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Week 15 2013 Mon 7/8-Sun 7/14

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
KC@CLEBot 1Michael Bourn Single, pitcher James Shields-1-0
KC@CLEBot 1Asdrubal Cabrera Single, Michael Bourn to 3rd, pitcher James Shields-2-0
KC@CLEBot 1Jason Kipnis 1-Run Out Alex Gordon, Michael Bourn scores, pitcher James Shields-1-0
KC@CLEBot 1Nick Swisher Out Alex Gordon, pitcher James Shields0-0
KC@CLEBot 1Michael Brantley Strikeout, pitcher James Shields2-0
KC@CLEBot 2Carlos Santana Single, pitcher James Shields1-0
KC@CLEBot 2Mike Aviles Single, Carlos Santana to 2nd, pitcher James Shields0-0
KC@CLEBot 2Lonnie Chisenhall Strikeout, pitcher James Shields2-0
KC@CLEBot 2Drew Stubbs Out Eric Hosmer, pitcher James Shields3-0
KC@CLEBot 2Michael Bourn Strikeout, pitcher James Shields5-0
KC@CLEBot 3Asdrubal Cabrera Out Alex Gordon, pitcher James Shields6-0
KC@CLEBot 3Jason Kipnis Walk, pitcher James Shields5-0
KC@CLEBot 3Nick Swisher Out Eric Hosmer, Jason Kipnis to 2nd, pitcher James Shields6-0
KC@CLEBot 3Michael Brantley 1-Run Single, Jason Kipnis scores, pitcher James Shields5-0
KC@CLEBot 3Carlos Santana 1-Run Double, Michael Brantley scores, pitcher James Shields4-0
KC@CLEBot 3Mike Aviles Out David Lough, pitcher James Shields5-0
KC@CLEBot 4Lonnie Chisenhall Out Lorenzo Cain, pitcher James Shields6-0
KC@CLEBot 4Drew Stubbs Out Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer, pitcher James Shields7-0
KC@CLEBot 4Michael Bourn Single, pitcher James Shields6-0
KC@CLEBot 4Asdrubal Cabrera Out Eric Hosmer, pitcher James Shields7-0
KC@CLEBot 5Jason Kipnis Walk, pitcher James Shields6-0
KC@CLEBot 5Nick Swisher Out Johnny Giavotella, Eric Hosmer, Jason Kipnis to 2nd, pitcher James Shields7-0
KC@CLEBot 5Michael Brantley Strikeout, pitcher James Shields9-0
KC@CLEBot 5Carlos Santana Walk, pitcher James Shields8-0
Red Sock
TEX@DETBot 1Austin Jackson Strikeout, pitcher Derek Holland8--1
Red Sock
WSH@MIATop 2Ian Desmond Strikeout, pitcher Henderson Alvarez8--2
Red Sock
WSH@MIATop 4Ian Desmond Single, pitcher Henderson Alvarez8--1
Red Sock
WSH@MIATop 8Ian Desmond Single, pitcher Mike Dunn8-0
Red Sock
WSH@MIATop 10Denard Span 1-Run Double, Ian Desmond scores, pitcher Steve Cishek8-1
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 1Nate McLouth Single, pitcher Josh Johnson8-0
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 1Manny Machado Single, Nate McLouth to 2nd, pitcher Josh Johnson8--1
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 1Nick Markakis Out José Bautista, Nate McLouth to 3rd, pitcher Josh Johnson8-0
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 1Adam Jones 1-Run Single, Manny Machado to 2nd, Nate McLouth scores, pitcher Josh Johnson8--1
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 1Chris Davis 2-Run Double, Adam Jones scores, Manny Machado scores, pitcher Josh Johnson8--2
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 1Matt Wieters Out Emilio Bonifacio, pitcher Josh Johnson8--1
CWS@PHIBot 1Domonic Brown 2-Run Double, Jimmy Rollins scores, Chase Utley scores, pitcher José Quintana12--1
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 1J.J. Hardy 1-Run Single, Chris Davis scores, pitcher Josh Johnson12--2
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 1Chris Dickerson Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson12-0
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 2Brian Roberts Out Josh Johnson, Edwin Encarnación, pitcher Josh Johnson12-1
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 2Nate McLouth Out José Bautista, pitcher Josh Johnson12-2
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 2Manny Machado Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson12-4
Red Sock
CIN@ATLTop 3Brandon Phillips 1-Run Out Andrelton Simmons, Evan Gattis, Joey Votto to 3rd, Shin-Soo Choo scores, pitcher Julio Teherán12-5
TOR@BALTop 3José Reyes Strikeout, pitcher Scott Feldman11-5
Red Sock
CWS@PHITop 3Alejandro De Aza Strikeout, pitcher Cole Hamels11-4
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 3Nick Markakis Out Brett Lawrie, Edwin Encarnación, pitcher Josh Johnson11-5
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 3Chris Davis 2-Run Home Run, Adam Jones scores, pitcher Josh Johnson11-4
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 3Matt Wieters Out Edwin Encarnación, Josh Johnson, pitcher Josh Johnson11-5
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 3J.J. Hardy Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson11-7
CWS@PHIBot 3Domonic Brown Strikeout, pitcher José Quintana10-7
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 4Chris Dickerson Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson10-9
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 4Brian Roberts Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson10-11
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 4Nate McLouth Out Emilio Bonifacio, pitcher Josh Johnson10-12
TOR@BALTop 5José Reyes Single, pitcher Scott Feldman11-12
TOR@BALTop 5José Reyes Stolen Base12-12
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 5Manny Machado Out José Reyes, Edwin Encarnación, pitcher Josh Johnson12-13
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 5Nick Markakis Out Emilio Bonifacio, pitcher Josh Johnson12-14
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 5Adam Jones 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Josh Johnson12-13
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 5Chris Davis Out Edwin Encarnación, pitcher Josh Johnson12-14
CWS@PHIBot 5Domonic Brown Walk, pitcher José Quintana13-14
Red Sock
CWS@PHITop 6Alejandro De Aza Double, pitcher Cole Hamels13-16
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 6Matt Wieters Out Emilio Bonifacio, pitcher Josh Johnson13-17
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 6J.J. Hardy Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson13-19
Red Sock
TOR@BALBot 6Chris Dickerson Strikeout, pitcher Josh Johnson13-21
NYM@PITTop 7Daniel Murphy 1-Run Triple, Eric Young Jr. scores, pitcher Jeanmar Gómez17-21
CWS@PHIBot 7Michael Young Strikeout, pitcher Matt Lindstrom16-21
CWS@PHIBot 7Domonic Brown Strikeout, pitcher Donnie Veal15-21
TOR@BALTop 8José Reyes Single, pitcher Scott Feldman16-21
Red Sock
CWS@PHITop 8Alejandro De Aza 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Cole Hamels16-27
TOR@BALTop 8Edwin Encarnación 1-Run Single, José Reyes scores, pitcher Tommy Hunter17-27
NYM@PITBot 8Pedro Alvarez Strikeout, pitcher LaTroy Hawkins16-27
TOR@BALTop 9J.P. Arencibia Strikeout, pitcher Jim Johnson18-27
TOR@BALTop 9Brett Lawrie Single, Maicer Izturis to 2nd, pitcher Jim Johnson17-27
Red Sock
CIN@ATLTop 9Brandon Phillips 2-Run Double, Joey Votto scores, Shin-Soo Choo scores, pitcher Anthony Varvaro17-31
TOR@BALTop 9José Reyes Strikeout, pitcher Jim Johnson18-31
Red Sock
CIN@ATLTop 9Todd Frazier 1-Run Single, Brandon Phillips scores, pitcher Anthony Varvaro18-32
Red Sock
HOU@TBBot 1Evan Longoria 1-Run Double, Desmond Jennings scores, pitcher Erik Bedard18-35
Red Sock
HOU@TBBot 3Evan Longoria Walk, pitcher Erik Bedard18-36
Red Sock
HOU@TBBot 5Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher Erik Bedard18-35
Red Sock
HOU@TBBot 7Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher Paul Clemens18-34
BOS@OAKBot 2Josh Reddick Strikeout, pitcher Brandon Workman17-34
BOS@OAKBot 5Josh Reddick Strikeout, pitcher Brandon Workman16-34
Red Sock
BOS@OAKTop 6Daniel Nava Single, Jacoby Ellsbury to 3rd, pitcher Bartolo Colón16-35
BOS@OAKBot 7Josh Reddick Strikeout, pitcher Craig Breslow15-35
BOS@OAKBot 10Josh Reddick Strikeout, pitcher Koji Uehara14-35
LAA@SEATop 2Josh Hamilton Strikeout, pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma13-35
COL@LADTop 2Wilin Rosario Strikeout, pitcher Ricky Nolasco12-35
Red Sock
SF@SDTop 3Pablo Sandoval Walk, Buster Posey to 2nd, pitcher Eric Stults12-36
Red Sock
SF@SDTop 5Pablo Sandoval Strikeout, pitcher Eric Stults12-35
COL@LADTop 5Wilin Rosario Single, Todd Helton to 2nd, pitcher Ricky Nolasco13-35
LAA@SEATop 6Josh Hamilton Strikeout, pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma12-35
LAA@SEATop 8Albert Pujols Double, pitcher Charlie Furbush14-35
COL@LADTop 8Wilin Rosario Strikeout, pitcher Ronald Belisario13-35
Red Sock
STL@CHCBot 1Starlin Castro Triple, pitcher Adam Wainwright13-38
Red Sock
STL@CHCBot 3Starlin Castro Hit By Pitch, pitcher Adam Wainwright13-39
Red Sock
STL@CHCBot 7Starlin Castro Strikeout, pitcher Trevor Rosenthal13-38
Red Sock
STL@CHCBot 7Anthony Rizzo Walk, pitcher Trevor Rosenthal13-39
STL@CHCBot 8Cody Ransom 2-Run Double, Darwin Barney scores, Cole Gillespie scores, pitcher Edward Mujica12-39
STL@CHCBot 8Luis Valbuena Out Carlos Beltrán, pitcher Edward Mujica13-39
Red Sock
STL@CHCBot 9Starlin Castro Out Pete Kozma, Matt Adams, pitcher Edward Mujica14-39
Red Sock
STL@CHCBot 9Anthony Rizzo Out Matt Carpenter, Matt Adams, pitcher Edward Mujica15-39