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Week 24 2012 Mon 9/10-Sun 9/16

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
#4 (14-7)
#1 (21-0)
Playoff Game 3rd place
TB@NYYBot 1Derek Jeter Strikeout, pitcher Matt Moore-1-0
TB@NYYBot 3Alex Rodriguez 1-Run Single, Derek Jeter scores, pitcher Matt Moore0-0
TB@NYYBot 3Curtis Granderson Walk, pitcher Matt Moore1-0
TB@NYYBot 4Derek Jeter Walk, pitcher Brandon Gomes2-0
TB@NYYBot 5Curtis Granderson Strikeout, pitcher Cesar Ramos1-0
TB@NYYBot 6Derek Jeter Strikeout, pitcher Wade Davis0-0
BOS@TORTop 1Scott Podsednik Out Adeiny Hechavarria, Adam Lind, pitcher Brandon Morrow1-0
BOS@TORTop 1Dustin Pedroia Single, pitcher Brandon Morrow0-0
BOS@TORTop 1Jacoby Ellsbury Walk, Dustin Pedroia to 2nd, pitcher Brandon Morrow-1-0
BOS@TORTop 1Cody Ross Strikeout, pitcher Brandon Morrow1-0
BOS@TORTop 1James Loney Out Adeiny Hechavarria, pitcher Brandon Morrow2-0
BOS@TORTop 2Jarrod Saltalamacchia Out Anthony Gose, pitcher Brandon Morrow3-0
BOS@TORTop 2Ryan Lavarnway Double, pitcher Brandon Morrow2-0
BOS@TORTop 2Pedro Ciriaco Out Omar Vizquel, pitcher Brandon Morrow3-0
BOS@TORTop 2José Iglesias Strikeout, pitcher Brandon Morrow5-0
TB@NYYBot 8Curtis Granderson Single, pitcher J.P. Howell6-0
BOS@TORTop 3Scott Podsednik Out Colby Rasmus, pitcher Brandon Morrow7-0
BOS@TORTop 3Dustin Pedroia Strikeout, pitcher Brandon Morrow9-0
BOS@TORTop 3Jacoby Ellsbury Out Moises Sierra, pitcher Brandon Morrow10-0
BOS@TORTop 4Cody Ross Single, pitcher Brandon Morrow9-0
BOS@TORTop 4James Loney Out Colby Rasmus, pitcher Brandon Morrow10-0
BOS@TORTop 4Jarrod Saltalamacchia Single, Cody Ross to 2nd, pitcher Brandon Morrow9-0
BOS@TORTop 4Ryan Lavarnway Out Moises Sierra, pitcher Brandon Morrow10-0
BOS@TORTop 4Pedro Ciriaco Out Adam Lind, pitcher Brandon Morrow11-0
BOS@TORTop 5José Iglesias Out Moises Sierra, pitcher Brandon Morrow12-0
BOS@TORTop 5Scott Podsednik Out Omar Vizquel, Adam Lind, pitcher Brandon Morrow13-0
BOS@TORTop 5Dustin Pedroia Out Adeiny Hechavarria, Adam Lind, pitcher Brandon Morrow14-0
BOS@TORTop 6Jacoby Ellsbury Out Anthony Gose, pitcher Brandon Morrow15-0
BOS@TORTop 6Cody Ross Out Colby Rasmus, pitcher Brandon Morrow16-0
BOS@TORTop 6James Loney Out Anthony Gose, pitcher Brandon Morrow17-0
CIN@MIATop 2Brandon Phillips Strikeout, pitcher Ricky Nolasco16-0
CIN@MIABot 2Giancarlo Stanton Single, pitcher Mat Latos17-0
CIN@MIATop 4Brandon Phillips 1-Run Out Greg Dobbs, Carlos Lee, Didi Gregorius to 3rd, Dioner Navarro scores, pitcher Ricky Nolasco18-0
CIN@MIABot 4José Reyes Single, pitcher Mat Latos19-0
CIN@MIABot 4José Reyes Time Caught Stealing18-0
CIN@MIABot 4Giancarlo Stanton Walk, pitcher Mat Latos19-0
CIN@MIABot 4Greg Dobbs 2-Run Triple, Carlos Lee scores, Giancarlo Stanton scores, pitcher Mat Latos20-0
CIN@MIATop 6Brandon Phillips Single, pitcher Ryan Webb21-0
CIN@MIATop 6Brandon Phillips Stolen Base22-0
CIN@MIATop 6Ryan Ludwick 1-Run Single, Joey Votto to 2nd, Brandon Phillips scores, pitcher Ryan Webb23-0
CIN@MIABot 8Giancarlo Stanton Walk, pitcher Mat Latos24-0
CIN@MIABot 8José Reyes 1-Run Double, Austin Kearns scores, pitcher Mat Latos27-0
CIN@MIABot 10Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Logan Ondrusek26-0
CIN@MIABot 10José Reyes Single, Justin Ruggiano to 2nd, pitcher Sean Marshall27-0
NYM@MILTop 1David Wright Strikeout, pitcher Wily Peralta26-0
LAA@KCTop 5Mike Trout Walk, pitcher Will Smith26-1
LAA@KCTop 5Albert Pujols Double, pitcher Will Smith28-1
LAA@KCTop 7Mike Trout Strikeout, pitcher Aaron Crow28-0
NYM@MILTop 9David Wright Strikeout, pitcher John Axford27-0
SEA@TEXTop 1Dustin Ackley Single, pitcher Matt Harrison26-0
SEA@TEXTop 1Franklin Gutiérrez Out Mitch Moreland, pitcher Matt Harrison27-0
SEA@TEXTop 1Kyle Seager Out Ian Kinsler, Elvis Andrus, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Matt Harrison28-0
SEA@TEXBot 1Elvis Andrus Strikeout, pitcher Blake Beavan28--1
SEA@TEXBot 1Josh Hamilton Double, pitcher Blake Beavan30--1
SEA@TEXTop 2Jesus Montero Out Elvis Andrus, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Matt Harrison31--1
DET@CLETop 2Álex Ávila Strikeout, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez30--1
SEA@TEXTop 2Michael Saunders Strikeout, pitcher Matt Harrison32--1
SEA@TEXTop 2Justin Smoak Strikeout, pitcher Matt Harrison34--1
SEA@TEXTop 3Miguel Olivo Out Nelson Cruz, pitcher Matt Harrison35--1
DET@CLETop 3Prince Fielder Walk, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez35-0
SEA@TEXTop 3Trayvon Robinson Out Adrián Béltre, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Matt Harrison36-0
SEA@TEXTop 3Dustin Ackley Out Elvis Andrus, pitcher Matt Harrison37-0
DET@CLEBot 3Carlos Santana Single, pitcher Rick Porcello37-1
SEA@TEXTop 4Kyle Seager Out Matt Harrison, Elvis Andrus, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Matt Harrison38-1
SEA@TEXTop 4Franklin Gutiérrez Single, pitcher Matt Harrison37-1
SEA@TEXTop 4Jesus Montero Out Nelson Cruz, pitcher Matt Harrison38-1
SEA@TEXBot 4Adrián Béltre 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Blake Beavan38-7
SEA@TEXTop 5Michael Saunders Out Adrián Béltre, pitcher Matt Harrison39-7
SEA@TEXTop 5Justin Smoak Single, pitcher Matt Harrison38-7
SEA@TEXTop 5Miguel Olivo Strikeout, pitcher Matt Harrison40-7
SEA@TEXTop 6Brendan Ryan Out Josh Hamilton, pitcher Matt Harrison41-7
SEA@TEXTop 6Dustin Ackley Out Nelson Cruz, pitcher Matt Harrison42-7
SEA@TEXTop 6Franklin Gutiérrez Strikeout, pitcher Matt Harrison44-7
SEA@TEXBot 6Josh Hamilton Walk, pitcher Blake Beavan45-7
DET@CLEBot 6Carlos Santana 1-Run Single, Asdrubal Cabrera scores, pitcher Drew Smyly45-9
DET@CLEBot 6Carlos Santana Time Caught Stealing45-8
SEA@TEXTop 7Jesus Montero Out Josh Hamilton, pitcher Matt Harrison46-8
SEA@TEXTop 7Kyle Seager Single, pitcher Matt Harrison45-8
SEA@TEXTop 7Michael Saunders Out Matt Harrison, Elvis Andrus, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Matt Harrison46-8
DET@CLETop 7Prince Fielder Single, pitcher Joe Smith46-9
SEA@TEXTop 8Justin Smoak 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Matt Harrison45-9
SEA@TEXTop 8Miguel Olivo Strikeout, pitcher Matt Harrison47-9
SEA@TEXTop 8Trayvon Robinson Out Mitch Moreland, pitcher Matt Harrison48-9
SEA@TEXTop 8Brendan Ryan Out Ian Kinsler, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Matt Harrison49-9
SEA@TEXTop 9Dustin Ackley Out Craig Gentry, pitcher Matt Harrison50-9
SEA@TEXTop 9Kyle Seager Out Elvis Andrus, pitcher Matt Harrison51-9
SEA@TEXTop 9Franklin Gutiérrez Walk, pitcher Matt Harrison50-9
SEA@TEXTop 9Jesus Montero Single, Franklin Gutiérrez to 3rd, pitcher Matt Harrison49-9
DET@CLEBot 9Carlos Santana 1-Run Triple, Jason Kipnis scores, pitcher Jose Valverde49-13
DET@CLEBot 9Lonnie Chisenhall 1-Run Single, Ezequiel Carrera to 2nd, Michael Brantley to 3rd, Carlos Santana scores, pitcher Jose Valverde49-14
BAL@OAKBot 1Josh Reddick 2-Run Home Run, Collin Cowgill scores, pitcher Randy Wolf49-21
BAL@OAKBot 3Josh Reddick Strikeout, pitcher Randy Wolf49-20
BAL@OAKBot 9Chris Carter Out J.J. Hardy, Mark Reynolds, pitcher Jim Johnson50-20
BAL@OAKBot 9Josh Reddick 1-Run Single, Brandon Moss scores, pitcher Pedro Strop50-22
STL@LADBot 2Hanley Ramírez Single, pitcher Adam Wainwright50-23
STL@LADBot 3Matt Kemp Strikeout, pitcher Adam Wainwright49-23
STL@LADBot 4Hanley Ramírez Strikeout, pitcher Adam Wainwright49-22
STL@LADBot 6Matt Kemp Double, pitcher Adam Wainwright51-22
SF@ARITop 8Marco Scutaro Double, Ryan Theriot to 3rd, pitcher Patrick Corbin51-24
STL@LADBot 8Matt Kemp Strikeout, pitcher Trevor Rosenthal50-24