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Week 14 2013 Mon 7/1-Sun 7/7

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
DET@CLETop 1Miguel Cabrera 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Corey Kluber6-0
DET@CLETop 3Torii Hunter Strikeout, pitcher Corey Kluber6--1
DET@CLETop 3Miguel Cabrera Walk, pitcher Corey Kluber7--1
DET@CLETop 6Miguel Cabrera Single, pitcher Corey Kluber8--1
MIN@TORTop 1Joe Mauer Strikeout, pitcher Todd Redmond8--2
DET@CLETop 7Miguel Cabrera 1-Run Single, Torii Hunter to 2nd, Austin Jackson scores, pitcher Joe Smith10--2
DET@CLETop 7Torii Hunter 1-Run Single, Austin Jackson to 3rd, Ramon Santiago scores, pitcher Joe Smith10-0
DET@CLETop 8Miguel Cabrera Single, pitcher Vinnie Pestano11-0
DET@CLETop 8Torii Hunter 3-Run Home Run, Ramon Santiago scores, Andy Dirks scores, pitcher Vinnie Pestano11-8
BAL@NYYTop 9Adam Jones 2-Run Home Run, Nick Markakis scores, pitcher Mariano Rivera18-8
MIN@TORTop 9Joe Mauer Double, pitcher Casey Janssen18-10
ATL@PHITop 1Jason Heyward Strikeout, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone17-10
ATL@PHIBot 1Ben Revere Out Justin Upton, pitcher Kris Medlen18-10
ATL@PHIBot 1Jimmy Rollins Out Freddie Freeman, pitcher Kris Medlen19-10
ATL@PHIBot 1Chase Utley Single, pitcher Kris Medlen18-10
ATL@PHIBot 1Domonic Brown 1-Run Triple, Chase Utley scores, pitcher Kris Medlen17-10
ATL@PHIBot 1Michael Young Walk, pitcher Kris Medlen16-10
ATL@PHIBot 1Delmon Young 1-Run Single, Michael Young to 2nd, Domonic Brown scores, pitcher Kris Medlen15-10
ATL@PHIBot 1Darin Ruf Strikeout, pitcher Kris Medlen17-10
ATL@PHIBot 2Carlos Ruiz Single, pitcher Kris Medlen16-10
ATL@PHIBot 2Jonathan Pettibone Strikeout, pitcher Kris Medlen18-10
ATL@PHIBot 2Ben Revere Out Dan Uggla, Freddie Freeman, Carlos Ruiz to 2nd, pitcher Kris Medlen19-10
ATL@PHIBot 2Jimmy Rollins Out Jason Heyward, pitcher Kris Medlen20-10
ATL@PHIBot 3Chase Utley Strikeout, pitcher Kris Medlen22-10
ATL@PHIBot 3Domonic Brown Out Dan Uggla, Freddie Freeman, pitcher Kris Medlen23-10
ATL@PHIBot 3Michael Young Strikeout, pitcher Kris Medlen25-10
ATL@PHIBot 4Delmon Young Walk, pitcher Kris Medlen24-10
ATL@PHIBot 4Darin Ruf Double, Delmon Young to 3rd, pitcher Kris Medlen23-10
ATL@PHIBot 4Carlos Ruiz Out Justin Upton, pitcher Kris Medlen24-10
ATL@PHIBot 4Jonathan Pettibone Strikeout, pitcher Kris Medlen26-10
ATL@PHIBot 4Ben Revere 2-Run Triple, Darin Ruf scores, Delmon Young scores, pitcher Kris Medlen25-10
ATL@PHIBot 4Jimmy Rollins Out Justin Upton, pitcher Kris Medlen26-10
ATL@PHIBot 5Chase Utley Out Kris Medlen, Freddie Freeman, pitcher Kris Medlen27-10
ATL@PHIBot 5Domonic Brown 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Kris Medlen26-10
ATL@PHIBot 5Michael Young Out Chris Johnson, Freddie Freeman, pitcher Kris Medlen27-10
ATL@PHIBot 5Delmon Young Out Andrelton Simmons, Freddie Freeman, pitcher Kris Medlen28-10
ATL@PHITop 6Jason Heyward Walk, pitcher Jonathan Pettibone29-10
ATL@PHIBot 6Darin Ruf Walk, pitcher Kris Medlen28-10
ATL@PHIBot 6Carlos Ruiz Single, Darin Ruf to 2nd, pitcher Kris Medlen27-10
ATL@PHIBot 6John McDonald Out Brian McCann, Dan Uggla, Carlos Ruiz to 2nd, Darin Ruf to 3rd, pitcher Kris Medlen28-10
ATL@PHITop 7Jason Heyward 1-Run Single, Andrelton Simmons to 2nd, Tyler Pastornicky scores, pitcher J.C. Ramírez30-10
ATL@PHITop 9Andrelton Simmons Walk, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon30-9
ATL@PHITop 9Jason Heyward Out Michael Young, Andrelton Simmons to 2nd, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon30-10
ATL@PHITop 9Justin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon30-12
ATL@PHITop 9Freddie Freeman Out Chase Utley, Michael Young, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon30-13
CWS@TBTop 1Alexei Ramirez Out James Loney, pitcher David Price31-13
CWS@TBTop 1Gordon Beckham Single, pitcher David Price30-13
CWS@TBTop 1Alex Rios Single, Gordon Beckham to 2nd, pitcher David Price29-13
CWS@TBTop 1Jeff Keppinger Out Desmond Jennings, pitcher David Price30-13
CWS@TBTop 1Josh Phegley Out Yunel Escobar, James Loney, pitcher David Price31-13
CWS@TBTop 2Dayan Viciedo Out James Loney, pitcher David Price32-13
CWS@TBTop 2Brent Morel Strikeout, pitcher David Price34-13
CWS@TBTop 2Casper Wells Out Yunel Escobar, James Loney, pitcher David Price35-13
CWS@TBTop 3Blake Tekotte Single, pitcher David Price34-13
CWS@TBTop 3Alexei Ramirez Out Ben Zobrist, pitcher David Price35-13
CWS@TBTop 3Gordon Beckham Single, pitcher David Price34-13
CWS@TBTop 3Alex Rios Out Desmond Jennings, pitcher David Price35-13
CWS@TBTop 4Jeff Keppinger Out James Loney, pitcher David Price36-13
CWS@TBTop 4Josh Phegley Out Sean Rodríguez, pitcher David Price37-13
CWS@TBTop 4Dayan Viciedo Single, pitcher David Price36-13
CWS@TBTop 4Brent Morel Single, Dayan Viciedo to 2nd, pitcher David Price35-13
CWS@TBTop 4Casper Wells Out Sean Rodríguez, pitcher David Price36-13
CWS@TBTop 5Blake Tekotte Out James Loney, pitcher David Price37-13
CWS@TBTop 5Alexei Ramirez Out Yunel Escobar, James Loney, pitcher David Price38-13
CWS@TBTop 5Gordon Beckham Strikeout, pitcher David Price40-13
CWS@TBTop 6Alex Rios Out Ben Zobrist, pitcher David Price41-13
CWS@TBTop 6Jeff Keppinger Out Desmond Jennings, pitcher David Price42-13
CWS@TBTop 6Josh Phegley 1-Run Home Run, pitcher David Price41-13
CWS@TBTop 6Dayan Viciedo Strikeout, pitcher David Price43-13
CWS@TBTop 7Brent Morel Out Evan Longoria, James Loney, pitcher David Price44-13
CWS@TBTop 7Casper Wells Single, pitcher David Price43-13
CWS@TBTop 7Blake Tekotte Out David Price, James Loney, pitcher David Price44-13
CWS@TBTop 8Alexei Ramirez Out Sean Rodríguez, pitcher David Price45-13
CWS@TBTop 8Gordon Beckham Out Evan Longoria, pitcher David Price46-13
CWS@TBTop 8Alex Rios Out James Loney, pitcher David Price47-13
CWS@TBTop 9Jeff Keppinger Strikeout, pitcher David Price49-13
CWS@TBTop 9Josh Phegley Out Wil Myers, pitcher David Price50-13
CWS@TBTop 9Dayan Viciedo Strikeout, pitcher David Price52-13
NYM@MILTop 1David Wright Single, pitcher Tom Gorzelanny52-14
OAK@KCTop 2Yoenis Céspedes Single, pitcher Luis Mendoza53-14
OAK@KCTop 2Josh Reddick 2-Run Double, John Jaso scores, Yoenis Céspedes scores, pitcher Luis Mendoza54-14
NYM@MILTop 4David Wright Single, pitcher Tom Gorzelanny54-15
MIA@STLTop 1Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Lance Lynn53-15
MIA@STLTop 3Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Lance Lynn52-15
MIA@STLBot 3Carlos Beltrán Single, Matt Carpenter to 2nd, pitcher Jose Fernandez52-16
MIA@STLTop 5Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Lance Lynn51-16
MIA@STLBot 5Carlos Beltrán Single, pitcher Jose Fernandez51-17
MIA@STLTop 8Giancarlo Stanton Double, pitcher Trevor Rosenthal53-17
COL@ARITop 1Carlos González Single, pitcher Patrick Corbin54-17
COL@ARIBot 3Aaron Hill 2-Run Double, Gerardo Parra scores, Patrick Corbin scores, pitcher Edgmer Escalona58-17
COL@ARIBot 3Paul Goldschmidt 1-Run Double, Aaron Hill scores, pitcher Edgmer Escalona59-17
COL@ARIBot 5Aaron Hill Double, pitcher Josh Outman61-17
COL@ARIBot 5Eric Chavez 1-Run Double, Paul Goldschmidt to 3rd, Aaron Hill scores, pitcher Josh Outman62-17
COL@ARITop 6Carlos González Strikeout, pitcher Patrick Corbin61-17
BOS@LAATop 1Jacoby Ellsbury Double, pitcher Jered Weaver61-19
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous67-22