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Week 25 2011 Mon 9/12-Sun 9/18

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
#5 (13-9)
#3 (14-8)
Playoff Game 3rd place
NYY@TORTop 2Russell Martin Single, pitcher Brandon Morrow0-1
NYY@TORTop 5Russell Martin Strikeout, pitcher Brandon Morrow0-0
Go Pirates
NYY@TORBot 5José Bautista Single, Mike McCoy to 2nd, pitcher Freddy Garcia1-0
Go Pirates
NYY@TORBot 7José Bautista Walk, pitcher Scott Proctor2-0
NYY@TORTop 9Alex Rodriguez Strikeout, pitcher Frank Francisco2--1
MIL@CINBot 1Brandon Phillips Out Prince Fielder, pitcher Zack Greinke2-0
MIL@CINBot 1Edgar Renteria Out Yuniesky Betancourt, Prince Fielder, pitcher Zack Greinke2-1
MIL@CINBot 1Joey Votto Out Ryan Braun, pitcher Zack Greinke2-2
MIL@CINBot 2Jay Bruce Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke2-4
MIL@CINBot 2Yonder Alonso Out Ryan Braun, pitcher Zack Greinke2-5
MIL@CINBot 2Juan Francisco Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke2-7
MIL@CINBot 3Drew Stubbs Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke2-9
MIL@CINBot 3Devin Mesoraco Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke2-11
MIL@CINBot 3Sam LeCure Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke2-13
MIL@CINBot 4Brandon Phillips Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke2-15
MIL@CINBot 4Joey Votto Out Jonathan Lucroy, Yuniesky Betancourt, Zack Greinke, pitcher Zack Greinke2-16
MIL@CINBot 5Jay Bruce Out Prince Fielder, Zack Greinke, pitcher Zack Greinke2-17
MIL@CINBot 5Yonder Alonso Out Rickie Weeks Jr., Prince Fielder, pitcher Zack Greinke2-18
MIL@CINBot 5Juan Francisco Single, pitcher Zack Greinke2-17
MIL@CINBot 5Drew Stubbs Walk, Juan Francisco to 2nd, pitcher Zack Greinke2-16
MIL@CINBot 5Devin Mesoraco 1-Run Single, Drew Stubbs to 2nd, Juan Francisco scores, pitcher Zack Greinke2-15
MIL@CINBot 5Todd Frazier Walk, pitcher Zack Greinke2-14
MIL@CINBot 5Brandon Phillips Out Corey Hart, pitcher Zack Greinke2-15
MIL@CINBot 6Edgar Renteria Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke2-17
MIL@CINBot 6Joey Votto Out Prince Fielder, Zack Greinke, pitcher Zack Greinke2-18
MIL@CINBot 6Jay Bruce Out Ryan Braun, pitcher Zack Greinke2-19
MIL@CINBot 7Yonder Alonso Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke2-21
MIL@CINBot 7Drew Stubbs Strikeout, pitcher Zack Greinke2-23
MIL@CINBot 7Juan Francisco Walk, pitcher Zack Greinke2-22
MIL@CINBot 7Devin Mesoraco Out Jerry Hairston, pitcher Zack Greinke2-23
TB@BOSBot 1Jacoby Ellsbury Out Ben Zobrist, Casey Kotchman, pitcher David Price2-24
TB@BOSBot 1Mike Aviles Double, pitcher David Price2-23
TB@BOSBot 1Adrián González Out Desmond Jennings, pitcher David Price2-24
TB@BOSBot 1Dustin Pedroia Strikeout, pitcher David Price2-26
TB@BOSBot 2David Ortiz Out Sean Rodríguez, Casey Kotchman, pitcher David Price2-27
TB@BOSBot 2Conor Jackson Walk, pitcher David Price2-26
TB@BOSBot 2Darnell McDonald Walk, Conor Jackson to 2nd, pitcher David Price2-25
TB@BOSBot 2Jarrod Saltalamacchia Out Melvin Upton, pitcher David Price2-26
Go Pirates
NYM@ATLBot 2Alex Gonzalez Strikeout, pitcher Dillon Gee1-26
TB@BOSBot 2Marco Scutaro Out Casey Kotchman, pitcher David Price1-27
TB@BOSBot 3Jacoby Ellsbury Out Ben Zobrist, Casey Kotchman, pitcher David Price1-28
Go Pirates
NYM@ATLBot 3Michael Bourn Single, pitcher Dillon Gee2-28
TB@BOSBot 3Mike Aviles Out David Price, Evan Longoria, Casey Kotchman, pitcher David Price2-29
Go Pirates
NYM@ATLBot 3Chipper Jones 1-Run Double, Michael Bourn scores, pitcher Dillon Gee3-29
TB@BOSBot 3Adrián González Out Sean Rodríguez, Casey Kotchman, pitcher David Price3-30
TB@BOSBot 4Dustin Pedroia Single, pitcher David Price3-29
TB@BOSBot 4David Ortiz Walk, Dustin Pedroia to 2nd, pitcher David Price3-28
TB@BOSBot 4Conor Jackson Out Ben Zobrist, pitcher David Price3-29
Go Pirates
NYM@ATLBot 4Alex Gonzalez 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Dillon Gee9-29
MIA@WSHBot 4Michael Morse Walk, pitcher Brad Hand9-30
TB@BOSBot 4Darnell McDonald 2-Run Double, David Ortiz scores, Dustin Pedroia scores, pitcher David Price9-29
TB@BOSBot 4Jarrod Saltalamacchia Strikeout, pitcher David Price9-31
Go Pirates
NYM@ATLBot 4Michael Bourn 1-Run Double, Jason Heyward scores, pitcher Dillon Gee12-31
Go Pirates
NYM@ATLBot 4Dan Uggla 1-Run Out David Wright, Nick Evans, Chipper Jones to 2nd, Martín Prado to 3rd, Michael Bourn scores, pitcher Dillon Gee13-31
TB@BOSBot 4Marco Scutaro Out Ben Zobrist, Casey Kotchman, pitcher David Price13-32
Go Pirates
NYM@ATLBot 7Alex Gonzalez Double, pitcher Miguel Batista15-32
Go Pirates
NYM@ATLBot 7Michael Bourn Strikeout, pitcher Tim Byrdak14-32
Go Pirates
NYM@ATLBot 7Freddie Freeman 1-Run Single, Alex Gonzalez scores, pitcher Tim Byrdak15-32
TB@BOSBot 8Carl Crawford Double, pitcher J.P. Howell15-34
NYM@ATLTop 9Jason Pridie Strikeout, pitcher Craig Kimbrel15-36
NYM@ATLTop 9David Wright Out Freddie Freeman, pitcher Craig Kimbrel15-37
NYM@ATLTop 9Lucas Duda 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Craig Kimbrel15-36
NYM@ATLTop 9Jason Bay Out Jason Heyward, pitcher Craig Kimbrel15-37
Go Pirates
CWS@KCTop 4Adam Dunn 1-Run Double, Alex Rios scores, pitcher Bruce Chen18-37
Go Pirates
CWS@KCTop 4Gordon Beckham 1-Run Out Alex Gordon, Adam Dunn scores, pitcher Bruce Chen19-37
CWS@KCBot 4Eric Hosmer Single, pitcher John Danks19-38
CWS@KCTop 5Alexei Ramirez Strikeout, pitcher Bruce Chen19-37
Go Pirates
CWS@KCTop 6Adam Dunn Single, pitcher Bruce Chen20-37
Go Pirates
CWS@KCTop 7Paul Konerko 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Louis Coleman26-37
Go Pirates
CWS@KCTop 7Adam Dunn Strikeout, pitcher Louis Coleman25-37
CWS@KCBot 7Eric Hosmer 1-Run Single, Melky Cabrera scores, pitcher Jesse Crain25-39
CWS@KCTop 8Alexei Ramirez Single, Juan Pierre to 2nd, pitcher Jesse Chávez25-40
Go Pirates
CWS@KCTop 8Paul Konerko 1-Run Single, Alexei Ramirez to 3rd, Juan Pierre scores, pitcher Jesse Chávez27-40
Go Pirates
CWS@KCTop 8A.J. Pierzynski 3-Run Home Run, Paul Konerko scores, Alexei Ramirez scores, pitcher Jesse Chávez28-41
Go Pirates
CWS@KCTop 8Adam Dunn Strikeout, pitcher Jesse Chávez27-41
Go Pirates
CLE@MINBot 9Michael Cuddyer Out Jason Kipnis, pitcher Chris Perez28-41
Go Pirates
CLE@MINBot 9Chris Parmelee Single, pitcher Chris Perez27-41
CWS@KCBot 9Eric Hosmer Single, pitcher Sergio Santos27-42
CWS@KCBot 9Johnny Giavotella 1-Run Single, Jeff Francoeur to 2nd, Eric Hosmer scores, pitcher Sergio Santos27-43
Go Pirates
CLE@MINBot 9Brian Dinkelman Strikeout, pitcher Chris Perez29-43
Go Pirates
HOU@CHCTop 5Carlos Lee Single, pitcher Ryan Dempster30-43
Go Pirates
TEX@SEATop 1Ian Kinsler Out Alex Liddi, Mike Carp, pitcher Félix Hernández31-43
Go Pirates
TEX@SEATop 1Elvis Andrus Out Ichiro Suzuki, pitcher Félix Hernández32-43
Go Pirates
TEX@SEATop 1Michael Young Out Dustin Ackley, pitcher Félix Hernández33-43
Go Pirates
TEX@SEATop 1Josh Hamilton Single, pitcher Félix Hernández32-43
Go Pirates
PIT@LADTop 1Andrew McCutchen Single, pitcher Chad Billingsley33-43
Go Pirates
PIT@LADTop 1Andrew McCutchen Stolen Base34-43
Go Pirates
TEX@SEATop 2Adrián Béltre Out Alex Liddi, Mike Carp, pitcher Félix Hernández35-43
Go Pirates
TEX@SEATop 2Mike Napoli Out Miguel Olivo, Mike Carp, pitcher Félix Hernández36-43
Go Pirates
TEX@SEATop 2David Murphy Strikeout, pitcher Félix Hernández38-43
Go Pirates
TEX@SEATop 3Nelson Cruz Strikeout, pitcher Félix Hernández40-43
Go Pirates
TEX@SEATop 3Ian Kinsler Out Dustin Ackley, Mike Carp, pitcher Félix Hernández41-43
Go Pirates
TEX@SEATop 3Endy Chavez Single, pitcher Félix Hernández40-43
Go Pirates
PIT@LADTop 3Andrew McCutchen Walk, Xavier Paul to 2nd, pitcher Chad Billingsley41-43
Go Pirates
TEX@SEATop 4Elvis Andrus Single, pitcher Félix Hernández40-43
Go Pirates
TEX@SEATop 4Josh Hamilton Strikeout, pitcher Félix Hernández42-43
Go Pirates
TEX@SEATop 4Michael Young Out Ichiro Suzuki, pitcher Félix Hernández43-43
Go Pirates
TEX@SEATop 4Adrián Béltre 2-Run Home Run, Elvis Andrus scores, pitcher Félix Hernández42-43
Go Pirates
TEX@SEATop 4Mike Napoli Out Luis Rodriguez, Mike Carp, pitcher Félix Hernández43-43
Go Pirates
TEX@SEATop 5David Murphy Out Ichiro Suzuki, pitcher Félix Hernández44-43