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Week 7 2013 Mon 5/13-Sun 5/19

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
SEA@CLEBot 5Carlos Santana Strikeout, pitcher Félix Hernández0--1
ARI@MIABot 1Adeiny Hechavarria Strikeout, pitcher Wade Miley2--1
ARI@MIABot 1Placido Polanco Out Gerardo Parra, pitcher Wade Miley3--1
ARI@MIABot 1Derek Dietrich Strikeout, pitcher Wade Miley5--1
ARI@MIABot 2Marcell Ozuna Out Didi Gregorius, Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Wade Miley6--1
ARI@MIABot 2Justin Ruggiano Out Didi Gregorius, Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Wade Miley7--1
ARI@MIABot 2Chris Coghlan Out Jason Kubel, pitcher Wade Miley8--1
ARI@MIABot 3Nick Green Out Gerardo Parra, pitcher Wade Miley9--1
ARI@MIABot 3Jeff Mathis Double, pitcher Wade Miley8--1
ARI@MIABot 3Ricky Nolasco Strikeout, pitcher Wade Miley10--1
ARI@MIABot 3Adeiny Hechavarria Strikeout, pitcher Wade Miley12--1
ARI@MIABot 4Placido Polanco Out Cody Ross, pitcher Wade Miley13--1
ARI@MIABot 4Derek Dietrich Strikeout, pitcher Wade Miley15--1
ARI@MIABot 4Marcell Ozuna Out Didi Gregorius, Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Wade Miley16--1
ARI@MIABot 5Justin Ruggiano Out Wade Miley, Cliff Pennington, Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Wade Miley17--1
ARI@MIABot 5Chris Coghlan Double, pitcher Wade Miley16--1
ARI@MIABot 5Nick Green Strikeout, pitcher Wade Miley18--1
ARI@MIABot 5Jeff Mathis Out Paul Goldschmidt, pitcher Wade Miley19--1
ARI@MIABot 6Ricky Nolasco Out Cliff Pennington, pitcher Wade Miley20--1
ARI@MIABot 6Adeiny Hechavarria Single, pitcher Wade Miley19--1
ARI@MIABot 6Placido Polanco Out Jason Kubel, pitcher Wade Miley20--1
ARI@MIABot 6Derek Dietrich Single, Adeiny Hechavarria to 3rd, pitcher Wade Miley19--1
ARI@MIABot 6Marcell Ozuna 2-Run Double, Derek Dietrich scores, Adeiny Hechavarria scores, pitcher Wade Miley18--1
ARI@MIABot 6Justin Ruggiano Walk, pitcher Wade Miley17--1
ARI@MIATop 7Miguel Montero Strikeout, pitcher Ricky Nolasco16--1
ARI@MIATop 9Miguel Montero Walk, Martín Prado to 2nd, A.J. Pollock to 3rd, pitcher Mike Dunn17--1
HOU@PITTop 1Brandon Barnes Out Garrett Jones, pitcher Jeff Locke17-0
HOU@PITTop 1José Altuve Out Travis Snider, pitcher Jeff Locke17-1
HOU@PITTop 1J.D. Martínez Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Locke17-3
HOU@PITTop 2Chris Carter Walk, pitcher Jeff Locke17-2
HOU@PITTop 2Carlos Corporan Out Starling Marte, pitcher Jeff Locke17-3
HOU@PITTop 2Matt Dominguez Out Pedro Alvarez, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Jeff Locke17-4
HOU@PITTop 3Marwin González Out Travis Snider, pitcher Jeff Locke17-5
HOU@PITTop 3Lucas Harrell Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Locke17-7
HOU@PITTop 3Brandon Barnes Walk, pitcher Jeff Locke17-6
HOU@PITTop 4José Altuve Out Clint Barmes, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Jeff Locke17-7
HOU@PITTop 4J.D. Martínez Out Jeff Locke, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Jeff Locke17-8
HOU@PITTop 4Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Locke17-10
TB@BALBot 4Adam Jones 1-Run Single, Manny Machado scores, pitcher Matt Moore19-10
LAD@ATLBot 4Justin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Matt Magill18-10
TB@BALBot 4Adam Jones Stolen Base19-10
HOU@PITTop 5Carlos Corporan Single, pitcher Jeff Locke19-9
HOU@PITTop 5Matt Dominguez Out Clint Barmes, Gaby Sanchez, Jimmy Paredes to 2nd, pitcher Jeff Locke19-10
HOU@PITTop 5Marwin González Out Clint Barmes, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Jeff Locke19-11
HOU@PITTop 6Lucas Harrell Single, pitcher Jeff Locke19-10
HOU@PITTop 6Brandon Barnes Out Jeff Locke, Gaby Sanchez, Lucas Harrell to 2nd, pitcher Jeff Locke19-11
HOU@PITTop 6José Altuve Out Jeff Locke, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Jeff Locke19-12
HOU@PITTop 6J.D. Martínez Out Starling Marte, pitcher Jeff Locke19-13
LAD@ATLBot 6Justin Upton Single, pitcher Matt Magill20-13
TB@BALBot 6Adam Jones Single, Manny Machado to 2nd, pitcher Matt Moore21-13
HOU@PITTop 7Chris Carter Single, pitcher Jeff Locke21-12
HOU@PITTop 7Carlos Corporan Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Locke21-14
HOU@PITTop 7Jimmy Paredes Out Clint Barmes, Neil Walker, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Jeff Locke21-15
TB@BALTop 7Kelly Johnson Single, pitcher T.J. McFarland22-15
LAD@ATLBot 7Justin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Kenley Jansen21-15
LAD@ATLBot 8Justin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Brandon League20-15
LAD@ATLTop 9Matt Kemp Strikeout, pitcher Craig Kimbrel22-15
HOU@PITTop 9Trevor Crowe Strikeout, pitcher Jason Grilli24-15
LAD@ATLTop 9Adrián González Strikeout, pitcher Craig Kimbrel26-15
HOU@PITTop 9José Altuve Out Neil Walker, Gaby Sanchez, pitcher Jason Grilli27-15
LAD@ATLTop 9A.J. Ellis Walk, pitcher Craig Kimbrel26-15
LAD@ATLTop 9Andre Ethier Strikeout, pitcher Craig Kimbrel28-15
HOU@PITTop 9J.D. Martínez Out Neil Walker, pitcher Jason Grilli29-15
MIL@STLBot 1Matt Carpenter Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-17
MIL@STLBot 1Carlos Beltrán Out Jeff Bianchi, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-18
MIL@STLBot 1Matt Holliday Out Nori Aoki, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-19
MIL@STLBot 2Allen Craig Out Jeff Bianchi, Yuniesky Betancourt, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-20
MIL@STLBot 2Yadier Molina Out Jean Segura, Yuniesky Betancourt, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-21
MIL@STLBot 2Jon Jay Single, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-20
MIL@STLBot 2David Freese Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-22
MIL@STLBot 3Pete Kozma Out Jean Segura, Yuniesky Betancourt, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-23
MIL@STLBot 3John Gast Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-25
MIL@STLBot 3Matt Carpenter Out Carlos Gómez, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-26
MIL@STLBot 4Carlos Beltrán Single, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-25
MIL@STLBot 4Matt Holliday Out Nori Aoki, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-26
MIL@STLBot 4Allen Craig Single, Carlos Beltrán to 2nd, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-25
MIL@STLBot 4Yadier Molina 1-Run Single, Allen Craig to 2nd, Carlos Beltrán scores, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-24
MIL@STLBot 4Jon Jay 1-Run Double, Yadier Molina to 3rd, Allen Craig scores, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-23
MIL@STLBot 4David Freese 1-Run Single, Jon Jay to 3rd, Yadier Molina scores, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-22
MIL@STLBot 4Pete Kozma 1-Run Single, David Freese to 2nd, Jon Jay scores, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-21
MIL@STLBot 4Matt Carpenter Out Rickie Weeks Jr., Yuniesky Betancourt, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-22
MIL@STLBot 5Carlos Beltrán Out Ryan Braun, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-23
MIL@STLBot 5Matt Holliday Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-25
MIL@STLBot 5Allen Craig Out Ryan Braun, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-26
MIL@STLBot 6Yadier Molina Out Yuniesky Betancourt, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-27
MIL@STLBot 6Jon Jay Out Ryan Braun, pitcher Kyle Lohse29-28
CWS@LAABot 1Erick Aybar Out Paul Konerko, pitcher Jake Peavy29-29
CWS@LAABot 1Mike Trout Strikeout, pitcher Jake Peavy29-30
CWS@LAABot 1Albert Pujols Out Alejandro De Aza, pitcher Jake Peavy29-31
CWS@LAABot 2Mark Trumbo Strikeout, pitcher Jake Peavy29-33
CWS@LAABot 2Josh Hamilton Single, pitcher Jake Peavy29-32
CWS@LAABot 2Howie Kendrick Out Alex Rios, pitcher Jake Peavy29-33
CWS@LAABot 2Alberto Callaspo Out Alejandro De Aza, pitcher Jake Peavy29-34
CWS@LAABot 3Chris Iannetta Walk, pitcher Jake Peavy29-33
CWS@LAABot 3J.B. Shuck Single, Chris Iannetta to 3rd, pitcher Jake Peavy29-32
CWS@LAABot 3Mike Trout Strikeout, pitcher Jake Peavy29-33
CWS@LAABot 3Albert Pujols Out Conor Gillaspie, Paul Konerko, pitcher Jake Peavy29-34
CWS@LAABot 4Mark Trumbo Walk, pitcher Jake Peavy29-33
CWS@LAABot 4Josh Hamilton Out Dayan Viciedo, pitcher Jake Peavy29-34
CWS@LAABot 4Howie Kendrick Single, Mark Trumbo to 3rd, pitcher Jake Peavy29-33