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Week 18 2013 Mon 7/29-Sun 8/4

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
CWS@DETTop 1Alejandro De Aza Out Ramon Santiago, Prince Fielder, pitcher Rick Porcello1.33-0
CWS@DETTop 1Alexei Ramirez Time Caught Stealing2.66-0
CWS@DETTop 1Alexei Ramirez Single, pitcher Rick Porcello1.66-0
CWS@DETTop 1Alex Rios Single, pitcher Rick Porcello0.66-0
CWS@DETTop 1Adam Dunn Single, Alex Rios to 2nd, pitcher Rick Porcello-0.34-0
CWS@DETTop 1Paul Konerko Walk, pitcher Rick Porcello-2.34-0
CWS@DETTop 1Conor Gillaspie Out Jhonny Peralta, pitcher Rick Porcello-1.01-0
CWS@DETTop 2Dayan Viciedo Out José Iglesias, Prince Fielder, pitcher Rick Porcello0.32-0
CWS@DETTop 2Gordon Beckham Out Andy Dirks, pitcher Rick Porcello1.65-0
CWS@DETTop 2Tyler Flowers Strikeout, pitcher Rick Porcello4.48-0
CWS@DETTop 3Alejandro De Aza Out Don Kelly, pitcher Rick Porcello5.81-0
CWS@DETTop 3Alexei Ramirez Single, pitcher Rick Porcello4.81-0
CWS@DETTop 3Alex Rios Out José Iglesias, Ramon Santiago, Prince Fielder, pitcher Rick Porcello6.14-0
CWS@DETTop 4Adam Dunn 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Rick Porcello5.14-0
CWS@DETTop 4Paul Konerko Out Jhonny Peralta, Prince Fielder, pitcher Rick Porcello6.47-0
CWS@DETTop 4Conor Gillaspie Out Ramon Santiago, Prince Fielder, pitcher Rick Porcello7.8-0
CWS@DETTop 4Dayan Viciedo Out Jhonny Peralta, Prince Fielder, pitcher Rick Porcello9.13-0
CWS@DETTop 5Gordon Beckham Double, pitcher Rick Porcello8.13-0
CWS@DETTop 5Tyler Flowers Out José Iglesias, Prince Fielder, pitcher Rick Porcello9.46-0
CWS@DETTop 5Alejandro De Aza Strikeout, pitcher Rick Porcello12.29-0
CWS@DETTop 5Alexei Ramirez Out Jhonny Peralta, Prince Fielder, pitcher Rick Porcello13.62-0
CWS@DETTop 6Alex Rios Strikeout, pitcher Rick Porcello16.45-0
CWS@DETTop 6Adam Dunn Single, pitcher Rick Porcello15.45-0
CWS@DETTop 6Paul Konerko Out Austin Jackson, pitcher Rick Porcello16.78-0
CWS@DETTop 6Conor Gillaspie Out Don Kelly, pitcher Rick Porcello18.11-0
CWS@DETBot 6Prince Fielder Strikeout, pitcher Andre Rienzo17.11-0
CWS@DETTop 7Dayan Viciedo Out Ramon Santiago, pitcher Rick Porcello18.44-0
CWS@DETTop 7Gordon Beckham Strikeout, pitcher Rick Porcello21.27-0
CWS@DETTop 7Tyler Flowers Out Andy Dirks, pitcher Rick Porcello22.6-0
CWS@DETTop 8Alejandro De Aza Double, pitcher Rick Porcello21.6-0
CWS@DETTop 8Alexei Ramirez Out Rick Porcello, Prince Fielder, Alejandro De Aza to 3rd, pitcher Rick Porcello22.93-0
CWS@DETTop 8Alex Rios Out Austin Jackson, pitcher Rick Porcello24.26-0
CLE@MIATop 8Mike Aviles Double, pitcher Chad Qualls27.26-0
CLE@MIATop 8Michael Brantley 1-Run Single, Mike Aviles scores, pitcher Chad Qualls29.26-0
CLE@MIATop 9Mike Aviles Strikeout, pitcher A.J. Ramos28.26-0
Blue Light ..
SEA@BALTop 2Michael Saunders Strikeout, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen28.26--1
Blue Light ..
COL@PITTop 2Todd Helton Walk, pitcher A.J. Burnett28.26-1
Blue Light ..
ARI@BOSTop 4Martín Prado Single, pitcher Felix Doubront28.26-3
Blue Light ..
COL@PITTop 7Todd Helton Strikeout, pitcher A.J. Burnett28.26-2
Blue Light ..
SEA@BALTop 7Michael Saunders Walk, pitcher Wei-Yin Chen28.26-4
Blue Light ..
SEA@BALTop 7Michael Saunders Time Caught Stealing28.26-3
Blue Light ..
ARI@BOSTop 9Martín Prado Single, pitcher Koji Uehara28.26-5
Blue Light ..
SEA@BALTop 9Michael Saunders Single, pitcher Tommy Hunter28.26-7
Blue Light ..
SF@TBTop 1Marco Scutaro Single, pitcher Roberto Hernandez28.26-9
Blue Light ..
SF@TBTop 1Buster Posey 1-Run Single, Pablo Sandoval to 3rd, Marco Scutaro scores, pitcher Roberto Hernandez28.26-11
Blue Light ..
SF@TBTop 3Marco Scutaro Single, pitcher Roberto Hernandez28.26-13
HOU@MINTop 3José Altuve Walk, pitcher Mike Pelfrey30.26-13
HOU@MINTop 3José Altuve Stolen Base33.26-13
Blue Light ..
WSH@MILBot 4Carlos Gómez Walk, pitcher Taylor Jordan33.26-15
Blue Light ..
WSH@MILBot 6Carlos Gómez 1-Run Out Jayson Werth, Jean Segura to 3rd, Logan Schafer scores, pitcher Taylor Jordan33.26-17
HOU@MINTop 7José Altuve Single, pitcher Josh Roenicke35.26-17
HOU@MINTop 7José Altuve Stolen Base38.26-17
HOU@MINTop 9José Altuve Strikeout, pitcher Glen Perkins37.26-17
Blue Light ..
LAD@CHCBot 4Nate Schierholtz Single, pitcher Stephen Fife37.26-19
Blue Light ..
LAD@CHCBot 6Nate Schierholtz Single, Dioner Navarro to 2nd, pitcher Stephen Fife37.26-21
NYY@SDTop 3Ichiro Suzuki Strikeout, pitcher Ian Kennedy36.26-21
Blue Light ..
NYY@SDTop 7Brett Gardner Strikeout, pitcher Dale Thayer36.26-20
Blue Light ..
NYY@SDTop 9Brett Gardner Strikeout, pitcher Huston Street39.09-19
NYY@SDTop 9Eduardo Núñez Single, pitcher Huston Street38.09-19
NYY@SDTop 9Austin Romine Walk, pitcher Huston Street36.09-19
NYY@SDTop 9Brent Lillibridge Strikeout, pitcher Huston Street38.92-19
NYY@SDTop 9Vernon Wells Strikeout, pitcher Huston Street41.75-19
ATL@PHITop 1Jason Heyward Walk, pitcher Cliff Lee43.75-19
ATL@PHITop 1Brian McCann Strikeout, pitcher Cliff Lee42.75-19
ATL@PHITop 1Chris Johnson 2-Run Single, Freddie Freeman scores, Jason Heyward scores, pitcher Cliff Lee44.75-19
ATL@PHIBot 2Delmon Young Strikeout, pitcher Alex Wood43.75-19
ATL@PHITop 3Brian McCann Strikeout, pitcher Cliff Lee42.75-19
ATL@PHITop 4Jason Heyward 1-Run Single, Melvin Upton scores, pitcher Cliff Lee46.75-19
ATL@PHITop 4Justin Upton 1-Run Double, Jason Heyward scores, pitcher Cliff Lee48.75-19
ATL@PHIBot 4Delmon Young Strikeout, pitcher Alex Wood47.75-19
ATL@PHITop 5Brian McCann Single, pitcher Cliff Lee49.75-19
ATL@PHITop 6Jason Heyward Hit By Pitch, pitcher Raul Valdes51.75-19
ATL@PHITop 6Jason Heyward Time Caught Stealing50.75-19
ATL@PHIBot 7Delmon Young Strikeout, pitcher Luis Ayala49.75-19
ATL@PHITop 9Jason Heyward Strikeout, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon48.75-19
ATL@PHIBot 9Delmon Young Strikeout, pitcher Craig Kimbrel47.75-19
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous57.75-19