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Week 19 2013 Mon 8/5-Sun 8/11

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
LAA@CLETop 1Mike Trout Walk, Kole Calhoun to 2nd, pitcher Justin Masterson2-0
LAA@CLETop 1Mark Trumbo 1-Run Out Jason Kipnis, Asdrubal Cabrera, Mike Trout scores, pitcher Justin Masterson4-0
LAA@CLETop 2Mike Trout 2-Run Single, Kole Calhoun to 3rd, J.B. Shuck scores, Grant Green scores, pitcher Justin Masterson10-0
LAA@CLETop 6Mike Trout Strikeout, pitcher Rich Hill9-0
105 and Cou..
OAK@TORTop 1Coco Crisp Walk, pitcher R.A. Dickey9-2
OAK@TORTop 2Josh Reddick Walk, pitcher R.A. Dickey11-2
LAA@CLETop 8Mike Trout Single, pitcher Joe Smith13-2
105 and Cou..
OAK@TORTop 3Coco Crisp Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey13-1
OAK@TORTop 6Josh Reddick Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey12-1
OAK@TORTop 8Josh Reddick Single, pitcher Darren Oliver14-1
OAK@TORTop 8Alberto Callaspo 2-Run Double, Josh Donaldson scores, Josh Reddick scores, pitcher Darren Oliver16-1
OAK@TORTop 9Josh Reddick Walk, pitcher Brad Lincoln18-1
OAK@TORBot 9Edwin Encarnación Walk, pitcher Grant Balfour16-1
OAK@TORBot 9Adam Lind Out Grant Balfour, Brandon Moss, Edwin Encarnación to 2nd, pitcher Grant Balfour17.33-1
OAK@TORBot 9Colby Rasmus Strikeout, pitcher Grant Balfour20.16-1
OAK@TORBot 9Brett Lawrie 1-Run Double, Edwin Encarnación scores, pitcher Grant Balfour19.16-1
OAK@TORBot 9J.P. Arencibia Walk, pitcher Grant Balfour17.16-1
OAK@TORBot 9Rajai Davis Walk, J.P. Arencibia to 2nd, pitcher Grant Balfour15.16-1
OAK@TORBot 9José Reyes Out Alberto Callaspo, Brandon Moss, pitcher Grant Balfour16.49-1
SD@CINTop 1Will Venable Out Mike Leake, pitcher Mike Leake17.82-1
SD@CINTop 1Alexi Amarista Out Todd Frazier, Joey Votto, pitcher Mike Leake19.15-1
105 and Cou..
SD@CINTop 1Chase Headley Out Joey Votto, pitcher Mike Leake20.48-1
SD@CINTop 2Yonder Alonso Single, pitcher Mike Leake19.48-1
SD@CINTop 2Logan Forsythe Single, Yonder Alonso to 2nd, pitcher Mike Leake18.48-1
SD@CINTop 2Jaff Decker Out Todd Frazier, pitcher Mike Leake19.81-1
SD@CINTop 2Ronny Cedeno Single, Logan Forsythe to 2nd, Yonder Alonso to 3rd, pitcher Mike Leake18.81-1
SD@CINTop 2René Rivera 2-Run Out Shin-Soo Choo, Cesar Izturis, Ronny Cedeno to 3rd, Logan Forsythe scores, Yonder Alonso scores, pitcher Mike Leake20.14-1
SD@CINTop 2Ian Kennedy Out Mike Leake, Joey Votto, pitcher Mike Leake21.47-1
SD@CINTop 3Will Venable Strikeout, pitcher Mike Leake24.3-1
SD@CINTop 3Alexi Amarista Out Joey Votto, pitcher Mike Leake25.63-1
105 and Cou..
SD@CINTop 3Chase Headley Single, pitcher Mike Leake24.63-3
SD@CINTop 3Yonder Alonso Out Chris Heisey, pitcher Mike Leake25.96-3
SD@CINTop 4Logan Forsythe Walk, pitcher Mike Leake23.96-3
SD@CINTop 4Jaff Decker Out Chris Heisey, pitcher Mike Leake25.29-3
SD@CINTop 4René Rivera Walk, pitcher Mike Leake23.29-3
SD@CINTop 4Ian Kennedy Walk, René Rivera to 2nd, Logan Forsythe to 3rd, pitcher Mike Leake21.29-3
SD@CINTop 4Will Venable Strikeout, pitcher Mike Leake24.12-3
SD@CINTop 5Alexi Amarista Out Shin-Soo Choo, pitcher Mike Leake25.45-3
105 and Cou..
SD@CINTop 5Chase Headley Out Todd Frazier, Joey Votto, pitcher Mike Leake26.78-3
SD@CINTop 5Yonder Alonso Out Cesar Izturis, Joey Votto, pitcher Mike Leake28.11-3
SD@CINTop 6Logan Forsythe Out Brandon Phillips, Joey Votto, pitcher Mike Leake29.44-3
SD@CINTop 6Jaff Decker Out Jay Bruce, pitcher Mike Leake30.77-3
SD@CINTop 6Ronny Cedeno Triple, pitcher Mike Leake29.77-3
SD@CINTop 6René Rivera Out Joey Votto, Mike Leake, pitcher Mike Leake31.1-3
SD@CINTop 7Ian Kennedy Strikeout, pitcher Mike Leake33.93-3
SD@CINTop 7Will Venable Double, pitcher Mike Leake32.93-3
105 and Cou..
SD@CINTop 7Chase Headley Out Cesar Izturis, pitcher Mike Leake34.26-3
105 and Cou..
SD@CINTop 10Chase Headley Single, pitcher Jonathan Broxton34.26-5
105 and Cou..
MIA@ATLTop 3Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Mike Minor34.26-4
MIA@ATLBot 4Freddie Freeman Double, pitcher Henderson Alvarez37.26-4
MIA@ATLBot 5Freddie Freeman 3-Run Home Run, Melvin Upton scores, Jason Heyward scores, pitcher Henderson Alvarez50.26-4
105 and Cou..
MIA@ATLTop 6Giancarlo Stanton Walk, pitcher Mike Minor50.26-6
105 and Cou..
MIA@ATLTop 6Ed Lucas 1-Run Out Melvin Upton, Giancarlo Stanton scores, pitcher Mike Minor50.26-8
MIA@ATLBot 7Freddie Freeman Walk, pitcher A.J. Ramos52.26-8
MIA@ATLBot 7Chris Johnson 2-Run Double, Evan Gattis scores, Freddie Freeman scores, pitcher A.J. Ramos54.26-8
MIA@ATLBot 8Freddie Freeman Walk, Jason Heyward to 2nd, pitcher Steven Ames56.26-8
BOS@KCTop 1Jacoby Ellsbury Out Eric Hosmer, pitcher James Shields57.59-8
BOS@KCTop 1Shane Victorino Double, pitcher James Shields56.59-8
BOS@KCTop 1Dustin Pedroia Walk, pitcher James Shields54.59-8
BOS@KCTop 1Daniel Nava Strikeout, pitcher James Shields57.42-8
105 and Cou..
TEX@HOUTop 1Ian Kinsler Strikeout, pitcher Dallas Keuchel57.42-7
MIN@CWSTop 1Justin Morneau Strikeout, pitcher José Quintana56.42-7
BOS@KCTop 2Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher James Shields59.25-7
BOS@KCTop 2Stephen Drew Single, pitcher James Shields58.25-7
BOS@KCTop 2Ryan Lavarnway Out Mike Moustakas, Elliot Johnson, Eric Hosmer, pitcher James Shields59.58-7
BOS@KCTop 3Will Middlebrooks Single, pitcher James Shields58.58-7
BOS@KCTop 3Jacoby Ellsbury Out Elliot Johnson, Alcides Escobar, Eric Hosmer, pitcher James Shields59.91-7
BOS@KCTop 3Shane Victorino Hit By Pitch, pitcher James Shields57.91-7
BOS@KCTop 3Dustin Pedroia Out Elliot Johnson, pitcher James Shields59.24-7
MIN@CWSBot 3Alejandro De Aza Double, pitcher Kevin Correia62.24-7
BOS@KCTop 4David Ortiz Out Eric Hosmer, pitcher James Shields63.57-7
BOS@KCTop 4Daniel Nava Out Jarrod Dyson, pitcher James Shields64.9-7
BOS@KCTop 4Mike Napoli Walk, pitcher James Shields62.9-7
BOS@KCTop 4Stephen Drew Out Mike Moustakas, pitcher James Shields64.23-7
BOS@KCTop 5Ryan Lavarnway Single, pitcher James Shields63.23-7
BOS@KCTop 5Will Middlebrooks Walk, Ryan Lavarnway to 2nd, pitcher James Shields61.23-7
BOS@KCTop 5Jacoby Ellsbury Out Alex Gordon, pitcher James Shields62.56-7
BOS@KCTop 5Shane Victorino Out Alex Gordon, pitcher James Shields63.89-7
MIN@CWSTop 5Justin Morneau Strikeout, pitcher José Quintana62.89-7
BOS@KCTop 5Dustin Pedroia Out David Lough, pitcher James Shields64.22-7
BOS@KCTop 6David Ortiz Out Eric Hosmer, pitcher James Shields65.55-7
BOS@KCTop 6Daniel Nava Single, pitcher James Shields64.55-7
BOS@KCTop 6Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher James Shields67.38-7
105 and Cou..
TEX@HOUTop 6Alex Rios 1-Run Double, Adrián Béltre to 3rd, Elvis Andrus scores, pitcher Dallas Keuchel67.38-9
BOS@KCTop 6Stephen Drew Double, Daniel Nava to 3rd, pitcher James Shields66.38-9
BOS@KCTop 6Ryan Lavarnway 2-Run Single, Stephen Drew scores, Daniel Nava scores, pitcher James Shields65.38-9
BOS@KCTop 6Will Middlebrooks Strikeout, pitcher James Shields68.21-9
BOS@KCTop 7Jacoby Ellsbury Out Alcides Escobar, Eric Hosmer, pitcher James Shields69.54-9
BOS@KCTop 7Shane Victorino Out Alex Gordon, pitcher James Shields70.87-9
BOS@KCTop 7Dustin Pedroia Out James Shields, Eric Hosmer, pitcher James Shields72.2-9
MIN@CWSTop 8Justin Morneau Double, pitcher Dylan Axelrod75.2-9
MIN@CWSBot 8Alejandro De Aza Strikeout, pitcher Jared Burton74.2-9
BOS@KCTop 9Ryan Lavarnway Out Alcides Escobar, Eric Hosmer, pitcher Greg Holland75.53-9
BOS@KCTop 9Will Middlebrooks Strikeout, pitcher Greg Holland78.36-9
BOS@KCTop 9Jacoby Ellsbury Strikeout, pitcher Greg Holland81.19-9
105 and Cou..
CHC@STLBot 1Matt Holliday 1-Run Single, Allen Craig to 3rd, Carlos Beltrán scores, pitcher Edwin Jackson81.19-15
105 and Cou..
CHC@STLBot 1Carlos Beltrán Single, pitcher Edwin Jackson81.19-17
105 and Cou..
CHC@STLBot 1Matt Holliday Stolen Base81.19-20
105 and Cou..
CHC@STLBot 1Jon Jay 1-Run Single, Matt Holliday scores, pitcher Edwin Jackson81.19-22
105 and Cou..
CHC@STLBot 3Matt Holliday Walk, Allen Craig to 2nd, pitcher Edwin Jackson81.19-24