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Week 7 2017 Mon 5/15-Sun 5/21

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Final Non-Division Game
NYY@TBTop 1Brett Gardner Single, pitcher Chris Archer0-1
NYY@TBTop 1Matt Holliday Strikeout, pitcher Chris Archer-1-1
COL@CINBot 1Joey Votto 1-Run Out Mark Reynolds, Pat Valaika, Billy Hamilton scores, pitcher Kyle Freeland-1-2
NYY@TBTop 2Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Chris Archer-2-2
NYY@TBTop 2Brett Gardner 2-Run Home Run, Didi Gregorius scores, pitcher Chris Archer-2-10
LAA@NYMBot 2Curtis Granderson Strikeout, pitcher Jesse Chavez-3-10
NYY@TBTop 3Matt Holliday Strikeout, pitcher Chris Archer-4-10
NYY@TBTop 4Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Chris Archer-5-10
NYY@TBTop 5Brett Gardner Walk, pitcher Chris Archer-5-11
NYY@TBTop 5Matt Holliday Strikeout, pitcher Chris Archer-6-11
LAA@NYMBot 5Curtis Granderson 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Jesse Chavez1-11
COL@CINBot 6Joey Votto 2-Run Home Run, José Peraza scores, pitcher Kyle Freeland1-19
LAA@NYMBot 6Jay Bruce 3-Run Home Run, Wilmer Flores scores, Michael Conforto scores, pitcher Jesse Chavez10-19
LAA@NYMBot 6Curtis Granderson Double, pitcher Jesse Chavez12-19
NYY@TBTop 7Chris Carter Walk, Didi Gregorius to 2nd, pitcher Chris Archer13-19
NYY@TBTop 7Brett Gardner Strikeout, pitcher Danny Farquhar13-18
NYY@TBTop 7Matt Holliday Strikeout, pitcher Danny Farquhar12-18
COL@CINBot 8Joey Votto Single, pitcher Adam Ottavino12-19
LAA@NYMBot 8Jay Bruce Walk, pitcher Deolis Guerra13-19
TOR@BALBot 4Mark Trumbo Single, pitcher Marco Estrada14-19
PHI@PITTop 5Maikel Franco Double, pitcher Chad Kuhl14-21
WSH@ATLBot 6Ender Inciarte Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Strasburg14-20
TOR@BALBot 6Mark Trumbo Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada13-20
TOR@BALTop 8José Bautista Walk, pitcher Alec Asher14-20
WSH@ATLBot 8Ender Inciarte Single, Rio Ruiz to 2nd, pitcher Stephen Strasburg14-21
WSH@ATLBot 8Dansby Swanson 2-Run Double, Ender Inciarte scores, Rio Ruiz scores, pitcher Stephen Strasburg14-23
PHI@PITTop 9Michael Saunders Strikeout, pitcher Tony Watson13-23
TOR@BALBot 9Mark Trumbo Single, pitcher Roberto Osuna14-23
CLE@HOUTop 1Francisco Lindor Strikeout, pitcher Joe Musgrove14-22
KC@MINTop 2Eric Hosmer Single, pitcher Phil Hughes14-23
KC@MINTop 2Salvador Perez 2-Run Home Run, Eric Hosmer scores, pitcher Phil Hughes14-25
CLE@HOUTop 2Francisco Lindor Strikeout, pitcher Joe Musgrove14-24
CLE@HOUTop 2Jason Kipnis 1-Run Single, Bradley Zimmer to 3rd, Yan Gomes scores, pitcher Joe Musgrove14-26
CLE@HOUBot 2Carlos Correa Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar14-25
CLE@HOUBot 2Evan Gattis Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar13-25
CLE@HOUTop 4Francisco Lindor Single, Jason Kipnis to 2nd, pitcher Joe Musgrove13-26
CLE@HOUTop 4Jason Kipnis Single, pitcher Joe Musgrove13-27
KC@MINTop 4Eric Hosmer Single, pitcher Phil Hughes13-28
CLE@HOUTop 4Edwin Encarnación 1-Run Single, Carlos Santana to 2nd, Francisco Lindor to 3rd, Jason Kipnis scores, pitcher Ashur Tolliver13-30
KC@MINTop 4Brandon Moss 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Phil Hughes20-30
KC@MINTop 4Jorge Bonifacio 2-Run Home Run, Eric Hosmer scores, pitcher Phil Hughes20-32
CLE@HOUBot 4Carlos Correa Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar20-31
CLE@HOUBot 4Evan Gattis Walk, pitcher Danny Salazar21-31
KC@MINTop 6Brandon Moss Single, pitcher Adam Wilk22-31
CLE@HOUTop 8Jason Kipnis Strikeout, pitcher Tony Sipp22-30
KC@MINTop 8Brandon Moss 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Adam Wilk29-30
KC@MINTop 9Eric Hosmer Walk, pitcher Craig Breslow29-31
CLE@HOUBot 9Alex Bregman 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Zach McAllister29-38
MIL@CHCTop 1Jonathan Villar Double, pitcher Jake Arrieta29-37
MIL@CHCTop 1Eric Thames Out Kyle Schwarber, pitcher Jake Arrieta29-38
MIL@CHCTop 1Ryan Braun Out Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell, Jonathan Villar to 3rd, pitcher Jake Arrieta29-39
MIL@CHCTop 1Travis Shaw Out Jake Arrieta, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Jake Arrieta29-40
MIL@CHCBot 1Ben Zobrist 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Chase Anderson36-40
MIL@CHCBot 1Willson Contreras 1-Run Sacrifice Fly, Kris Bryant scores, pitcher Chase Anderson36-41
MIL@CHCTop 2Hernán Pérez Out Anthony Rizzo, Ben Zobrist, pitcher Jake Arrieta36-42
MIL@CHCTop 2Jett Bandy Out Jason Heyward, pitcher Jake Arrieta36-43
MIL@CHCTop 2Keon Broxton Strikeout, pitcher Jake Arrieta36-45
MIL@CHCTop 3Orlando Arcia Out Ben Zobrist, pitcher Jake Arrieta36-46
MIL@CHCTop 3Chase Anderson Strikeout, pitcher Jake Arrieta36-48
MIL@CHCTop 3Jonathan Villar Single, pitcher Jake Arrieta36-47
MIL@CHCTop 3Eric Thames Out Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Jake Arrieta36-48
MIL@CHCTop 4Ryan Braun Out Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell, pitcher Jake Arrieta36-49
MIL@CHCTop 4Travis Shaw Single, pitcher Jake Arrieta36-48
MIL@CHCTop 4Hernán Pérez Out Kyle Schwarber, pitcher Jake Arrieta36-49
MIL@CHCTop 4Keon Broxton Strikeout, pitcher Jake Arrieta36-51
MIL@CHCBot 4Willson Contreras Double, pitcher Chase Anderson36-53
MIL@CHCBot 4Addison Russell 1-Run Double, Willson Contreras scores, pitcher Chase Anderson36-55
MIL@CHCBot 4Ben Zobrist Strikeout, pitcher Chase Anderson35-55
MIL@CHCTop 5Orlando Arcia Single, pitcher Jake Arrieta35-54
MIL@CHCTop 5Jonathan Villar Walk, Chase Anderson to 2nd, Orlando Arcia to 3rd, pitcher Jake Arrieta35-53
MIL@CHCTop 5Eric Thames 1-Run Out Jake Arrieta, Anthony Rizzo, Jonathan Villar to 2nd, Chase Anderson to 3rd, Orlando Arcia scores, pitcher Jake Arrieta35-54
MIL@CHCTop 5Ryan Braun Out Kris Bryant, pitcher Jake Arrieta35-55
MIL@CHCTop 5Travis Shaw Strikeout, pitcher Jake Arrieta35-57
MIL@CHCTop 6Jett Bandy Strikeout, pitcher Jake Arrieta35-59
MIL@CHCTop 6Hernán Pérez Single, pitcher Jake Arrieta35-58
MIL@CHCTop 6Keon Broxton Strikeout, pitcher Jake Arrieta35-60
MIL@CHCTop 6Orlando Arcia Out Ian Happ, pitcher Jake Arrieta35-61
MIL@CHCBot 6Willson Contreras Single, pitcher Rob Scahill35-62
MIL@CHCBot 7Willson Contreras 1-Run Sacrifice Fly, Jason Heyward scores, pitcher Neftali Feliz35-63
MIL@CHCBot 8Willson Contreras 1-Run Single, Jason Heyward to 2nd, Ian Happ scores, pitcher Jared Hughes35-65
MIL@CHCTop 9Ryan Braun 1-Run Out Anthony Rizzo, Dylan Floro, Jesús Aguilar to 3rd, Jonathan Villar scores, pitcher Dylan Floro36-65
BOS@OAKTop 1Mookie Betts Walk, pitcher Andrew Triggs36-66
BOS@OAKTop 1Dustin Pedroia 1-Run Single, Mookie Betts scores, pitcher Andrew Triggs36-68
BOS@OAKBot 1Khris Davis Strikeout, pitcher Eduardo Rodríguez35-68
BOS@OAKTop 3Mookie Betts Strikeout, pitcher Andrew Triggs35-67
BOS@OAKBot 3Khris Davis Strikeout, pitcher Eduardo Rodríguez34-67
BOS@OAKTop 5Mookie Betts 1-Run Single, Christian Vázquez scores, pitcher Andrew Triggs34-69
BOS@OAKTop 5Dustin Pedroia 1-Run Single, Mookie Betts scores, pitcher Andrew Triggs34-71
BOS@OAKTop 6Mookie Betts Walk, pitcher Bobby Wahl34-72
CWS@SEATop 1Melky Cabrera Walk, pitcher Chris Heston34-73
CWS@SEATop 1Yolmer Sánchez 2-Run Single, Todd Frazier to 3rd, José Abreu scores, Melky Cabrera scores, pitcher Chris Heston34-75
CWS@SEATop 6Melky Cabrera Single, pitcher James Pazos34-76
MIA@LADTop 6Christian Yelich Walk, pitcher Brandon McCarthy34-77
CWS@SEATop 8Melky Cabrera Walk, pitcher Marc Rzepczynski34-78
MIA@LADTop 8Marcell Ozuna 1-Run Single, Christian Yelich to 2nd, Dee Strange-Gordon scores, pitcher Pedro Báez34-80
MIA@LADTop 8Christian Yelich Walk, Dee Strange-Gordon to 2nd, pitcher Pedro Báez34-81
ARI@SDBot 4Manuel Margot Strikeout, pitcher Zack Godley34-80
KC@MINTop 1Eric Hosmer Single, pitcher Adalberto Mejía34-81
KC@MINTop 1Salvador Perez 2-Run Home Run, Eric Hosmer scores, pitcher Adalberto Mejía34-83
KC@MINTop 8Eric Hosmer 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Taylor Rogers34-90