How can our league set up a rookie draft?

Commissioners have several options for holding rookie drafts:

Option #1: In a keeper league, ensure each team has all of their keepers set. The Commish can do this for the entire league at once by going to League » Settings » Edit Rosters; in the bottom Keeper Options section, select “These are the keepers only (for all teams)” and click Save. Next, use League » Settings » Edit Roster Requirements to add additional positions (however many rookies you are drafting).

Check your draft board to see if it matches your expectations, and if so, you can now schedule your draft. (If you don’t see Draft in the top navigation of the desktop view, go to League » Settings » Edit Rosters, and in the bottom Keeper Options section, select “These are complete rosters but still draft this season” and click Save — this will allow you to set up a draft for the new positions.)

With this option, if you want to reduce your roster size back down after the draft, you will need to give owners a deadline to reduce their total number of players before you can reduce the roster requirements.

Option #2: Have every owner reduce their keepers by the number of rounds you want to draft and then set up the draft.

For example, let’s say you have a 20 player roster and all 20 can be set as keepers. If you want each owner to draft 5 rounds, then they need to get down to 15 keepers which will give them 5 picks in the draft.

Option #3: Hold your draft offline and then import the players via League » Settings » Edit Rosters. Your roster requirements may need to be bumped up first if your owners are already at their max number of players, or you can give them a deadline that they need to make cuts by and when that is complete you can use Import/Edit Rosters to add the players.

Note: Commissioners should let their league know to keep draft pick trading limited to the number of rounds you are drafting. If owners trade picks from later rounds, they will go unused. Also, once a live or email draft is completed, the player pool will be open by default after the free agent draft. If you want your waiver system to be used during this time period, make sure the League » Settings » Edit Transaction Rules » Free Agents During Preseason setting is set to On waivers. If you want the player pool closed, just go back into League » Settings » Edit Rosters and choose “These are complete rosters but still draft this season” in the bottom Keeper Options section. And finally, if your league’s set-up is different and these solutions won’t apply or are confusing, please use the Contact Us form on the site to reach out to us for further assistance.