What to do after your league has drafted for the season.

When does my roster lock?

If your league settings lock players after game start, your slot will lock when the player's game starts. For instance, if you have a player on the Ravens and they play on Sunday at 4:25 PM ET, the slot will lock then. If your league settings lock players after the first game of the week, all your slots will lock when the first game of that fantasy week begins. So if there is a Thursday Night Football game, all slots will lock on Thursday.

If I'm in a daily league, can I make changes to future lineups?

Yes, use the blue day/week dropdown on the right side of the Roster page to see future lineups.

In a daily league, what happens if I make a change during the week?

If you set your lineup explicitly for the upcoming week before the week kicks off, that is perfectly fine and your week's roster will reflect this. However, if you make a mid-week change by benching a player or moving a player during the week, this now becomes your week's default lineup. For example, if you're starting Miguel Cabrera on Monday, but want to bench him on Monday for his day off on Thursday, you can, but Cabrera will remain benched for the rest of the week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) unless you explicitly move him into the starting lineup yourself. In this case, our system takes your daily roster at 6 AM ET on Friday morning and applies it to the rest of the week. So while it may look like Cabrera is on your lineup when you make the change earlier on in the week, he is not.

Why do I see a red cut button on my roster next to players but a green trade button on other rosters?

The red cut button on your roster is for you to release a player to the free agent pool. The green button you see on other rosters is for you to trade for that player. The other members in your league will see a green trade button on your page and a red cut button on their roster page as well.

How is the waiver order determined after the draft before the new season starts?

After the draft, waiver order defaults to reverse draft order. So if you have the first pick in the draft, you will have the last waiver priority.

How do I lock free agents after the draft?

There are two ways to restrict free agency in the preseason (after the draft until the end of week 1).

How do I set my keepers?

Click to Team » Settings » Set My Keepers. Select your desired keeper(s) and then click OK. Your keepers will be noted with a green pushpin on that keeper page and your roster page (all teams in the league can see your keepers).

Where do extra draft picks show if I do not keep all of my keepers?

They will show up at the end of the draft. However, your commissioner has the ability to edit the draft order and spots manually at League » Settings » Edit Draft Order » Manually round-by-round.

Where can I see the league transactions or individual team transactions?

Go to Activity » Transaction Log. You will see your league's recent activity and also have filters to separate them by team name and the type of transaction made.

Is there a deadline for submitting keepers?

Fleaflicker does not impose a keeper deadline. Be sure to check in with your commissioner because some leagues impose their own deadline. Keepers can be selected any time before the draft starts.

Can I set the keepers for another team?

To specify the keepers for a single owner, go to League » Settings » Set Keepers and select the team. From there you can select keepers just as you would for one of your teams.

Where do I go if I want to change my team name and team logo?

To change your team name or logo go to: Team » Settings » Edit Team Name/Logo.

How do I add players to a watch list, access the watch list, and what are the benefits of having one?

A watch list will keep tabs on players you are interested in having on your team but you may not be ready to add them quite yet. Click the star button next to the player to add them to the watch list and access this list from Team » Watched. You can add players to watch from that page as well.

How can I email an owner directly?

Click the owner's profile and click the blue Message button. Fleaflicker will send them a private direct message.

How do I drop out of a league

If you want to leave a league, go to Team » Settings » Drop Out Of A League. You can also click the Drop Out Of A League button that has a red minus sign in front on the My Leagues page. We do not recommend doing this during a season if you don't have to.

What do the colors represent next to a player's statistic?

They are coded based on how that player you are looking at ranks within the fantasy league and it depends on how many players your league starts at the position.

Why is a player crossed out on my roster?

Fleaflicker will use a strikethrough notation to indicate that a player is no longer on a roster (due to being cut or traded) but is already locked on that roster. If you look at future lineups, you will be able to see when the player disappears, which indicates they have officially moved off the roster. The player will still accrue points for the team if they are in the active roster, even if they have the strikethrough which indicates an impending move.

If a roster is illegal, do points still count?

Yes, Fleaflicker will allow teams with illegal rosters accrue points and they will count. However, the team will not be able to make any roster moves until their illegal roster is addressed.

How is position eligibility determined?

It is different for all four sports and we do take certain players on a case-by-case basis in unique circumstances – it is not concrete as position eligibility in sports aren't; however, we make every attempt not to change positions after the start of the season.

What are the "quarters" listed on my fantasy matchup?

They're just for fun. Fleaflicker will split your matchup into segments. You can see which day's games correspond to which segment by mousing-over (our tapping on a tablet or mobile device) the quarter.

How can I see weekly fantasy football projections?

Fleaflicker provides free weekly projections for all NFL leagues. We publish projections early Tuesday morning during the NFL season. You can view them by going to your team page or you can view projected scores for your upcoming matchups from the league scoreboard. After NFL games start for the week you will see actual scores instead of projected scores. To see projections after games start, go to a specific boxscore and use the gray dropdown menu on the top right to select Weekly Projections.

Where does Fleaflicker get its stats?

Fleaflicker uses official NFL stats. See this document for how the NFL awards stats.

How does Fleaflicker account for official NFL stat changes during the week?

The NFL issues official changes to the previous week's games every Thursday. If such a change affects your league, Fleaflicker will automatically re-score the previous week's games on Thursday at 4 PM ET. Any changes announced by the NFL after Thursday are not automatically applied your league (this seldom happens). However, commissioners can always manually edit box scores at any time.

How can I tell if a result was changed in my league as an official stat change by the NFL recognized by Fleaflicker or by my commissioner?

Whenever it says "Official stat corrections have been applied" it means that Fleaflicker made the change and is reflecting the NFL's stat change. Otherwise, it will show you that the commissioner changed the box score.

What is the coach rating percent on the boxscores?

The coach rating compares a team's optimum lineup with the actual lineup. An owner who leaves fewer points on the bench will have a better rating.

Why are all the players showing as locked throughout the site?

A common mistake is that you are viewing the site as a guest and not currently signed in. Make sure you are signed in.

Can I post images and videos on the message boards?

Yes. You can paste links to images or videos that will automatically be formatted to appear in your message.

Why are some players shown as OUT: Not in lineup?

In baseball leagues, hitters that aren't in the starting lineup will be assigned the OUT injury designation (e.g., a rest day for catchers).