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Week 25 2013 Mon 9/16-Sun 9/22

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
#9 (10-12)
#7 (11-11)
Consolation Game
SF@NYYBot 6Alfonso Soriano Walk, Robinson Canó to 2nd, pitcher Yusmeiro Petit1-0
SF@NYYTop 7Hunter Pence Strikeout, pitcher Andy Pettitte1--1
CIN@PITTop 1Todd Frazier 2-Run Home Run, Jay Bruce scores, pitcher Jeff Locke1-7
CIN@PITTop 1Brandon Phillips Walk, Joey Votto to 2nd, Chris Heisey to 3rd, pitcher Jeff Locke2-7
CIN@PITTop 1Jay Bruce 3-Run Double, Brandon Phillips scores, Joey Votto scores, Chris Heisey scores, pitcher Jeff Locke4-7
MIA@WSHTop 1Giancarlo Stanton 2-Run Home Run, Christian Yelich scores, pitcher Dan Haren4-15
TOR@BOSBot 1Dustin Pedroia Out José Reyes, Adam Lind, pitcher R.A. Dickey5-15
TOR@BOSBot 1Shane Victorino Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey7-15
TOR@BOSBot 1David Ortiz Out Ryan Goins, Adam Lind, pitcher R.A. Dickey8-15
CIN@PITTop 2Brandon Phillips 1-Run Out Andrew McCutchen, Chris Heisey scores, pitcher Jeanmar Gómez9-15
TOR@BOSBot 2Mike Carp Out Rajai Davis, pitcher R.A. Dickey10-15
TOR@BOSBot 2Daniel Nava Single, pitcher R.A. Dickey9-15
TOR@BOSBot 2Will Middlebrooks Out Rajai Davis, pitcher R.A. Dickey10-15
TOR@BOSBot 2Stephen Drew Single, Daniel Nava to 2nd, pitcher R.A. Dickey9-15
TOR@BOSBot 2Ryan Lavarnway 1-Run Single, Stephen Drew to 3rd, Daniel Nava scores, pitcher R.A. Dickey8-15
TOR@BOSBot 2Jackie Bradley Jr. 3-Run Home Run, Ryan Lavarnway scores, Stephen Drew scores, pitcher R.A. Dickey7-15
TOR@BOSBot 2Dustin Pedroia Out R.A. Dickey, Adam Lind, pitcher R.A. Dickey8-15
MIA@WSHTop 3Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Dan Haren8-14
TOR@BOSBot 3Shane Victorino Out Moises Sierra, pitcher R.A. Dickey9-14
TOR@BOSBot 3David Ortiz Double, pitcher R.A. Dickey8-14
TOR@BOSBot 3Mike Carp Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey10-14
TOR@BOSBot 3Daniel Nava Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey12-14
CIN@PITTop 4Brandon Phillips Single, pitcher Brandon Cumpton13-14
TOR@BOSBot 4Will Middlebrooks Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey15-14
TOR@BOSBot 4Stephen Drew Out Ryan Goins, Adam Lind, pitcher R.A. Dickey16-14
TOR@BOSBot 4Ryan Lavarnway Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey18-14
TOR@BOSBot 5Jackie Bradley Jr. Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey20-14
TOR@BOSBot 5Dustin Pedroia Out Kevin Pillar, pitcher R.A. Dickey21-14
TOR@BOSBot 5Shane Victorino Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey23-14
MIA@WSHTop 6Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Dan Haren23-13
TOR@BOSBot 6David Ortiz 1-Run Home Run, pitcher R.A. Dickey22-13
TOR@BOSBot 6Mike Carp Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey24-13
TOR@BOSBot 6Daniel Nava Out Moises Sierra, pitcher R.A. Dickey25-13
TOR@BOSBot 6Will Middlebrooks Out Moises Sierra, pitcher R.A. Dickey26-13
TOR@BOSBot 7Stephen Drew Walk, pitcher R.A. Dickey25-13
TOR@BOSBot 7Ryan Lavarnway Out Brett Lawrie, Ryan Goins, Adam Lind, pitcher R.A. Dickey26-13
TOR@BOSBot 7Jackie Bradley Jr. Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey28-13
CIN@PITTop 8Brandon Phillips Single, Joey Votto to 3rd, pitcher Jared Hughes29-13
TOR@BOSBot 8Dustin Pedroia Out Brett Lawrie, Adam Lind, pitcher R.A. Dickey30-13
TOR@BOSBot 8Shane Victorino Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey32-13
TOR@BOSBot 8David Ortiz Strikeout, pitcher R.A. Dickey34-13
NYM@PHITop 9Wilfredo Tovar Single, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon34-12
NYM@PHITop 9Matt den Dekker Strikeout, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon34-14
NYM@PHITop 9Eric Young Jr. Out Cody Asche, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon34-15
NYM@PHITop 9Wilmer Flores Strikeout, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon34-17
BAL@TBBot 2Wil Myers Double, pitcher Scott Feldman34-19
BAL@TBBot 4Wil Myers Strikeout, pitcher Scott Feldman34-18
BAL@TBTop 6Chris Davis Strikeout, pitcher Wesley Wright33-18
BAL@TBBot 6Wil Myers Single, Ben Zobrist to 3rd, pitcher Scott Feldman33-19
BAL@TBBot 8Wil Myers Strikeout, pitcher Darren O'Day33-18
BAL@TBTop 9Chris Davis Strikeout, pitcher Fernando Rodney32-18
TEX@KCTop 3Ian Kinsler Single, pitcher James Shields32-19
TEX@KCBot 10Salvador Pérez Single, Chris Getz to 2nd, Eric Hosmer to 3rd, pitcher Joakim Soria32-20
TEX@KCBot 10Justin Maxwell 4-Run Grand Slam, George Kottaras scores, Salvador Pérez scores, Chris Getz scores, pitcher Joakim Soria32-22
ATL@CHCTop 4Andrelton Simmons 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Edwin Jackson32-29
ATL@CHCTop 8Andrelton Simmons 2-Run Home Run, Brian McCann scores, pitcher Brooks Raley32-37
MIN@OAKTop 3Trevor Plouffe Walk, Brian Dozier to 2nd, pitcher Sonny Gray32-38
MIN@OAKTop 3Oswaldo Arcia 3-Run Home Run, Trevor Plouffe scores, Brian Dozier scores, pitcher Sonny Gray32-40
MIN@OAKTop 9Trevor Plouffe Strikeout, pitcher Evan Scribner32-39
MIA@WSHTop 1Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Strasburg32-38
MIA@WSHTop 4Giancarlo Stanton Single, pitcher Stephen Strasburg32-39
MIA@WSHTop 4Adeiny Hechavarria 1-Run Single, Chris Coghlan to 3rd, Giancarlo Stanton scores, pitcher Stephen Strasburg32-41
MIA@WSHTop 8Giancarlo Stanton 1-Run Double, Christian Yelich scores, pitcher Tyler Clippard32-44
MIA@WSHTop 9Adeiny Hechavarria Out Denard Span, pitcher Rafael Soriano33-44
MIA@WSHTop 9Koyie Hill Out Anthony Rendón, Adam LaRoche, pitcher Rafael Soriano34-44
MIA@WSHTop 9Greg Dobbs Strikeout, pitcher Rafael Soriano36-44
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous31-44