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Week 5 2013 Mon 4/29-Sun 5/5

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Regular Season Game
Master Shake
MIN@CLEBot 2Mark Reynolds Walk, pitcher Mike Pelfrey0-1
Master Shake
MIN@CLEBot 4Mark Reynolds 1-Run Out Aaron Hicks, Asdrubal Cabrera scores, pitcher Mike Pelfrey0-2
Master Shake
MIN@CLEBot 6Mark Reynolds Strikeout, pitcher Mike Pelfrey0-1
SEA@TORBot 1Rajai Davis Double, pitcher Joe Saunders-1-1
SEA@TORBot 1Melky Cabrera Out Joe Saunders, Justin Smoak, Rajai Davis to 3rd, pitcher Joe Saunders0-1
SEA@TORBot 1José Bautista 1-Run Out Dustin Ackley, Rajai Davis scores, pitcher Joe Saunders1-1
SEA@TORBot 1Edwin Encarnación Out Jason Bay, pitcher Joe Saunders2-1
Master Shake
OAK@NYYBot 8Vernon Wells Out Josh Donaldson, Brandon Moss, pitcher Ryan Cook2-2
SEA@TORBot 2J.P. Arencibia Single, pitcher Joe Saunders1-2
SEA@TORBot 2Mark DeRosa Double, J.P. Arencibia to 3rd, pitcher Joe Saunders0-2
SEA@TORBot 2Maicer Izturis 1-Run Single, Mark DeRosa to 3rd, J.P. Arencibia scores, pitcher Joe Saunders-1-2
Master Shake
OAK@NYYBot 8Travis Hafner Single, pitcher Ryan Cook-1-1
Master Shake
OAK@NYYBot 8Ichiro Suzuki Single, Ben Francisco to 2nd, pitcher Ryan Cook-1-0
Master Shake
OAK@NYYBot 8Jayson Nix Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Cook-1-2
SEA@TORBot 2Munenori Kawasaki 1-Run Out Robert Andino, Justin Smoak, Mark DeRosa scores, pitcher Joe Saunders0-2
Master Shake
OAK@NYYBot 8Lyle Overbay Out Yoenis Céspedes, pitcher Ryan Cook0-3
SEA@TORBot 2Rajai Davis Out Dustin Ackley, Justin Smoak, pitcher Joe Saunders1-3
SEA@TORBot 3Melky Cabrera Out Michael Morse, pitcher Joe Saunders2-3
SEA@TORBot 3José Bautista Single, pitcher Joe Saunders1-3
SEA@TORBot 3Edwin Encarnación Out Michael Saunders, pitcher Joe Saunders2-3
Master Shake
MIN@CLEBot 9Mark Reynolds Strikeout, pitcher Glen Perkins2-2
SEA@TORBot 3J.P. Arencibia Out Michael Saunders, pitcher Joe Saunders3-2
SEA@TORBot 4Mark DeRosa Out Kyle Seager, pitcher Joe Saunders4-2
SEA@TORBot 4Maicer Izturis Single, pitcher Joe Saunders3-2
SEA@TORBot 4Munenori Kawasaki Walk, Emilio Bonifacio to 2nd, pitcher Joe Saunders2-2
SEA@TORBot 4Rajai Davis Out Michael Morse, pitcher Joe Saunders3-2
SEA@TORBot 5Melky Cabrera 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Joe Saunders2-2
SEA@TORBot 5José Bautista Walk, pitcher Joe Saunders1-2
SEA@TORBot 5Edwin Encarnación Out Jason Bay, pitcher Joe Saunders2-2
SEA@TORBot 5J.P. Arencibia Single, José Bautista to 2nd, pitcher Joe Saunders1-2
SEA@TORBot 5Mark DeRosa 3-Run Home Run, J.P. Arencibia scores, José Bautista scores, pitcher Joe Saunders0-2
SEA@TORBot 5Maicer Izturis Out Kyle Seager, Justin Smoak, pitcher Joe Saunders1-2
SEA@TORBot 5Emilio Bonifacio Out Robert Andino, Justin Smoak, pitcher Joe Saunders2-2
Master Shake
WSH@PITTop 5Ian Desmond Single, pitcher Wandy Rodriguez2-3
Master Shake
WSH@PITTop 5Ian Desmond Stolen Base2-5
Master Shake
WSH@PITTop 7Ian Desmond Strikeout, pitcher Jose Contreras2-4
Master Shake
STL@MILTop 1Yadier Molina Strikeout, pitcher Marco Estrada2-3
STL@MILBot 1Ryan Braun Double, pitcher Jaime García4-3
Master Shake
CWS@KCBot 1Billy Butler Strikeout, pitcher José Quintana4-2
Master Shake
STL@MILTop 2Yadier Molina 1-Run Single, Allen Craig scores, pitcher Marco Estrada4-4
STL@MILBot 4Ryan Braun Walk, pitcher Jaime García5-4
Master Shake
CWS@KCBot 4Billy Butler Walk, pitcher José Quintana5-5
Master Shake
STL@MILBot 5Aramis Ramirez Strikeout, pitcher Jaime García5-4
STL@MILBot 5Ryan Braun Single, Jean Segura to 2nd, Alfredo Figaro to 3rd, pitcher Jaime García6-4
Master Shake
CWS@KCBot 9Billy Butler 2-Run Double, George Kottaras scores, Chris Getz scores, pitcher Addison Reed6-8
CIN@CHCBot 1David DeJesus Double, pitcher Mat Latos5-8
CIN@CHCBot 1Starlin Castro Strikeout, pitcher Mat Latos7-8
CIN@CHCBot 1Anthony Rizzo Strikeout, pitcher Mat Latos9-8
CIN@CHCBot 1Alfonso Soriano Out Zack Cozart, pitcher Mat Latos10-8
CIN@CHCBot 2Nate Schierholtz Out Xavier Paul, pitcher Mat Latos11-8
CIN@CHCBot 2Dioner Navarro Strikeout, pitcher Mat Latos13-8
CIN@CHCBot 2Luis Valbuena Walk, pitcher Mat Latos12-8
CIN@CHCBot 2Darwin Barney Out Mat Latos, Joey Votto, pitcher Mat Latos13-8
CIN@CHCBot 3Edwin Jackson Strikeout, pitcher Mat Latos15-8
CIN@CHCBot 3David DeJesus Out Zack Cozart, pitcher Mat Latos16-8
CIN@CHCBot 3Starlin Castro Out Brandon Phillips, Joey Votto, pitcher Mat Latos17-8
CIN@CHCBot 4Anthony Rizzo Walk, pitcher Mat Latos16-8
CIN@CHCBot 4Alfonso Soriano Out Joey Votto, pitcher Mat Latos17-8
CIN@CHCBot 4Nate Schierholtz Strikeout, pitcher Mat Latos18-8
CIN@CHCBot 4Dioner Navarro Single, Anthony Rizzo to 2nd, pitcher Mat Latos17-8
CIN@CHCBot 4Luis Valbuena Walk, Dioner Navarro to 2nd, Anthony Rizzo to 3rd, pitcher Mat Latos16-8
CIN@CHCBot 4Darwin Barney Out Jay Bruce, pitcher Mat Latos17-8
CIN@CHCBot 5Julio Borbon Out Joey Votto, pitcher Mat Latos18-8
CIN@CHCBot 5David DeJesus Strikeout, pitcher Mat Latos20-8
CIN@CHCBot 5Starlin Castro Single, pitcher Mat Latos19-8
CIN@CHCBot 5Anthony Rizzo Single, Starlin Castro to 2nd, pitcher Mat Latos18-8
CIN@CHCBot 5Alfonso Soriano 2-Run Double, Anthony Rizzo scores, Starlin Castro scores, pitcher Mat Latos17-8
CIN@CHCBot 5Dioner Navarro Out Jay Bruce, pitcher Mat Latos18-8
MIA@PHITop 1Juan Pierre Walk, pitcher Roy Halladay17-8
MIA@PHITop 1Chris Valaika Out Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Juan Pierre to 3rd, pitcher Roy Halladay18-8
MIA@PHITop 1Placido Polanco Walk, pitcher Roy Halladay17-8
MIA@PHITop 1Marcell Ozuna 2-Run Double, Justin Ruggiano to 3rd, Placido Polanco scores, Juan Pierre scores, pitcher Roy Halladay16-8
MIA@PHITop 1Greg Dobbs Walk, pitcher Roy Halladay15-8
MIA@PHITop 1Miguel Olivo Out Michael Young, pitcher Roy Halladay16-8
MIA@PHITop 1Adeiny Hechavarria 3-Run Triple, Greg Dobbs scores, Marcell Ozuna scores, Justin Ruggiano scores, pitcher Roy Halladay15-8
MIA@PHITop 1Kevin Slowey Strikeout, pitcher Roy Halladay17-8
MIA@PHITop 2Juan Pierre Strikeout, pitcher Roy Halladay19-8
MIA@PHITop 2Chris Valaika Strikeout, pitcher Roy Halladay21-8
MIA@PHITop 2Placido Polanco Out Ben Revere, pitcher Roy Halladay22-8
MIA@PHITop 3Marcell Ozuna Walk, pitcher Roy Halladay21-8
MIA@PHITop 3Greg Dobbs Single, Marcell Ozuna to 2nd, Justin Ruggiano to 3rd, pitcher Roy Halladay20-8
MIA@PHITop 3Miguel Olivo Strikeout, pitcher Roy Halladay22-8
MIA@PHITop 3Adeiny Hechavarria 4-Run Grand Slam, Greg Dobbs scores, Marcell Ozuna scores, Justin Ruggiano scores, pitcher Roy Halladay21-8
BAL@LAABot 1Mark Trumbo Strikeout, pitcher Jason Hammel20-8
BAL@LAABot 3Mark Trumbo Single, pitcher Jason Hammel21-8
BAL@LAABot 7Mark Trumbo Walk, pitcher Pedro Strop22-8
BAL@LAABot 9Mark Trumbo Strikeout, pitcher Darren O'Day21-8
TB@COLTop 1Kelly Johnson 1-Run Single, James Loney scores, pitcher Jhoulys Chacin23-8
TB@COLTop 1Kelly Johnson Time Caught Stealing22-8
ARI@SDBot 1Everth Cabrera Double, pitcher Ian Kennedy24-8
ARI@SDBot 1Chase Headley 1-Run Single, Chris Denorfia to 2nd, Everth Cabrera scores, pitcher Ian Kennedy26-8
ARI@SDBot 2Everth Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Ian Kennedy25-8
TB@COLTop 6Kelly Johnson 1-Run Single, James Loney to 2nd, Matt Joyce scores, pitcher Jhoulys Chacin27-8
TB@COLTop 6Ryan Roberts 2-Run Double, Kelly Johnson scores, James Loney scores, pitcher Jhoulys Chacin29-8
ARI@SDBot 7Everth Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Josh Collmenter28-8
TB@COLTop 8Kelly Johnson Strikeout, pitcher Josh Outman27-8
Master Shake
LAD@SFTop 1Matt Kemp Double, pitcher Matt Cain27-10
Master Shake
LAD@SFTop 3Matt Kemp Walk, pitcher Matt Cain27-11
Master Shake
LAD@SFTop 6Matt Kemp Strikeout, pitcher Matt Cain27-10
Master Shake
LAD@SFTop 8Matt Kemp Walk, pitcher Matt Cain27-11