Live drafts, email drafts, and manually importing your offline draft results.

How is the draft order determined?

Newly established leagues will have their draft order randomly generated. For redraft and keeper leagues from the previous year, the draft order is determined by last season's worst-to-first record from the regular season with two exceptions – the last team to draft is the league's champion, and the second-to-last team to draft is the runner-up of the league.

Do I have to use a "snake" draft order?

No. Go to League » Settings » Edit Keeper Rules and select the appropriate snake option.

What types of drafts does Fleaflicker offer?

Fleaflicker offers three types of drafts: A live draft, a slow draft (email draft), and an import rosters option (offline draft) where you can hold your draft where you'd like and however you'd like and then manually enter the results.

Can I mock draft on Fleaflicker?

Yes, you can participate in a generic mock draft by clicking mock draft from the homepage or a league-specific mock draft from the draft tab of the league: Draft » Live Draft Room » Try out a mock draft for this league!

Can I mock draft with a group of members or friends?

Yes, you can do this now with our new live draft software. Just share the website address with them from the mock draft you are put in and you will all be in the same room.

What happens when the mock draft fills up?

You will be dispatched to a new mock draft that is fresh awaiting users.

When are rookies added to the player pool?

For NFL, NBA, and NHL, rookies are added within 24 hours of the time they selected in their league's entry draft. For NFL specifically, undrafted free agents are added at the start of training camps.

How can I tell which players are rookies?

Rookies can be easily spotted as they will have graduation cap icons next to their name during their first season. You will also notice that they don't have stats listed from previous seasons like returning players.

How can our league set up a rookie draft?

Commissioners have several options for holding rookie drafts:

Why do my draft picks say they are unused?

Unused draft picks represent a team’s keepers.

Can I get extra draft picks?

The system will only allow you to draft as many rounds as needed to fill each roster spot, so you can't have additional picks that would put you over the total number of players set for every team. If you trade for draft picks, this can allow you to move up higher in the draft, but you won't get additional picks added to your total.

Why do some owners have more draft picks than others?

Variations in the number of draft picks can occur as a result of pick trading or when owners have different numbers of keepers set. (For each keeper an owner has set, that is one less pick in the draft.)

Can I trade draft picks during the draft?

You can trade draft picks during a slow draft, but not during a live draft. We recommend commissioners using the Commish Execute feature during the draft once trades are approved by all parties in order to ensure the trade is completed before the draft reaches those picks.

Why can't I see this season's draft picks?

If the commish opened the player pool prior to the draft, the system thinks your league has already drafted and therefore does not show the current season's draft picks. Don’t worry, though, they are still there! You will get them back fully intact when the commish switches back to the draft mode. (To do that, commissioners should go to League » Settings » Edit Rosters and choose “These are complete rosters but still draft this season” in the bottom Keeper Options section and then Save.)

Can a commish delete picks that represent certain keepers?

Yes! Commissioners would first want to make sure that all teams have their keepers set. This will prevent those players from being available in the player pool during the draft.

Can I undo a draft pick during a slow draft (email draft)?

Yes, the owner who made the most recent pick can undo that selection by cutting the player from their roster. Go to your team's roster, and click the red Cut button to undo the pick.

Where can I view past draft history?

You can view your league's past draft history as long as you held the draft through our live draft or slow draft software at Activity » Draft » Season drop-down (select a season on the right side of the page).

Can I redo my draft (or hold multiple drafts in one season)?

Yes, if you need to redo your draft you can clear the rosters by going to League » Settings » Clear Rosters. Then schedule a new draft date.

Can I cancel a draft that is about to start or has already started?

No, unfortunately once a live draft room opens, there's no way to cancel the draft. The commissioner can clear or edit the rosters after the draft has completed. The draft room will open 30 minutes before the start of the draft. At that time, the following league settings are locked and cannot be changed:

Why do I not have any players on my team after the draft date and why does my draft keep getting rescheduled?

Most likely no users signed into the draft. Fleaflicker doesn't explicitly support an automated draft. At least one owner needs to be present at the beginning of the draft for it to take place. However, if one owner signs on during the live draft and initiates it to start, the computer will auto-pick for that owner and all owners that aren't present.

How do I enter the live draft?

You will go to the Draft tab on the navbar and when it's time to draft within 30 minutes, you'll see an Enter Draft button in green. Just select that and it will open the draft in your new window. You no longer need any Java plugins or downloads.

Why is the live draft room not loading?

Our new live draft room is accessible from all modern browsers. If you're unable to connect to a live draft and your draft is in-progress, try using a different device or browser. If you contact us we probably won't reply in time for your draft.

What can I expect to see in future versions of the live draft software?

We are working on implementing fully automated drafts, auction support, draft data exporting, customized draft position (slot) in mock drafts, and many other enhancements.

Can two or more owners share the same computer in a live draft?

Two owners can share the same computer. Launch the draft as the first owner, then sign out and launch the new draft as the second owner. Repeat this step as many times as you need to.

Can I participate in multiple live draft at the same time?

Yes, just open each draft in its own browser tab or window.

Can I take a break while using the live draft software

Yes, you can pause the draft and come back to the draft room whenever you'd like. It will pick up where you left off.

How will rosters be filled by the auto-draft if owners are absent?

Our auto-draft will fill the rosters of absentee owners based on the league's starting requirements.

Can I take my time while drafting or is there a time limit

You can take your time while drafting when you're paused. There is no longer a cumulative time limit. However, you can't end the draft in pause, so ensure you deselect the pause button when you are finishing if you happen to be paused at the end.

Can I rank my players before the draft?

Yes, go to Draft » Draft Ranking, then either drag and drop the players to your desired position or number them. Click Save Rankings when you are finished. When you enter the live draft room, players will appear in the specified order.

If I create custom rankings, will I also be able to see Fleaflicker's default rankings in my league?

No, this is why your rankings are not sortable when you use custom rankings. To see our rankings, you would have to open the Cheat Sheet up separately. If you reset your rankings, you will no longer have your custom rankings.

What if I'll be absent for the draft? Can I have players picked for me based on my rankings?

Yes, if you pre-rank your players they will either be selected for you based on the auto-draft option you select on that page. You have two: best available starter (smart decisions based on roster needs) or best available player regardless of roster needs (follows your rankings blindly).

How do I change my live draft time and date?

Go to Draft » Edit Live Draft Options and select a new date in the future from the calendar.

Why don't I see any future draft picks when proposing a trade?

Future draft picks may be traded in keeper leagues only. To change your league to a keeper league go to League » Settings » Edit Keeper Rules. The length of the draft is determined by your league's roster size and number of keepers set (e.g., if a league has 15 total roster spots and an owner selects all 15 as keepers, the system will show no draft picks for that owner–their roster is already full). In general, a team has [roster size] - [number of selected keepers] draft picks.

My league hasn't held its draft yet. Where is the link to the draft page?

You likely edited the rosters before the draft in a keeper league. To fix this, go to League » Edit Rosters and select These are the complete rosters but still draft this season.

What is a slow draft (email draft)?

A slow draft (or email draft) is when owners sign on to the site and select players at their own pace through the players tab.

Can the commissioner select a player for another owner?

Yes, the commissioner can select a player for the owner on the clock by going to the players section and clicking Commish Draft

Can I trade during a slow draft?

Yes, you may trade draft picks and players during the slow draft.

Can I impose a time limit on selections during a slow draft?

There is no way to configure time limits (we're working on it). But your league can impose informal limits to be enforced by the commissioner.

Can I import offline draft results?

Your commissioner or co-commish can import your offline draft results into Fleaflicker. Go to League » Edit Rosters, enter the draft results for each team, and then save.