Pettitte0.31-4
DET@NYYTop 3Matt Tuiasosopo Strikeout, pitcher Andy Pettitte3.14-4
DET@NYYTop 4Hernán Pérez Out Alex Rodriguez, Lyle Overbay, pitcher Andy Pettitte4.47-4
DET@NYYTop 4Brayan Pena Single, pitcher Andy Pettitte3.47-4
DET@NYYTop 4José Iglesias Strikeout, pitcher Andy Pettitte6.3-4
DET@NYYTop 4Austin Jackson Single, Brayan Pena to 2nd, pitcher Andy Pettitte5.3-4
DET@NYYTop 4Torii Hunter Out Robinson Canó, Lyle Overbay, pitcher Andy Pettitte6.63-4
DET@NYYBot 4Alfonso Soriano 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Justin Verlander15.63-4
DET@NYYTop 5Prince Fielder Strikeout, pitcher Andy Pettitte18.46-3
DET@NYYTop 5Miguel Cabrera Double, pitcher Andy Pettitte17.46-3
DET@NYYTop 5Victor Martínez Single, Miguel Cabrera to 3rd, pitcher Andy Pettitte16.46-3
DET@NYYTop 5Matt Tuiasosopo Walk, Victor Martínez to 2nd, pitcher Andy Pettitte14.46-3
DET@NYYBot 5Ichiro Suzuki Strikeout, pitcher Justin Verlander14.46-2
DET@NYYBot 6Alfonso Soriano Strikeout, pitcher Justin Verlander13.46-2
LAA@CLEBot 6Mike Aviles 2-Run Home Run, Jason Kipnis scores, pitcher Jerome Williams13.46-13
OAK@TORBot 1José Reyes Single, pitcher A.J. Griffin15.46-13
DET@NYYTop 8Brayan Pena 1-Run Home Run, pitcher David Robertson14.46-13
DET@NYYTop 8José Iglesias Single, pitcher David Robertson13.46-13
DET@NYYTop 8Torii Hunter Out Brett Gardner, Alfonso Soriano, Robinson Canó, pitcher David Robertson14.79-13
OAK@TORBot 4José Reyes Walk, pitcher A.J. Griffin16.79-13
OAK@TORBot 6José Reyes 1-Run Single, Emilio Bonifacio to 3rd, Josh Thole scores, pitcher A.J. Griffin20.79-13
OAK@TORBot 6José Reyes Stolen Base23.79-13
OAK@TORBot 8José Reyes Strikeout, pitcher Sean Doolittle22.79-13
MIA@ATLBot 3Jason Heyward Single, pitcher Henderson Alvarez22.79-15
MIA@ATLBot 5Jason Heyward Single, Mike Minor to 2nd, pitcher Henderson Alvarez22.79-17
MIA@ATLBot 5Freddie Freeman 3-Run Home Run, Melvin Upton scores, Jason Heyward scores, pitcher Henderson Alvarez22.79-19
MIA@ATLBot 7Jason Heyward Single, Joey Terdoslavich to 3rd, pitcher Dan Jennings22.79-21
MIA@ATLBot 7Evan Gattis 1-Run Double, Freddie Freeman to 3rd, Jason Heyward scores, pitcher A.J. Ramos22.79-23
MIA@ATLBot 8Jason Heyward 1-Run Single, Jordan Schafer scores, pitcher Steven Ames22.79-27
BOS@KCTop 1Dustin Pedroia Walk, pitcher James Shields24.79-27
BOS@KCBot 1Alex Gordon 1-Run Single, David Lough scores, pitcher John Lackey28.79-27
BOS@KCBot 1Alex Gordon Stolen Base31.79-27
TEX@HOUBot 1José Altuve Double, pitcher Martín Pérez31.79-30
BOS@KCBot 3Alex Gordon 1-Run Home Run, pitcher John Lackey40.79-30
BOS@KCBot 6Alex Gordon Strikeout, pitcher John Lackey39.79-30
BOS@KCBot 8Alex Gordon Double, pitcher Drake Britton42.79-30
MIN@CWSBot 9Adam Dunn 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Casey Fien42.79-29
MIN@CWSBot 9Paul Konerko Strikeout, pitcher Casey Fien42.79-31.83
MIN@CWSBot 9Avisail García Strikeout, pitcher Casey Fien42.79-34.66
MIN@CWSBot 9Conor Gillaspie 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Casey Fien42.79-33.66
MIN@CWSBot 9Jordan Danks Strikeout, pitcher Casey Fien42.79-36.49
PIT@COLTop 4Garrett Jones Walk, pitcher Chad Bettis44.79-36.49
PHI@WSHTop 2Domonic Brown Walk, pitcher Stephen Strasburg44.79-38.49
PHI@WSHTop 2Domonic Brown Time Caught Stealing44.79-37.49
PHI@WSHTop 4Domonic Brown Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Strasburg44.79-36.49
PHI@WSHTop 7Domonic Brown Single, pitcher Stephen Strasburg44.79-38.49
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous42.79-28.49