Setting up your league's end-of-year tournament.

How do the playoffs works?

In weekly head-to-head matchup leagues there is a single-elimination playoff to determine the league champion at the end of every season

Can I edit who makes the playoffs?

Yes, the commissioner will have the option to place whatever teams they want into the playoffs after the regular season ends. Go to League » Settings » Edit Playoff Seeds.

What is the "re-seeding"? Why should I use it?

The NFL re-seeds after every round so that the worst-seeded team will always match up against the highest-seeded remaining team in the next round. If you select to re-seed, your league will also reseed.

Is there a consolation bracket for teams that don't make the playoffs?

Yes. The consolation bracket is automatically scheduled. There is also a third-place game involving the losers of the semi-final round.

Can I set up a "toilet bowl" or loser's bracket?

We don't currently offer a loser's bracket for teams that fall below the consolation bracket line. What we are recommending to commissioners is that they have all of their teams continue to do their lineups, and since the data will still be flowing in, they will be able to tell who would win in match-ups. It can be communicated in an offline fashion who the winner is.

How are playoff seeds determined?

Fleaflicker's playoffs system mirrors the NFL's. Division winners are given the top seeds. The best remaining teams (wildcards) are seeded next. First round byes are awarded to the top teams, if necessary. Check your league's Power & Playoff Rank tiebreakers to see how seeds are determined.

Why didn't my team make the playoffs? How were tiebreakers applied to my team?

If you go to the playoff bracket (League » Playoffs), there is a detailed breakdown of the tiebreakers in the left-hand column of the page (desktop view). If you don't see anything listed in the Tiebreakers column, then it means that the commissioner has edited the playoff seedings and the tiebreakers no longer apply.

Why is the Tiebreakers section of the Playoffs page empty?

This section will be empty if the commissioner has edited the playoff seeding, as this acts as an override to the tiebreakers.

How accurate are the playoff designations?

Fleaflicker will not use the words "clinched" or "eliminated" until every scenario has been considered and the system is mathematically certain that a team has secured a playoff spot or has no chance of making it into the playoffs. In larger leagues, it may be too resource intensive to calculate with 100% certainty until the start of the playoffs, so these leagues may not see "clinched" or "eliminated" designations in advance.

Why is the team seeded higher in the league not in the playoffs?

It depends on your tiebreaking rules, but keep in mind that if you have divisions and they are in your tiebreaking rules, they are applied and broken down in your order before the league rank in some cases. During the regular season and when waivers run a team may have a higher league rank because all teams are pooled together for waivers, but not in the playoffs as divisions are looked at.

How do I make the season shorter or longer?

You can specify the last week of the season from your playoff settings page: League » Settings » Edit Playoff Schedule » Championship Week.

Do consolation games count towards my overall Fleaflicker record?

Yes, consolation games count towards your Fleaflicker record under the overall column in the user page, but they do not count towards your playoff record.

Can teams set their lineups and pick up players through Week 17 and after, even after our fantasy playoffs have ended?

Yes, all teams can set their lineups through Week 17 regardless of when your fantasy playoffs end. Owners can calculate their Week 17 scores off of their Teampage. To get the final scores for each player, simply switch the "Showing" drop-down to "weekly stats" in order to add up the total.

Why didn't the waivers reset to update the weekly status in my league in the playoffs?

During your fantasy playoffs, Fleaflicker never resets the waiver wire order in leagues. Once the playoffs start, the waiver order will reflect the end of the regular season order the entire rest of the year and never resets weekly.