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Week 3 2017 Mon 4/17-Sun 4/23

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Final Division Game
HOU@TBBot 1Brad Miller 1-Run Triple, Evan Longoria scores, pitcher Joe Musgrove2-0
CHC@CINTop 4Kris Bryant Single, pitcher Bronson Arroyo2-1
CHC@CINTop 4Anthony Rizzo 2-Run Home Run, Kris Bryant scores, pitcher Bronson Arroyo2-3
CHC@CINTop 6Kyle Schwarber Strikeout, pitcher Bronson Arroyo1-3
CHC@CINTop 6Kris Bryant Strikeout, pitcher Bronson Arroyo1-2
CHC@CINTop 8Kris Bryant Strikeout, pitcher Raisel Iglesias1-3
CHC@CINTop 8Anthony Rizzo Out Joey Votto, José Peraza, pitcher Raisel Iglesias1-4
CHC@CINTop 9Ben Zobrist Double, pitcher Raisel Iglesias1-3
CHC@CINTop 9Addison Russell 1-Run Single, Ben Zobrist scores, pitcher Raisel Iglesias1-2
CHC@CINTop 9Jason Heyward 1-Run Single, Addison Russell scores, pitcher Raisel Iglesias1-1
CHC@CINTop 9Miguel Montero Out Joey Votto, Raisel Iglesias, José Peraza, pitcher Raisel Iglesias1-2
CHC@CINTop 9Willson Contreras Out Patrick Kivlehan, pitcher Raisel Iglesias1-3
HOU@TBBot 10Evan Longoria Strikeout, pitcher Ken Giles0-3
BOS@BALTop 1Hanley Ramírez 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Kevin Gausman0-10
NYY@PITBot 1Andrew McCutchen Single, Josh Harrison to 2nd, Jordy Mercer to 3rd, pitcher Jordan Montgomery1-10
NYY@PITBot 1Gregory Polanco Strikeout, pitcher Jordan Montgomery0-10
NYY@PITBot 3Andrew McCutchen Walk, pitcher Jordan Montgomery1-10
NYY@PITBot 3Gregory Polanco 1-Run Double, Andrew McCutchen scores, pitcher Jordan Montgomery6-10
BOS@BALBot 4Adam Jones Strikeout, pitcher Eduardo Rodríguez6-9
NYY@PITBot 6Gregory Polanco Single, pitcher Jordan Montgomery7-9
NYY@PITBot 7Andrew McCutchen Strikeout, pitcher Bryan Mitchell6-9
BOS@BALBot 8Adam Jones Single, pitcher Matt Barnes6-10
BOS@BALBot 8Manny Machado 1-Run Double, Adam Jones scores, pitcher Joe Kelly6-12
BOS@BALBot 9Adam Jones Single, Hyun-Soo Kim to 2nd, pitcher Fernando Abad6-13
CLE@CWSBot 1Tim Anderson Double, pitcher Danny Salazar6-15
CLE@CWSBot 1Melky Cabrera 1-Run Sacrifice Fly, Tim Anderson scores, pitcher Danny Salazar6-17
CLE@CWSBot 1José Abreu 1-Run Single, Tyler Saladino scores, pitcher Danny Salazar8-17
CLE@CWSBot 1Leury García 1-Run Single, Todd Frazier to 2nd, José Abreu scores, pitcher Danny Salazar10-17
STL@MILTop 2Stephen Piscotty Single, pitcher Jimmy Nelson10-18
CLE@CWSBot 2Tim Anderson Strikeout, pitcher Danny Salazar10-17
CLE@CWSBot 3José Abreu Single, pitcher Danny Salazar11-17
STL@MILTop 4Stephen Piscotty Walk, pitcher Jimmy Nelson11-18
STL@MILTop 4Kolten Wong 1-Run Double, Randal Grichuk to 3rd, Stephen Piscotty scores, pitcher Jimmy Nelson11-20
CLE@CWSBot 4Tim Anderson Walk, Omar Narváez to 2nd, pitcher Danny Salazar11-21
CLE@CWSTop 5Carlos Santana Walk, pitcher Derek Holland11-22
CLE@CWSBot 5Avisaíl García 1-Run Double, José Abreu scores, pitcher Danny Salazar13-22
CLE@CWSBot 6Tim Anderson Strikeout, pitcher Nick Goody13-21
CLE@CWSBot 8Tim Anderson Single, Jacob May to 2nd, pitcher Bryan Shaw13-22
CLE@CWSTop 9Carlos Santana Strikeout, pitcher David Robertson13-21
KC@TEXBot 1Rougned Odor Strikeout, pitcher Jason Hammel13-20
KC@TEXBot 3Elvis Andrus 1-Run Single, Shin-Soo Choo scores, pitcher Jason Hammel13-22
KC@TEXBot 7Rougned Odor Strikeout, pitcher Mike Minor13-21
SF@COLTop 1Brandon Belt Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Freeland12-21
SF@COLBot 1Charlie Blackmon Triple, pitcher Jeff Samardzija15-21
SF@COLBot 1Nolan Arenado 1-Run Sacrifice Fly, Charlie Blackmon scores, pitcher Jeff Samardzija17-21
SF@COLBot 3Charlie Blackmon Walk, pitcher Jeff Samardzija18-21
SF@COLBot 5Charlie Blackmon Strikeout, pitcher Jeff Samardzija17-21
SF@COLTop 6Brandon Belt Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Freeland16-21
SF@COLTop 6Buster Posey Single, Hunter Pence to 2nd, pitcher Kyle Freeland16-22
SF@COLTop 6Brandon Crawford Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Freeland16-21
SF@COLBot 6Charlie Blackmon 2-Run Double, Tony Wolters scores, Trevor Story scores, pitcher Steven Okert20-21
SF@COLTop 8Brandon Belt Walk, pitcher Scott Oberg21-21
TOR@LAABot 1Mike Trout Single, pitcher Marcus Stroman22-21
TOR@LAABot 3Mike Trout Single, Kole Calhoun to 2nd, pitcher Marcus Stroman23-21
TOR@LAABot 3Albert Pujols 1-Run Single, Mike Trout to 3rd, Kole Calhoun scores, pitcher Marcus Stroman25-21
TOR@LAABot 6Mike Trout Strikeout, pitcher Marcus Stroman24-21
SEA@OAKTop 1Nelson Cruz Strikeout, pitcher Andrew Triggs24-20
SEA@OAKTop 3Nelson Cruz 1-Run Walk, Robinson Canó to 2nd, Mitch Haniger to 3rd, Mike Zunino scores, pitcher Andrew Triggs24-22
SEA@OAKTop 3Taylor Motter 4-Run Grand Slam, Nelson Cruz scores, Robinson Canó scores, Mitch Haniger scores, pitcher Andrew Triggs24-24
SEA@OAKTop 7Nelson Cruz 3-Run Home Run, Robinson Canó scores, Mitch Haniger scores, pitcher Raul Alcantara24-33
SEA@OAKTop 9Nelson Cruz 1-Run Double, Mitch Haniger scores, pitcher Raul Alcantara24-36
SEA@OAKTop 9Daniel Vogelbach 1-Run Single, Nelson Cruz scores, pitcher Raul Alcantara24-38
LAD@ARITop 1Adrián González Double, Corey Seager to 3rd, pitcher Shelby Miller26-38
LAD@ARITop 3Adrián González Strikeout, pitcher Shelby Miller25-38
LAD@ARITop 5Justin Turner Single, Corey Seager to 3rd, pitcher Randall Delgado25-39
LAD@ARITop 5Adrián González 2-Run Double, Justin Turner scores, Corey Seager scores, pitcher Randall Delgado29-41
LAD@ARITop 5Yasmani Grandal 2-Run Home Run, Adrián González scores, pitcher Randall Delgado31-41
LAD@ARIBot 7Yasmany Tomás Strikeout, pitcher Brandon McCarthy30-41
MIA@SDTop 6J.T. Realmuto 1-Run Single, Marcell Ozuna to 3rd, Giancarlo Stanton scores, pitcher Craig Stammen32-41
MIA@SDTop 6Justin Bour 3-Run Home Run, J.T. Realmuto scores, Marcell Ozuna scores, pitcher Craig Stammen34-41
MIA@SDTop 9Dee Strange-Gordon Triple, pitcher Miguel Diaz34-44
MIA@SDTop 9Christian Yelich 1-Run Sacrifice Fly, Dee Strange-Gordon scores, pitcher Miguel Diaz34-46
WSH@NYMTop 1Trea Turner Single, Adam Eaton to 2nd, pitcher Zack Wheeler35-46
WSH@NYMTop 1Daniel Murphy 4-Run Grand Slam, Bryce Harper scores, Trea Turner scores, Adam Eaton scores, pitcher Zack Wheeler37-46
WSH@NYMTop 1Jayson Werth Strikeout, pitcher Zack Wheeler37-45
WSH@NYMBot 1Asdrúbal Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Max Scherzer37-44
Bonuses & Miscellaneous37-42