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Week 2 2013 Mon 4/8-Sun 4/14

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
CWS@CLEBot 1Asdrubal Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Jake Peavy-1-0
CWS@CLEBot 3Asdrubal Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Jake Peavy-2-0
CWS@CLEBot 6Asdrubal Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Jake Peavy-3-0
Red Sock
CWS@CLETop 8Alejandro De Aza 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Vinnie Pestano-3-6
Red Sock
ATL@WSHTop 1Melvin Upton Double, pitcher Gio González-3-5
ATL@WSHTop 1Jason Heyward Out Danny Espinosa, Melvin Upton to 3rd, pitcher Gio González-3-6
Red Sock
CIN@PITTop 1Brandon Phillips 2-Run Single, Joey Votto to 2nd, Zack Cozart scores, Shin-Soo Choo scores, pitcher Phil Irwin-3-9
ATL@WSHTop 1Justin Upton Walk, pitcher Gio González-2-8
Red Sock
ATL@WSHTop 1Evan Gattis 1-Run Double, Justin Upton to 3rd, Melvin Upton scores, pitcher Gio González-2-7
Red Sock
ATL@WSHTop 1Dan Uggla Strikeout, pitcher Gio González-2-9
Red Sock
ATL@WSHTop 1Chris Johnson 2-Run Single, Evan Gattis scores, Justin Upton scores, pitcher Gio González-1-8
Red Sock
ATL@WSHTop 1Andrelton Simmons Walk, Chris Johnson to 2nd, pitcher Gio González-1-7
Red Sock
ATL@WSHTop 1Ramiro Pena Strikeout, pitcher Gio González-1-9
Red Sock
TB@BOSTop 1Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher Clay Buchholz-1-8
ATL@WSHBot 1Denard Span Out Dan Uggla, Chris Johnson, pitcher Paul Maholm0-8
ATL@WSHBot 1Jayson Werth Walk, pitcher Paul Maholm-1-8
ATL@WSHBot 1Ryan Zimmerman Out Dan Uggla, Chris Johnson, pitcher Paul Maholm0-8
ATL@WSHTop 2Paul Maholm Strikeout, pitcher Gio González0-10
Red Sock
ATL@WSHTop 2Melvin Upton Out Ian Desmond, Adam LaRoche, pitcher Gio González0-11
ATL@WSHTop 2Jason Heyward Out Denard Span, pitcher Gio González0-12
ATL@WSHBot 2Adam LaRoche Strikeout, pitcher Paul Maholm1-12
Red Sock
ATL@WSHBot 2Ian Desmond Out Ramiro Pena, Chris Johnson, pitcher Paul Maholm2-12
ATL@WSHBot 2Danny Espinosa Hit By Pitch, pitcher Paul Maholm1-12
ATL@WSHBot 2Kurt Suzuki Single, Danny Espinosa to 2nd, pitcher Paul Maholm0-12
Red Sock
ATL@WSHBot 2Gio González Out Ramiro Pena, Chris Johnson, pitcher Paul Maholm1-12
Red Sock
ATL@WSHTop 3Evan Gattis Out Ryan Zimmerman, Adam LaRoche, pitcher Gio González1-13
ATL@WSHTop 3Justin Upton 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Gio González7-12
ATL@WSHTop 3Paul Maholm Out Ryan Zimmerman, Danny Espinosa, Adam LaRoche, pitcher Gio González7-13
Red Sock
ATL@WSHTop 3Dan Uggla Walk, pitcher Gio González7-12
Red Sock
ATL@WSHTop 3Chris Johnson Single, Dan Uggla to 2nd, pitcher Gio González7-11
Red Sock
ATL@WSHTop 3Andrelton Simmons 3-Run Home Run, Chris Johnson scores, Dan Uggla scores, pitcher Gio González7-10
ATL@WSHBot 3Denard Span Out Chris Johnson, pitcher Paul Maholm8-10
ATL@WSHBot 3Jayson Werth Out Andrelton Simmons, pitcher Paul Maholm9-10
ATL@WSHBot 3Bryce Harper Out Chris Johnson, Paul Maholm, pitcher Paul Maholm10-10
Red Sock
ATL@WSHTop 4Melvin Upton Out Ian Desmond, Adam LaRoche, pitcher Gio González10-11
Red Sock
TB@BOSTop 4Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher Clay Buchholz10-10
ATL@WSHTop 4Jason Heyward Out Adam LaRoche, Gio González, pitcher Gio González10-11
ATL@WSHTop 4Justin Upton Out Denard Span, pitcher Gio González10-12
ATL@WSHBot 4Ryan Zimmerman Out Andrelton Simmons, Chris Johnson, pitcher Paul Maholm11-12
ATL@WSHBot 4Adam LaRoche Out Justin Upton, pitcher Paul Maholm12-12
Red Sock
ATL@WSHBot 4Ian Desmond Strikeout, pitcher Paul Maholm14-11
Red Sock
ATL@WSHTop 5Evan Gattis Out Ian Desmond, Adam LaRoche, pitcher Gio González14-12
Red Sock
ATL@WSHTop 5Dan Uggla Out Steve Lombardozzi, pitcher Gio González14-13
Red Sock
ATL@WSHTop 5Chris Johnson Single, pitcher Gio González14-12
Red Sock
ATL@WSHTop 5Andrelton Simmons Out Denard Span, pitcher Gio González14-13
ATL@WSHBot 5Steve Lombardozzi Single, pitcher Paul Maholm13-13
ATL@WSHBot 5Kurt Suzuki Strikeout, pitcher Paul Maholm15-13
ATL@WSHBot 5Tyler Moore Strikeout, pitcher Paul Maholm17-13
ATL@WSHBot 5Denard Span Out Jason Heyward, pitcher Paul Maholm18-13
ATL@WSHTop 6Jason Heyward 1-Run Double, Melvin Upton to 3rd, Paul Maholm scores, pitcher Zach Duke21-13
ATL@WSHTop 6Justin Upton Walk, pitcher Zach Duke22-13
ATL@WSHBot 6Jayson Werth Out Reed Johnson, pitcher Paul Maholm23-13
ATL@WSHBot 6Bryce Harper Strikeout, pitcher Paul Maholm25-13
ATL@WSHBot 6Ryan Zimmerman Out Ramiro Pena, Chris Johnson, pitcher Paul Maholm26-13
ATL@WSHBot 7Adam LaRoche Out Reed Johnson, pitcher Paul Maholm27-13
Red Sock
ATL@WSHBot 7Ian Desmond Strikeout, pitcher Paul Maholm29-12
ATL@WSHBot 7Steve Lombardozzi Out Dan Uggla, Chris Johnson, pitcher Paul Maholm30-12
ATL@WSHBot 8Kurt Suzuki Single, pitcher Paul Maholm29-12
ATL@WSHBot 8Tyler Moore Out Dan Uggla, pitcher Paul Maholm30-12
ATL@WSHBot 8Chad Tracy Single, Kurt Suzuki to 3rd, pitcher Paul Maholm29-12
ATL@WSHBot 8Roger Bernadina Strikeout, pitcher Paul Maholm31-12
Red Sock
TB@BOSTop 9Evan Longoria Single, pitcher Andrew Miller31-13
Red Sock
MIL@STLTop 1Nori Aoki Out Daniel Descalso, Matt Adams, pitcher Jaime García31-14
Red Sock
MIL@STLTop 1Jean Segura Walk, pitcher Jaime García31-13
Red Sock
MIL@STLTop 1Rickie Weeks Jr. Out Pete Kozma, Matt Adams, pitcher Jaime García31-14
MIL@STLBot 1Jon Jay Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada33-14
MIL@STLBot 1Matt Carpenter Out Jean Segura, pitcher Marco Estrada34-14
MIL@STLBot 1Matt Holliday Walk, pitcher Marco Estrada33-14
MIL@STLBot 1Allen Craig Out Nori Aoki, pitcher Marco Estrada34-14
Red Sock
MIL@STLTop 2Jonathan Lucroy Single, pitcher Jaime García34-13
Red Sock
MIL@STLTop 2Martin Maldonado Strikeout, pitcher Jaime García34-15
Red Sock
MIL@STLTop 2Carlos Gómez Single, Jonathan Lucroy to 2nd, pitcher Jaime García34-14
Red Sock
MIL@STLTop 2Yuniesky Betancourt Strikeout, pitcher Jaime García34-16
MIL@STLTop 2Marco Estrada Out Matt Adams, pitcher Jaime García34-17
MIL@STLBot 2Yadier Molina Out Nori Aoki, pitcher Marco Estrada35-17
MIL@STLBot 2Matt Adams Single, pitcher Marco Estrada34-17
MIL@STLBot 2Pete Kozma Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada36-17
MIL@STLBot 2Daniel Descalso Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada38-17
Red Sock
MIL@STLTop 3Nori Aoki Strikeout, pitcher Jaime García38-19
Red Sock
MIL@STLTop 3Jean Segura Single, pitcher Jaime García38-18
Red Sock
MIL@STLTop 3Rickie Weeks Jr. Out Matt Carpenter, Daniel Descalso, Matt Adams, pitcher Jaime García38-19
Red Sock
MIL@STLBot 3Jaime García Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada40-19
MIL@STLBot 3Jon Jay Out Nori Aoki, pitcher Marco Estrada41-19
MIL@STLBot 3Matt Carpenter Double, pitcher Marco Estrada40-19
MIL@STLBot 3Matt Holliday 1-Run Single, Matt Carpenter scores, pitcher Marco Estrada39-19
MIL@STLBot 3Allen Craig Single, Matt Holliday to 2nd, pitcher Marco Estrada38-19
MIL@STLBot 3Yadier Molina 1-Run Double, Matt Holliday scores, pitcher Marco Estrada37-19
Red Sock
MIL@STLTop 4Jonathan Lucroy Single, pitcher Jaime García37-18
Red Sock
MIL@STLTop 4Martin Maldonado Out Matt Carpenter, Daniel Descalso, Matt Adams, pitcher Jaime García37-19
Red Sock
MIL@STLTop 4Carlos Gómez Single, pitcher Jaime García37-18
MIL@STLBot 4Matt Adams 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Marco Estrada36-18
MIL@STLBot 4Pete Kozma Out Rickie Weeks Jr., Martin Maldonado, pitcher Marco Estrada37-18
MIL@STLBot 4Daniel Descalso Out Rickie Weeks Jr., Martin Maldonado, pitcher Marco Estrada38-18
Red Sock
MIL@STLBot 4Jaime García Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada40-18
MIL@STLTop 5Marco Estrada Out Jaime García, Matt Adams, pitcher Jaime García40-19
Red Sock
MIL@STLTop 5Nori Aoki Double, pitcher Jaime García40-18
Red Sock
MIL@STLTop 5Jean Segura Strikeout, pitcher Jaime García40-20
Red Sock
MIL@STLTop 5Ryan Braun Out Matt Carpenter, Matt Adams, pitcher Jaime García40-21
MIL@STLBot 5Jon Jay Double, pitcher Marco Estrada39-21
MIL@STLBot 5Matt Carpenter Out Rickie Weeks Jr., Martin Maldonado, Jon Jay to 3rd, pitcher Marco Estrada40-21