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Week 8 2013 Mon 5/20-Sun 5/26

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
MIN@DETTop 2Justin Morneau Walk, pitcher Max Scherzer0-2
MIN@DETTop 4Justin Morneau Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer0-1
MIN@DETBot 6Omar Infante Walk, Álex Ávila to 2nd, Victor Martínez to 3rd, pitcher Casey Fien2-1
MIN@DETBot 6Avisail García 3-Run Triple, Omar Infante scores, Álex Ávila scores, Victor Martínez scores, pitcher Caleb Thielbar4-1
CHC@CINTop 2Alfonso Soriano Walk, pitcher Johnny Cueto4-3
CHC@CINTop 2Alfonso Soriano Time Caught Stealing4-2
CHC@CINBot 6Ryan Hanigan Out Darwin Barney, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Carlos Marmol5.33-2
CHC@CINBot 6Johnny Cueto Out Carlos Marmol, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Carlos Marmol6.66-2
CHC@CINBot 6Shin-Soo Choo Walk, pitcher Carlos Marmol4.66-2
CHC@CINBot 6Zack Cozart Out Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Carlos Marmol5.99-2
CHC@CINTop 7Alfonso Soriano Single, pitcher Johnny Cueto5.99-4
CHC@CINTop 7Luis Valbuena 1-Run Single, Welington Castillo to 2nd, Alfonso Soriano scores, pitcher Johnny Cueto5.99-6
CHC@CINTop 8Alfonso Soriano 2-Run Home Run, Anthony Rizzo scores, pitcher Logan Ondrusek5.99-17
CLE@BOSTop 1Mark Reynolds Strikeout, pitcher Felix Doubront5.99-16
CLE@BOSBot 1Jacoby Ellsbury Strikeout, pitcher Corey Kluber4.99-16
PHI@WSHBot 1Bryce Harper Double, pitcher Cole Hamels7.99-16
CLE@BOSBot 1Dustin Pedroia Walk, pitcher Corey Kluber7.99-18
PHI@WSHBot 3Bryce Harper Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels6.99-18
CLE@BOSBot 6Jacoby Ellsbury Single, pitcher Corey Kluber8.99-18
CLE@BOSBot 6Jacoby Ellsbury Stolen Base11.99-18
CLE@BOSBot 6Dustin Pedroia Strikeout, pitcher Corey Kluber11.99-17
PHI@WSHBot 7Bryce Harper Walk, pitcher Justin De Fratus13.99-17
CLE@BOSBot 9Dustin Pedroia Walk, pitcher Chris Perez13.99-19
CLE@BOSBot 9Mike Napoli 1-Run Out Mike Aviles, Nick Swisher, Dustin Pedroia scores, pitcher Chris Perez13.99-21
CLE@BOSBot 9Jacoby Ellsbury 2-Run Double, José Iglesias to 3rd, Stephen Drew scores, Jonny Gomes scores, pitcher Joe Smith20.99-21
PIT@MILTop 1Garrett Jones Strikeout, pitcher Yovani Gallardo20.99-20
PIT@MILBot 2Aramis Ramirez Double, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez23.99-20
OAK@HOUBot 2Carlos Pena Strikeout, pitcher Bartolo Colón22.99-20
PIT@MILTop 3Garrett Jones 1-Run Out Ryan Braun, Starling Marte scores, pitcher Yovani Gallardo22.99-22
LAA@KCBot 3Alcides Escobar Single, pitcher Jerome Williams24.99-22
OAK@HOUTop 4Seth Smith 1-Run Double, Jed Lowrie to 3rd, Josh Donaldson scores, pitcher Dallas Keuchel29.99-22
OAK@HOUTop 4Nate Freiman 2-Run Double, Seth Smith scores, Jed Lowrie scores, pitcher Dallas Keuchel31.99-22
PIT@MILTop 5Garrett Jones Strikeout, pitcher Donovan Hand31.99-21
LAA@KCBot 5Alcides Escobar Single, George Kottaras to 3rd, pitcher Jerome Williams33.99-21
LAA@KCBot 5Alex Gordon Single, Alcides Escobar to 2nd, pitcher Jerome Williams33.99-23
PIT@MILBot 5Aramis Ramirez Strikeout, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez32.99-23
OAK@HOUBot 6Carlos Pena Single, Carlos Corporan to 3rd, pitcher Bartolo Colón34.99-23
LAA@KCBot 7Alcides Escobar Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Jepsen33.99-23
LAA@KCBot 7Alex Gordon Walk, pitcher Kevin Jepsen33.99-25
OAK@HOUTop 8Seth Smith Strikeout, pitcher Jose Cisnero32.99-25
OAK@HOUBot 8Carlos Pena Single, Carlos Corporan to 2nd, J.D. Martínez to 3rd, pitcher Ryan Cook34.99-25
LAA@KCBot 9Alcides Escobar Single, Chris Getz to 2nd, pitcher Ernesto Frieri36.99-25
LAA@KCBot 9Alex Gordon Strikeout, pitcher Ernesto Frieri36.99-24
COL@SFTop 1Dexter Fowler Walk, pitcher Matt Cain36.99-26
COL@SFTop 1Dexter Fowler Stolen Base36.99-29
COL@SFTop 1Michael Cuddyer 2-Run Double, Troy Tulowitzki to 3rd, Nolan Arenado scores, Dexter Fowler scores, pitcher Matt Cain36.99-31
COL@SFTop 2Dexter Fowler Walk, pitcher Matt Cain36.99-33
COL@SFTop 5Dexter Fowler Double, pitcher Matt Cain36.99-36
COL@SFTop 7Dexter Fowler Single, pitcher Chad Gaudin36.99-38
SD@ARITop 1Chris Denorfia Double, pitcher Patrick Corbin36.99-37
SD@ARITop 1Everth Cabrera Out Patrick Corbin, Paul Goldschmidt, Chris Denorfia to 3rd, pitcher Patrick Corbin36.99-38.33
SD@ARITop 1Chase Headley 1-Run Out Didi Gregorius, Paul Goldschmidt, Chris Denorfia scores, pitcher Patrick Corbin36.99-39.66
SD@ARITop 1Carlos Quentin Out Gerardo Parra, pitcher Patrick Corbin36.99-40.99
SD@ARITop 2Jedd Gyorko Strikeout, pitcher Patrick Corbin36.99-43.82
SD@ARITop 2Kyle Blanks Out Didi Gregorius, Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Patrick Corbin36.99-45.15
SD@ARITop 2Jesus Guzman Walk, pitcher Patrick Corbin36.99-43.15
SD@ARITop 2Nick Hundley Single, Jesus Guzman to 2nd, pitcher Patrick Corbin36.99-42.15
SD@ARITop 2Jason Marquis Strikeout, pitcher Patrick Corbin36.99-44.98
SD@ARIBot 2Miguel Montero 1-Run Double, Martín Prado scores, pitcher Jason Marquis36.99-49.98
SD@ARIBot 2Gerardo Parra 1-Run Out Carlos Quentin, Miguel Montero scores, pitcher Jason Marquis38.99-51.98
SD@ARITop 3Chris Denorfia Single, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-50.98
SD@ARITop 3Everth Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-53.81
SD@ARITop 3Chase Headley Out Jason Kubel, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-55.14
SD@ARITop 3Carlos Quentin Out A.J. Pollock, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-56.47
SD@ARIBot 3Miguel Montero Strikeout, pitcher Jason Marquis38.99-55.47
SD@ARITop 4Jedd Gyorko Double, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-54.47
SD@ARITop 4Kyle Blanks 1-Run Single, Jedd Gyorko scores, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-53.47
SD@ARITop 4Jesus Guzman Out Didi Gregorius, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-54.8
SD@ARITop 4Nick Hundley Strikeout, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-57.63
SD@ARITop 4Jason Marquis Out Martín Prado, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-58.96
SD@ARITop 5Chris Denorfia Out Martín Prado, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-60.29
SD@ARITop 5Everth Cabrera Walk, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-58.29
SD@ARITop 5Chase Headley Out A.J. Pollock, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-59.62
SD@ARITop 5Jedd Gyorko Out Gerardo Parra, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-60.95
SD@ARITop 5Carlos Quentin 2-Run Home Run, Everth Cabrera scores, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-59.95
SD@ARITop 6Kyle Blanks Out Jason Kubel, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-61.28
SD@ARITop 6Jesus Guzman Out Didi Gregorius, Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-62.61
SD@ARITop 6Nick Hundley Strikeout, pitcher Patrick Corbin38.99-65.44
SD@ARIBot 6Gerardo Parra Strikeout, pitcher Tommy Layne37.99-65.44
SD@ARITop 7Yonder Alonso Single, pitcher Patrick Corbin37.99-64.44
SD@ARIBot 7Miguel Montero Strikeout, pitcher Tim Stauffer37.99-63.44
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous39.99-64.44