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Week 17 2013 Mon 7/22-Sun 7/28

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
PHI@DETBot 1Miguel Cabrera Walk, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone0-1
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 1Starling Marte Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez2-1
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 1Jose Tabata Out Ed Lucas, Logan Morrison, pitcher Jose Fernandez3-1
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 1Neil Walker Out Donovan Solano, Logan Morrison, pitcher Jose Fernandez4-1
PIT@MIABot 1Adeiny Hechavarria Out Garrett Jones, pitcher Gerrit Cole4-2
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIABot 1Christian Yelich Out Pedro Alvarez, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Gerrit Cole4-3
PIT@MIABot 1Giancarlo Stanton Double, pitcher Gerrit Cole4-4
PIT@MIABot 1Logan Morrison Strikeout, pitcher Gerrit Cole4-6
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 2Pedro Alvarez Single, pitcher Jose Fernandez3-6
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 2Russell Martin 1-Run Double, Pedro Alvarez scores, pitcher Jose Fernandez2-6
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 2Gaby Sanchez Out Logan Morrison, pitcher Jose Fernandez3-6
PIT@MIATop 2Gerrit Cole Out Adeiny Hechavarria, Logan Morrison, pitcher Jose Fernandez4-6
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 2Clint Barmes 1-Run Single, Russell Martin scores, pitcher Jose Fernandez3-6
PIT@MIABot 2Ed Lucas Strikeout, pitcher Gerrit Cole3-8
PIT@MIABot 2Donovan Solano Out Clint Barmes, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Gerrit Cole3-9
PIT@MIABot 2Jake Marisnick Out Clint Barmes, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Gerrit Cole3-10
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 3Starling Marte Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez5-10
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 3Jose Tabata Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez7-10
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 3Neil Walker Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez9-10
PIT@MIABot 3Jeff Mathis Out Starling Marte, pitcher Gerrit Cole9-11
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIABot 3Jose Fernandez Strikeout, pitcher Gerrit Cole9-13
PIT@MIABot 3Adeiny Hechavarria Out Pedro Alvarez, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Gerrit Cole9-14
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 4Pedro Alvarez Out Donovan Solano, Logan Morrison, pitcher Jose Fernandez10-14
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 4Russell Martin Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez12-14
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 4Garrett Jones Single, pitcher Jose Fernandez11-14
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 4Gaby Sanchez Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez13-14
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIABot 4Christian Yelich Strikeout, pitcher Gerrit Cole12-16
PIT@MIABot 4Giancarlo Stanton Walk, pitcher Gerrit Cole12-16
PIT@MIABot 4Logan Morrison Single, Giancarlo Stanton to 2nd, pitcher Gerrit Cole12-15
PIT@MIABot 4Ed Lucas 1-Run Single, Logan Morrison to 3rd, Giancarlo Stanton scores, pitcher Gerrit Cole12-15
PIT@MIABot 4Donovan Solano 1-Run Out Starling Marte, Ed Lucas to 2nd, Logan Morrison scores, pitcher Gerrit Cole12-16
PIT@MIABot 4Jake Marisnick Out Neil Walker, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Gerrit Cole12-17
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 5Clint Barmes Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez14-17
PIT@MIATop 5Gerrit Cole Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez16-17
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 5Starling Marte Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez18-17
PIT@MIABot 5Jeff Mathis Out Gerrit Cole, pitcher Gerrit Cole18-18
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIABot 5Jose Fernandez Strikeout, pitcher Gerrit Cole18-20
PIT@MIABot 5Adeiny Hechavarria Out Starling Marte, pitcher Gerrit Cole18-21
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 6Jose Tabata Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez20-21
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 6Neil Walker Out Donovan Solano, Logan Morrison, pitcher Jose Fernandez21-21
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 6Pedro Alvarez Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez23-21
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIABot 6Christian Yelich Strikeout, pitcher Gerrit Cole22-23
PIT@MIABot 6Giancarlo Stanton 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Gerrit Cole22-28
PIT@MIABot 6Logan Morrison Walk, pitcher Gerrit Cole22-27
PIT@MIABot 6Ed Lucas Strikeout, pitcher Gerrit Cole22-29
PIT@MIABot 6Donovan Solano Out Garrett Jones, pitcher Gerrit Cole22-30
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 7Russell Martin Single, pitcher Jose Fernandez21-30
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 7Garrett Jones Strikeout, pitcher Jose Fernandez23-30
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 7Gaby Sanchez Out Donovan Solano, Adeiny Hechavarria, Logan Morrison, pitcher Jose Fernandez24-30
PIT@MIABot 7Jake Marisnick Out Starling Marte, pitcher Gerrit Cole24-31
PIT@MIABot 7Jeff Mathis Strikeout, pitcher Gerrit Cole24-33
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIABot 7Jose Fernandez Out Gerrit Cole, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Gerrit Cole24-34
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 8Clint Barmes Out Christian Yelich, pitcher Jose Fernandez25-34
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 8Andrew McCutchen Out Donovan Solano, pitcher Jose Fernandez26-34
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIATop 8Starling Marte Out Donovan Solano, Logan Morrison, pitcher Jose Fernandez27-34
Save 2nd Base
PIT@MIABot 8Christian Yelich Strikeout, pitcher Vin Mazzaro26-34
NYM@WSHBot 1Bryce Harper Out Daniel Murphy, Ike Davis, pitcher Carlos Torres26-35
NYM@WSHBot 1Anthony Rendón Strikeout, pitcher Carlos Torres26-37
NYM@WSHBot 1Adam LaRoche Out Eric Young Jr., pitcher Carlos Torres26-38
NYM@WSHBot 1Ryan Zimmerman Single, pitcher Carlos Torres26-37
NYM@WSHBot 2Jayson Werth Out Omar Quintanilla, Ike Davis, pitcher Carlos Torres26-38
NYM@WSHBot 2Ian Desmond Double, pitcher Carlos Torres26-37
NYM@WSHBot 2Denard Span Single, Ian Desmond to 3rd, pitcher Carlos Torres26-36
NYM@WSHBot 2Wilson Ramos 1-Run Single, Denard Span to 2nd, Ian Desmond scores, pitcher Carlos Torres26-35
NYM@WSHBot 2Taylor Jordan Out Carlos Torres, Ike Davis, Wilson Ramos to 2nd, Denard Span to 3rd, pitcher Carlos Torres26-36
NYM@WSHBot 2Anthony Rendón Out Josh Satin, Ike Davis, pitcher Carlos Torres26-37
NYM@WSHBot 3Adam LaRoche Out Eric Young Jr., pitcher Carlos Torres26-38
NYM@WSHBot 3Ryan Zimmerman Double, pitcher Carlos Torres26-37
NYM@WSHBot 3Jayson Werth Walk, pitcher Carlos Torres26-37
NYM@WSHBot 3Ian Desmond 1-Run Single, Jayson Werth to 2nd, Ryan Zimmerman scores, pitcher Carlos Torres26-36
NYM@WSHBot 3Denard Span Single, Ian Desmond to 2nd, Jayson Werth to 3rd, pitcher Carlos Torres26-35
NYM@WSHBot 3Wilson Ramos 4-Run Grand Slam, Denard Span scores, Ian Desmond scores, Jayson Werth scores, pitcher Carlos Torres26-35
NYM@WSHBot 3Taylor Jordan Strikeout, pitcher Carlos Torres26-37
NYM@WSHBot 3Bryce Harper Out Daniel Murphy, Ike Davis, pitcher Carlos Torres26-38
NYM@WSHBot 4Jayson Werth 1-Run Single, Anthony Rendón scores, pitcher Gonzalez Germen26-40
NYM@WSHBot 4Denard Span 1-Run Single, Jayson Werth scores, pitcher Gonzalez Germen26-41
NYM@WSHBot 6Jayson Werth Single, pitcher David Aardsma26-42
NYM@WSHBot 6Ian Desmond 1-Run Single, Jayson Werth scores, pitcher David Aardsma26-43
LAA@OAKBot 2Yoenis Céspedes Strikeout, pitcher Tommy Hanson26-42
LAA@OAKBot 3Yoenis Céspedes 2-Run Double, Brandon Moss to 3rd, Jed Lowrie scores, Eric Sogard scores, pitcher Tommy Hanson26-46
LAA@OAKBot 5Yoenis Céspedes 1-Run Single, Brandon Moss scores, pitcher Tommy Hanson26-48
LAA@OAKBot 6Yoenis Céspedes 1-Run Double, Brandon Moss to 3rd, Josh Donaldson scores, pitcher Kevin Jepsen26-51
Save 2nd Base
MIN@SEABot 1Brad Miller Single, pitcher Kyle Gibson25-51
Save 2nd Base
MIN@SEABot 1Nick Franklin Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Gibson26-51
CIN@LADBot 1Mark Ellis Out Todd Frazier, pitcher Tony Cingrani26-52
Save 2nd Base
CIN@LADBot 1Yasiel Puig Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani25-54
Save 2nd Base
MIN@SEABot 1Kendrys Morales Out Pedro Florimon, Chris Colabello, pitcher Kyle Gibson26-54
CIN@LADBot 1Adrián González Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani26-55
Save 2nd Base
SD@ARIBot 1Paul Goldschmidt Strikeout, pitcher Tyson Ross25-55
Save 2nd Base
MIN@SEATop 2Kyle Seager Out Chris Colabello, Brad Miller to 2nd, pitcher Kyle Gibson26-55
Save 2nd Base
MIN@SEABot 2Raul Ibanez Single, pitcher Kyle Gibson25-55
Save 2nd Base
MIN@SEABot 2Michael Saunders Out Pedro Florimon, pitcher Kyle Gibson26-55
CIN@LADBot 2Hanley Ramírez Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani26-57
Save 2nd Base
MIN@SEABot 2Endy Chavez Out Aaron Hicks, pitcher Kyle Gibson27-57
CIN@LADBot 2Jerry Hairston Out Jay Bruce, pitcher Tony Cingrani27-58
Save 2nd Base
MIN@SEABot 2Dustin Ackley Out Brian Dozier, Chris Colabello, pitcher Kyle Gibson28-58
CIN@LADBot 2Andre Ethier Out Tony Cingrani, Joey Votto, pitcher Tony Cingrani28-59
Save 2nd Base
MIN@SEABot 3Henry Blanco Out Trevor Plouffe, Chris Colabello, pitcher Kyle Gibson29-59
CIN@LADBot 3Juan Uribe Strikeout, pitcher Tony Cingrani29-61
Save 2nd Base
MIN@SEABot 3Brad Miller Single, pitcher Kyle Gibson28-61