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Week 3 2017 Mon 4/17-Sun 4/23

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Final Division Game
CHC@CINBot 1Joey Votto 1-Run Sacrifice Fly, Billy Hamilton scores, pitcher John Lackey0-1
HOU@TBTop 2Alex Bregman Walk, pitcher Matt Andriese0-2
HOU@TBTop 3Jose Altuve Strikeout, pitcher Matt Andriese-1-2
HOU@TBTop 3Carlos Correa 2-Run Home Run, Carlos Beltrán scores, pitcher Matt Andriese-1-10
HOU@TBTop 4Alex Bregman Single, pitcher Matt Andriese-1-11
CHC@CINBot 4Joey Votto Strikeout, pitcher John Lackey-1-10
CHC@CINBot 4Eugenio Suárez Double, pitcher John Lackey1-10
CHC@CINBot 4Scott Schebler 1-Run Single, Patrick Kivlehan to 3rd, Eugenio Suárez scores, pitcher John Lackey3-10
HOU@TBTop 5Jose Altuve 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Matt Andriese10-10
CHC@CINBot 6Eugenio Suárez Walk, Joey Votto to 2nd, pitcher John Lackey11-10
CHC@CINBot 6Patrick Kivlehan 3-Run Double, Scooter Gennett scores, Eugenio Suárez scores, Joey Votto scores, pitcher John Lackey13-12
CHC@CINBot 7Eugenio Suárez Walk, pitcher Mike Montgomery14-12
HOU@TBTop 8Jose Altuve Single, pitcher Alex Colomé15-12
HOU@TBTop 10Jose Altuve Single, Carlos Beltrán to 2nd, pitcher Ryan Garton16-12
HOU@TBTop 10Alex Bregman Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Garton16-11
HOU@TBTop 10Yuli Gurriel 1-Run Single, Jose Altuve scores, pitcher Ryan Garton18-11
BOS@BALTop 1Xander Bogaerts Single, pitcher Kevin Gausman18-11
BOS@BALTop 1Andrew Benintendi Single, Xander Bogaerts to 3rd, pitcher Kevin Gausman17-11
BOS@BALTop 1Mookie Betts 3-Run Home Run, Andrew Benintendi scores, Xander Bogaerts scores, pitcher Kevin Gausman18-20
BOS@BALTop 1Hanley Ramírez 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Kevin Gausman17-20
BOS@BALTop 1Mitch Moreland Out Chris Davis, J.J. Hardy, pitcher Kevin Gausman18-20
BOS@BALTop 1Jackie Bradley Jr. Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Gausman20-20
BOS@BALTop 1Christian Vázquez Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Gausman22-20
ATL@PHITop 1Freddie Freeman Strikeout, pitcher Zach Eflin21-20
NYY@PITBot 1Josh Harrison Single, Jordy Mercer to 2nd, pitcher Jordan Montgomery22-20
BOS@BALTop 2Pablo Sandoval Out Chris Davis, J.J. Hardy, pitcher Kevin Gausman23-20
BOS@BALTop 2Marco Hernández Single, pitcher Kevin Gausman22-20
BOS@BALTop 2Andrew Benintendi Single, Xander Bogaerts to 2nd, pitcher Kevin Gausman21-20
BOS@BALTop 2Mookie Betts Walk, Andrew Benintendi to 2nd, Xander Bogaerts to 3rd, pitcher Kevin Gausman20-21
BOS@BALTop 2Hanley Ramírez Out Adam Jones, pitcher Kevin Gausman21-21
BOS@BALTop 3Mitch Moreland Out Craig Gentry, pitcher Kevin Gausman22-21
BOS@BALTop 3Jackie Bradley Jr. Out Chris Davis, Kevin Gausman, pitcher Kevin Gausman23-21
BOS@BALTop 3Christian Vázquez Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Gausman25-21
BOS@BALTop 4Pablo Sandoval Out Chris Davis, pitcher Kevin Gausman26-21
BOS@BALTop 4Marco Hernández Out Chris Davis, Jonathan Schoop, pitcher Kevin Gausman27-21
BOS@BALTop 4Xander Bogaerts Walk, pitcher Kevin Gausman27-21
BOS@BALTop 4Andrew Benintendi Single, Xander Bogaerts to 3rd, pitcher Kevin Gausman26-21
BOS@BALTop 4Mookie Betts Out Chris Davis, Manny Machado, pitcher Kevin Gausman27-21
BOS@BALTop 5Hanley Ramírez Out Chris Davis, J.J. Hardy, pitcher Kevin Gausman28-21
BOS@BALTop 5Mitch Moreland 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Kevin Gausman27-21
BOS@BALTop 5Jackie Bradley Jr. Out Adam Jones, pitcher Kevin Gausman28-21
BOS@BALTop 5Christian Vázquez Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Gausman30-21
NYY@PITBot 5Josh Harrison Single, pitcher Jordan Montgomery31-21
BOS@BALTop 6Pablo Sandoval Walk, pitcher Kevin Gausman30-21
BOS@BALTop 6Xander Bogaerts Single, pitcher Stefan Crichton31-21
BOS@BALTop 6Andrew Benintendi 1-Run Single, Xander Bogaerts scores, pitcher Stefan Crichton33-21
BOS@BALTop 7Mookie Betts Single, pitcher Stefan Crichton33-22
NYY@PITTop 8Brett Gardner Walk, Chris Carter to 2nd, pitcher Daniel Hudson33-23
ATL@PHITop 9Nick Markakis Single, Matt Kemp to 2nd, pitcher Héctor Neris34-23
ATL@PHITop 9Freddie Freeman Walk, pitcher Héctor Neris35-23
ATL@PHITop 9Matt Kemp 1-Run Single, Freddie Freeman scores, pitcher Héctor Neris37-23
BOS@BALTop 9Mookie Betts Walk, Andrew Benintendi to 2nd, pitcher Alec Asher37-24
STL@MILTop 1Matt Carpenter Strikeout, pitcher Jimmy Nelson36-24
CLE@CWSBot 1Tim Anderson Double, pitcher Danny Salazar35-24
CLE@CWSBot 1Tyler Saladino Single, Tim Anderson to 3rd, pitcher Danny Salazar34-24
CLE@CWSBot 1Melky Cabrera 1-Run Sacrifice Fly, Tim Anderson scores, pitcher Danny Salazar35-25
DET@MINBot 1Brian Dozier Double, pitcher Michael Fulmer35-24
DET@MINBot 1Max Kepler Out Michael Fulmer, John Hicks, Brian Dozier to 3rd, pitcher Michael Fulmer35-25
CLE@CWSBot 1José Abreu 1-Run Single, Tyler Saladino scores, pitcher Danny Salazar34-25
CLE@CWSBot 1Todd Frazier Walk, pitcher Danny Salazar33-25
CLE@CWSBot 1Avisaíl García Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar35-25
DET@MINBot 1Miguel Sanó 1-Run Single, Brian Dozier scores, pitcher Michael Fulmer35-24
DET@MINBot 1Joe Mauer Single, Miguel Sanó to 3rd, pitcher Michael Fulmer35-23
DET@MINBot 1Robbie Grossman Strikeout, pitcher Michael Fulmer35-25
CLE@CWSBot 1Leury García 1-Run Single, Todd Frazier to 2nd, José Abreu scores, pitcher Danny Salazar34-25
CLE@CWSBot 1Omar Narváez Walk, Leury García to 2nd, Todd Frazier to 3rd, pitcher Danny Salazar33-25
CLE@CWSBot 1Jacob May Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar35-25
DET@MINBot 1Jason Castro Strikeout, pitcher Michael Fulmer35-27
CLE@CWSBot 2Tim Anderson Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar37-27
DET@MINBot 2Eduardo Escobar Out Tyler Collins, pitcher Michael Fulmer37-28
CLE@CWSBot 2Tyler Saladino Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar39-28
DET@MINBot 2Eddie Rosario Out John Hicks, Michael Fulmer, pitcher Michael Fulmer39-29
CLE@CWSBot 2Melky Cabrera Out Roberto Pérez, pitcher Danny Salazar40-29
DET@MINBot 2Danny Santana Out John Hicks, Ian Kinsler, pitcher Michael Fulmer40-30
STL@MILTop 3Aledmys Díaz 1-Run Single, Dexter Fowler to 2nd, Mike Leake scores, pitcher Jimmy Nelson42-30
STL@MILTop 3Matt Carpenter Strikeout, pitcher Jimmy Nelson41-30
CLE@CWSBot 3José Abreu Single, pitcher Danny Salazar40-30
CLE@CWSBot 3Todd Frazier Out Brandon Guyer, pitcher Danny Salazar41-30
DET@MINBot 3Brian Dozier Out Justin Upton, pitcher Michael Fulmer41-31
CLE@CWSBot 3Avisaíl García Out Carlos Santana, José Ramírez, Michael Martínez, pitcher Danny Salazar42-31
DET@MINBot 3Max Kepler Out John Hicks, Ian Kinsler, pitcher Michael Fulmer42-32
DET@MINBot 3Miguel Sanó Walk, pitcher Michael Fulmer42-31
DET@MINBot 3Joe Mauer Out Justin Upton, pitcher Michael Fulmer42-32
CLE@CWSTop 4Francisco Lindor 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Derek Holland42-39
CLE@CWSBot 4Leury García Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar44-39
DET@MINBot 4Robbie Grossman Strikeout, pitcher Michael Fulmer44-41
CLE@CWSBot 4Omar Narváez Single, pitcher Danny Salazar43-41
CLE@CWSBot 4Jacob May Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar45-41
DET@MINBot 4Jason Castro Out John Hicks, Ian Kinsler, pitcher Michael Fulmer45-42
CLE@CWSBot 4Tim Anderson Walk, Omar Narváez to 2nd, pitcher Danny Salazar44-42
CLE@CWSBot 4Tyler Saladino Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar46-42
DET@MINBot 4Eduardo Escobar Out John Hicks, Ian Kinsler, pitcher Michael Fulmer46-43
STL@MILTop 5Matt Carpenter Walk, pitcher Jimmy Nelson47-43
CLE@CWSTop 5Francisco Lindor Strikeout, pitcher Derek Holland47-42
CLE@CWSBot 5Melky Cabrera Out Austin Jackson, pitcher Danny Salazar48-42
DET@MINBot 5Eddie Rosario 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Michael Fulmer48-41
DET@MINBot 5Danny Santana Strikeout, pitcher Michael Fulmer48-43
CLE@CWSBot 5Todd Frazier Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar50-43
DET@MINBot 5Brian Dozier Out John Hicks, Andrew Romine, pitcher Michael Fulmer50-44
CLE@CWSBot 5Avisaíl García 1-Run Double, José Abreu scores, pitcher Danny Salazar49-44