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Week 24 2011 Mon 9/5-Sun 9/11

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
#3 (14-8)
#2 (14-8)
Playoff Game
BAL@TORTop 4J.J. Hardy Walk, pitcher Carlos Villanueva0-1
HOU@WSHTop 1Jordan Schafer Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Strasburg0-3
HOU@WSHTop 1Jimmy Paredes Single, pitcher Stephen Strasburg0-2
HOU@WSHTop 1J.D. Martínez Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Strasburg0-4
HOU@WSHTop 1Carlos Lee 1-Run Single, Jimmy Paredes scores, pitcher Stephen Strasburg0-3
HOU@WSHTop 1Brian Bogusevic Out Rick Ankiel, pitcher Stephen Strasburg0-4
HOU@WSHTop 2Matt Downs Single, pitcher Stephen Strasburg0-3
HOU@WSHTop 2Carlos Corporan Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Strasburg0-5
HOU@WSHTop 2Henry Sosa Out Jayson Werth, pitcher Stephen Strasburg0-6
HOU@WSHTop 3Jordan Schafer Out Jayson Werth, pitcher Stephen Strasburg0-7
HOU@WSHTop 3Jimmy Paredes Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Strasburg0-9
HOU@WSHTop 3J.D. Martínez Out Stephen Strasburg, Danny Espinosa, Chris Marrero, pitcher Stephen Strasburg0-10
HOU@WSHBot 6Michael Morse Strikeout, pitcher Jordan Lyles-1-10
HOU@WSHBot 8Michael Morse Strikeout, pitcher Mark Melancon-2-10
BOS@TBBot 1Desmond Jennings Single, pitcher Jon Lester-2-11
BOS@TBBot 1Ben Zobrist 2-Run Single, Evan Longoria to 2nd, Melvin Upton scores, Desmond Jennings scores, pitcher Jon Lester-2-12
BOS@TBTop 2David Ortiz Strikeout, pitcher James Shields-2-11
BOS@TBTop 2Carl Crawford Single, Josh Reddick to 2nd, pitcher James Shields-1-11
BOS@TBBot 2Desmond Jennings Strikeout, pitcher Jon Lester-1-10
BOS@TBBot 5Desmond Jennings Walk, pitcher Michael Bowden-1-11
BOS@TBBot 5Melvin Upton 4-Run Grand Slam, Desmond Jennings scores, José Lobatón scores, Casey Kotchman scores, pitcher Matt Albers-1-12
BOS@TBTop 6Carl Crawford Strikeout, pitcher James Shields-2-12
PHI@MILBot 1Prince Fielder Strikeout, pitcher Vance Worley-2-11
CLE@CWSBot 2A.J. Pierzynski Strikeout, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez-2-10
CLE@CWSBot 3Alexei Ramirez 1-Run Out Lonnie Chisenhall, Luis Valbuena, Gordon Beckham scores, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez-1-10
CLE@CWSBot 3Juan Pierre Single, Gordon Beckham to 3rd, pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez-1-11
PHI@MILBot 6Prince Fielder Single, pitcher Vance Worley-1-12
CLE@CWSBot 7Alexei Ramirez Single, pitcher Joe Smith0-12
PHI@MILBot 7Prince Fielder Strikeout, pitcher Michael Schwimer0-11
CLE@CWSBot 9Alexei Ramirez Single, Juan Pierre to 3rd, pitcher Chad Durbin1-11
CLE@CWSBot 9Juan Pierre 1-Run Single, Alejandro De Aza scores, pitcher Chad Durbin1-13
OAK@TEXTop 1Ryan Sweeney Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-15
OAK@TEXTop 1Michael Taylor Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-17
OAK@TEXTop 1Cliff Pennington Out Matt Treanor, Mike Napoli, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-18
OAK@TEXTop 2Josh Willingham Single, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-17
OAK@TEXTop 2Scott Sizemore Single, Josh Willingham to 2nd, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-16
OAK@TEXTop 2Jai Miller Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-18
OAK@TEXTop 2Brandon Allen Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-20
OAK@TEXBot 2Adrián Béltre Double, pitcher Josh Outman1-22
OAK@TEXTop 3Adam Rosales Out Michael Young, Mike Napoli, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-23
OAK@TEXTop 3Ryan Sweeney Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-25
OAK@TEXTop 3Michael Taylor Out Elvis Andrus, Mike Napoli, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-26
OAK@TEXBot 3Elvis Andrus Single, Craig Gentry to 2nd, pitcher Josh Outman1-27
OAK@TEXTop 4Cliff Pennington Single, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-26
OAK@TEXTop 4Josh Willingham Out Michael Young, Ian Kinsler, Mike Napoli, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-27
OAK@TEXTop 4Scott Sizemore Out Elvis Andrus, Mike Napoli, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-28
OAK@TEXTop 5Jai Miller Out David Murphy, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-29
OAK@TEXTop 5Anthony Recker Walk, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-28
OAK@TEXTop 5Brandon Allen Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-30
OAK@TEXTop 5Adam Rosales Out David Murphy, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-31
OAK@TEXBot 5Adrián Béltre 2-Run Home Run, Michael Young scores, pitcher Josh Outman1-38
OAK@TEXTop 6Ryan Sweeney Out Josh Hamilton, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-39
OAK@TEXTop 6Michael Taylor Single, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-38
OAK@TEXTop 6Cliff Pennington Single, Michael Taylor to 2nd, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-37
OAK@TEXTop 6Josh Willingham Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-39
OAK@TEXTop 6Scott Sizemore Out Elvis Andrus, Mike Napoli, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-40
OAK@TEXTop 7Jai Miller Out Elvis Andrus, Mike Napoli, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-41
OAK@TEXTop 7Anthony Recker Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-43
OAK@TEXTop 7Brandon Allen Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-45
OAK@TEXBot 7Adrián Béltre 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Andrew Carignan1-51
OAK@TEXBot 7Elvis Andrus 1-Run Single, Ian Kinsler to 2nd, Craig Gentry scores, pitcher Andrew Carignan1-53
OAK@TEXTop 8Adam Rosales Out Craig Gentry, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-54
OAK@TEXTop 8Ryan Sweeney Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-56
OAK@TEXTop 8Michael Taylor Strikeout, pitcher C.J. Wilson1-58
OAK@TEXBot 8Adrián Béltre Single, pitcher Craig Breslow1-59
KC@SEABot 1Dustin Ackley Strikeout, pitcher Everett Teaford0-59
KC@SEABot 4Dustin Ackley Single, pitcher Everett Teaford1-59
KC@SEATop 6Eric Hosmer Double, pitcher Anthony Vasquez3-59
KC@SEABot 6Dustin Ackley Strikeout, pitcher Blake Wood2-59
SD@ARIBot 7Justin Upton 1-Run Out James Darnell, Orlando Hudson, Henry Blanco scores, pitcher Joe Thatcher2-60
SD@ARIBot 7Justin Upton Stolen Base2-61
SD@ARIBot 9Justin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Heath Bell2-60
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous2-75