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Week 26 2012 Mon 9/24-Wed 10/3

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSMTWTotal
#17 (9-13)
#11 (11-11)
Consolation Game
104 and Cou..
ATL@PITTop 1Martín Prado 1-Run Out Alex Presley, Michael Bourn scores, pitcher A.J. Burnett0-3
ATL@PITBot 9Travis Snider Single, pitcher Craig Kimbrel-0.25-3
ATL@PITBot 9Starling Marte Strikeout, pitcher Craig Kimbrel2.75-3
ATL@PITBot 9Alex Presley Strikeout, pitcher Craig Kimbrel5.75-3
ATL@PITBot 9Jose Tabata Strikeout, pitcher Craig Kimbrel8.75-3
NYM@MIABot 6José Reyes Stolen Base11.75-3
NYM@MIABot 8José Reyes Single, Bryan Petersen to 3rd, pitcher Elvin Ramirez13.75-3
104 and Cou..
LAA@SEABot 1Justin Smoak Single, John Jaso to 2nd, Kyle Seager to 3rd, pitcher Jered Weaver13.75-5
104 and Cou..
LAA@SEABot 3Justin Smoak Strikeout, pitcher Jerome Williams13.75-4
104 and Cou..
LAA@SEABot 7Justin Smoak Walk, pitcher Barry Enright13.75-5
104 and Cou..
LAA@SEABot 7Carlos Triunfel 2-Run Single, Trayvon Robinson to 2nd, Jesus Montero scores, Justin Smoak scores, pitcher Barry Enright13.75-6
BOS@NYYBot 2Nick Swisher Walk, Robinson Canó to 2nd, pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka14.75-6
BOS@NYYBot 2Curtis Granderson 3-Run Home Run, Nick Swisher scores, Robinson Canó scores, pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka15.75-6
BOS@NYYTop 3Dustin Pedroia Walk, pitcher Hiroki Kuroda16.75-6
BOS@NYYTop 3Dustin Pedroia Stolen Base19.75-6
BOS@NYYBot 3Nick Swisher Single, pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka21.75-6
BOS@NYYBot 5Nick Swisher Walk, pitcher Clayton Mortensen22.75-6
BOS@NYYTop 6Dustin Pedroia Double, pitcher Hiroki Kuroda27.75-6
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 1Rajai Davis Out Scott Diamond, Chris Parmelee, pitcher Scott Diamond27.75-7
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 1Adeiny Hechavarria Out Ben Revere, pitcher Scott Diamond27.75-8
BOS@NYYBot 7Nick Swisher 1-Run Single, Robinson Canó to 2nd, Eduardo Núñez to 3rd, Ichiro Suzuki scores, pitcher Craig Breslow32.75-8
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 1Brett Lawrie Strikeout, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-11
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 2Adam Lind Walk, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-10
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 2Yan Gomes Out Scott Diamond, Eduardo Escobar, Chris Parmelee, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-11
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 2J.P. Arencibia Strikeout, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-14
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 3Omar Vizquel Strikeout, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-17
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 3Moises Sierra Out Pedro Florimon, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-18
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 3Anthony Gose Triple, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-17.75
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 3Rajai Davis 1-Run Single, Anthony Gose scores, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-17.5
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 3Adeiny Hechavarria 1-Run Single, Rajai Davis scores, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-17.25
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 3Brett Lawrie Out Trevor Plouffe, Chris Parmelee, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-18.25
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 4Adam Lind Single, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-18
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 4Yan Gomes Out Eduardo Escobar, Pedro Florimon, Chris Parmelee, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-19
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 4J.P. Arencibia Out Denard Span, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-20
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 5Omar Vizquel Out Matt Carson, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-21
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 5Moises Sierra Single, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-20.75
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 5Anthony Gose Out Trevor Plouffe, Chris Parmelee, Moises Sierra to 3rd, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-21.75
104 and Cou..
MIN@TORBot 5Rajai Davis Out Ben Revere, pitcher Scott Diamond32.75-22.75
COL@ARIBot 8Miguel Montero Strikeout, pitcher Rex Brothers31.75-22.75
DET@KCBot 1Billy Butler Single, Alex Gordon to 2nd, pitcher Max Scherzer33.75-22.75
DET@KCBot 3Billy Butler Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer32.75-22.75
DET@KCBot 5Billy Butler Walk, Alex Gordon to 2nd, pitcher Luis Marte33.75-22.75
CIN@STLBot 1Adron Chambers Single, pitcher Homer Bailey33.5-22.75
CIN@STLBot 1Shane Robinson Out Joey Votto, pitcher Homer Bailey34.5-22.75
CIN@STLBot 1Skip Schumaker Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey37.5-22.75
CIN@STLBot 1Matt Carpenter Out Ryan Ludwick, pitcher Homer Bailey38.5-22.75
CIN@STLBot 2Tony Cruz Out Scott Rolen, Joey Votto, pitcher Homer Bailey39.5-22.75
CIN@STLBot 2Bryan Anderson Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey42.5-22.75
CIN@STLBot 2Ryan Jackson Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey45.5-22.75
CIN@STLBot 3Pete Kozma Out Drew Stubbs, pitcher Homer Bailey46.5-22.75
CIN@STLBot 3Shelby Miller Double, pitcher Homer Bailey46.25-22.75
CIN@STLBot 3Adron Chambers Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey49.25-22.75
CIN@STLBot 3Shane Robinson Single, Shelby Miller to 3rd, pitcher Homer Bailey49-22.75
CIN@STLBot 3Skip Schumaker Out Zack Cozart, pitcher Homer Bailey50-22.75
CIN@STLBot 4Matt Carpenter Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey53-22.75
CIN@STLBot 4Tony Cruz Single, pitcher Homer Bailey52.75-22.75
CIN@STLBot 4Bryan Anderson Strikeout, pitcher Homer Bailey55.75-22.75
CIN@STLBot 4Ryan Jackson Out Zack Cozart, pitcher Homer Bailey56.75-22.75
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous56.75-13.75